Gameday VII Solstice Scar C with GM Worg Start 08-13-18 (Inactive)

Game Master Kyle "Worg" H

Gameday VII Solstice Scar C Tier 5-6

The world-renowned Blakros Museum has outdone itself, gathering an unrivaled collection of relics from the Shining Crusade, a holy coalition that felled the greatest lich to threaten Golarion. When trouble befalls the exhibit mere days before its debut, the Pathfinders intervene, only to discover that one of the relics is key to averting a far greater disaster that has laid in wait for a millennium.

The story continues, first taking the Pathfinder Society into the frozen north to complete a fallen hero's unfinished business and vanquish a powerful foe that rules from the icy Tusk Mountains. In order to earn the favor of a powerful celestial being and destroy a sinister curse, the Society's agents then travel to Lastwall's tangled Fangwood.

"The Solstice Scar" is a multi-table interactive adventure in which each group's actions can affect neighboring groups and contribute to the entire room's success. This is an ongoing adventure that will be updated and rereleased incrementally several times each season, collectively telling a longer story while also presenting exciting stand-alone chapters.

Written by Andrew Hoskins and Kalervo Oikarinen.

This session is part of the PBP Gameday VII event. All interested individuals who would like to partake in the Gameday event can visit the Gameday Sign Up Page.