GM Helio's Shadowrun 5e Game

Game Master Helio

Basic Defense Rolls:
[dice=Geezer Dodge]8d6[/dice]
[dice=Friedrich Dodge]8d6[/dice]
[dice=Billy Dodge]10d6[/dice]
[dice=Chibiko Dodge]9d6[/dice]
[dice=Geezer Ini]1d6+8[/dice]
[dice=Friedrich Ini]2d6+8[/dice]
[dice=Billy Ini]1d6+10[/dice]
[dice=Chibiko Ini]3d6+9[/dice]

Things of Note:


The Verschissenstadt:
A run down area, full of street kids, pimps and pushers on corners. The kind of neighborhood that when you walk down the street, you are either prey or hunter. The kind of place where questions don't get asked and people don't bother hoping any more.

The kiez next door to home. Apparently the home to numerous gang wars, as well as a street doc. Perhaps marginally better than the Verschissenstadt on its good days.

The Brüzakriez:
A slightly nicer district that rapidly deteriorates as you approach its southernmost borders. Mostly for lower middle class SINners who work the base dregs of 'civilized' society and can afford no better. Home of the Banshee Bar, though.


Heinrich: C2 L2
Owner and proprietor of Heinrich's Holistics in the Scharrziele, he's had more than one run in with the Fratelli family. Thanks to the runners' influence, he's come out ahead and pledged some medical assistance to the runners, should they ever require it.