GM Silbeg's Race for the Runecarved Key (tier 18-19) (Inactive)

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A Pathfinder Society Special designed for levels 1-12+

An ancient Thassilonian artifact has been unearthed in Magnimar and is to be auctioned off by the city government. In order to maintain good relations with those in power in the City of Monuments, the Pathfinder Society must obtain the relic without simply stealing it, although employing any other means necessary. It falls to the PCs to infiltrate the auction, sabotage the other bidders' efforts, and call in favors from those in the Society's debt to ensure the Runecarved Key (and the secrets it unlocks) belongs to the Pathfinders when the adventure draws to a close.

Written by Kyle Baird and Tim Hitchcock.


* Please have your full character sheet posted to your profile (really far easier than having to follow links, etc., for me. Saves a lot of time.)

* Please make sure you have your tagline up to date, and keep it up to date. I will be using that to check ACs, saves, etc. My preferred Tagline Template

* I will be putting up a google presentation for maps, handouts and such. One of the first slides will have areas for you all to template out many of your skill checks, initiative rolls, and saves. Please update this so that I can just grab skill check rolls when needed (example, I will make all of the knowledge checks at the beginning of an encounter, and spoiler what each character knows)

* I am sure that most of you will have some pretty crazy abilities. If you have things that go off when it is not your turn, please do your best to predict (like AoOs), or have templated checks in your profile, with conditions on how they go off.

* Please let me know what craziness your character can do in the discussion thread!