GM Jiggy's The Order of the Griffon (5e) (Inactive)

Game Master Jiggy

Current location: Koriszegy Keep
The Final Day
Theme music: Battle Against a True Hero


- Can't see, auto-fail checks requiring sight.
- Attacks have disadvantage, incoming attacks have advantage
- Can't attack the charmer or target them with harmful effects.
- Charmer has advantage on all social interactions with you
- Can't hear, auto-fail checks requiring hearing
- Disadvantage on attacks/checks while source of fear is seen
- Can't willingly move closer to source of fear
- Speed becomes 0, no bonuses to speed
- Condition ends if grappler is incapacitated or the two are forced apart
- Can't take actions or reactions
- Can't be seen, treated as heavily obscured
- Attacks have advantage, incoming attacks have disadvantage
- Incapacitated and can't move/speak
- Auto-fail STR/DEX saves
- Incoming attacks have advantage
- Attacks that hit from within 5ft are auto-crits
- Weight multiplied by 10, stop aging
- Incapacitated, can't move/speak, unaware of surroundings
- Incoming attacks have advantage
- Auto-fail STR/DEX saves
- Resistant to all damage
- Immune to poison/disease (any already present are paused)
- Disadvantage on attacks/checks
- Only movement is crawling unless you stand up
- Disadvantage on attacks
- Incoming attacks have advantage if adjacent, otherwise disadvantage
- Speed becomes 0, no bonuses to speed
- Attacks have disadvantage, incoming attacks have advantage
- Disadvantage on DEX saves
- Incapacitated, can't move, can speak only falteringly
- Auto-fail STR/DEX saves
- Incoming attacks have advantage
- Incapacitated, can't move/speak, unaware of surroundings
- Drop whatever you're holding, fall prone
- Auto-fail STR/DEX saves
- Incoming attacks have advantage
- Incoming attacks that hit from w/in 5ft auto-crit

Exhaustion Levels
1) Disadvantage on ability/skill checks
2) Speed halved
3) Disadvantage on attacks and saves
4) HP max is halved
5) Speed reduced to 0
6) Dead

Armor Reference:

Leather: 11
Studded leather: 12
Hide: 12
Chain shirt: 13
*Scale mail: 14
Breastplate: 14
*Half plate: 15
Ring mail: 14
Chain mail: 16
Splint: 17
Plate: 18

Radlebb Keep Shopping:

+1 dagger: 800gp
+1 shortsword: 1,200gp
+1 battleaxe: 1,600gp
+1 spear: 800gp
Potion of fire resist: 200gp
Potion of invisibility: 200gp
Ring of fire resist: 5,000gp
Potion of healing: 50gp
+1 studded leather: 1,200gp

Magic Shop:
1st-level wizard spells: 100gp (scroll), 50gp (access to scribe)
2nd-level wizard spells: 500gp (scroll), 250gp (access to scribe)
3rd-level wizard spells: 1000gp (scroll), 500gp (access to scribe)
4th-level wizard spells: 2000gp (scroll), 1000gp (access to scribe)
1st-level: all
2nd-level: blur, cloud of daggers, hold person, invisibility, magic weapon, scorching ray, web
3rd-level: dispel magic, lightning bolt, slow
4th-level: confusion


Initiative Block

Weather: 3d10
3 = Total sun
16-17 = Fair
30 = Severe storms

GM Notes:

Skeleton: 5HP, all 10s, scimitar/shield, some resists/immunities
Wolf: 15HP, AC14, 14/12/12/6/12/6, bite 1d6, adv if group
Carrion crawler: +0init, 25HP, +5(0), parlyz 1min DC 13
Bugbear brute: +0init, 30HP, AC16, +6(1d10+4), +8shove
Bugbear warlock: +0init, 30HP, AC14, +5(1d10+3), lv2:3, witch bolt, hellish rebuke
Racer snake: +10init, 15HP, AC17, +7(1d4+5), psn 1d4 rd DC13
Zombie: -2init, 15HP, AC8, resBP, +8grab then 1d4+4, weakFire/Radiant
Ghoul: +2init, 30HP, AC15, +7(1d4+4+1d6 and 1fatigue)
Dire bat: +4init, 20HP, AC16, +6(1+4)
Gargoyle: +0init, 30HP, AC15, +6(1d8+4), resist:nonmagic
Wight: +2init, 40HP, AC15, +7(grab+3d6necro, exhaust2/1-CON15)

More GM Notes:

Radlebb Keep: Korrigan mentions increased criminal activity, peasant in ruined shop says town guard has turned against citizens and only Order can be trusted, family by fireplace says dire wolves are back, Order says to get a magic staff from Collum's wolf-den. Combat w/ thieves and corrupt guards (plus captain/goblins).

Note found in den:
"My Dear Collum,
You and your pack have served me well, and now I must ask another favor of you. The captain of the guard at Radlebb Keep will visit your den to pick up his pay. When he arrives, please capture him. He, along with the others, will be taken to Koriszegy Crypt to be changed. The captain will serve me better in death than he ever did in life.

In Crypt:
Statue of vampire says: "Children of the night, welcome to my home. I ask that you make a donation to our cause. With your help, we will raise an army and defeat all who dare oppose us." Able to leave, fight if steal, thanks if donate.

Cleric/undead in a glass case next to scroll, trap releases them for a fight.

"If to pass the red door is what you desire, place the staff of life within the pool of fire."

Melmac, King of Bats!

Blue pool, come up with better rhyme.

Teleport maze - skip?

Past teleport maze: statue of vampire w/ inscription "I hold in my right hand the gift of life and in my left the gift of death." Put staff in right, disappears, in left appears diamond.

Next up: cellar

Room lined w/ barrels, center has table, under table is bottle w/ silver key.

Room: bare, mist on floor, coffin in corner says "open only in case of emergency". Thouls, 500gp, wand of cold, scroll of invis, +2 sword.

Room: broken and defaced statue of duke stefan.

Room: cleric w/ undead "are you w/ iron ring or vampire?" Iron ring pass, else fight.

Room: 3 inscriptions: "the vampire lives", "the vampire will return this land to peace", "follow the vampire and you shall have life eternal".

Room: cold breeze, vampire appears, "adventurers, I have watched you for a long time. your foolish acts of bravery are well known to me. now it is time for you to come into a greater light. join me and you will live forever in my land. oppose me and i will hunt you down and destroy you. the choice is yours!" then "fools! soon you will be no more than dust blowing down these halls. i will give you one more chance. when you come to the fork in the hall, choose the right. the path to the left will lead to your certain destruction."

Room on left: throne, dark figure "you should have joined me when you had the chance. now, i have no choice but to kill you." joined by undead. nosferatu. after: face appears "you have defeated my servant, but you have not encountered me yet. it is fruitless to go on. give up now and i will spare your lives."