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Game Master Silbeg


The Heroes of the Licktoad Goblins had a really bad dream, where they were all killed and eaten by Vorka. In "reality", no one trusted Chuffy to go up to the canopy himself, so you were all able to partake of the licorice candy, curing your sickness. You split up the potions in a way that made sense (though not without some arguing), and managed to defeat Vorka and return to the Licktoads as heroes, fireworks in hand.

Important Service Announcement
In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, a player who plays a pregenerated character that dies must still resolve the death and recovery when applying the Chronicle sheet. This is also the case for We Be Goblins Too!; however, part of the fun of an all-goblin module is the opportunity to perform zany feats, even if they lead to the goblin’s death. To reflect the spirit of the module, at the end of the adventure, any dead pregenerated goblin characters may recover from death completely for only 5 Prestige Points; this includes both the cost of raise dead and the cost of removing the permanent negative levels and any other conditions.