GM Endless Forms' PFS 07-28 Ageless Ambitions (Inactive)

Game Master Mike Tuholski

A 7-11 PFS scenario played at the 10-11 subtier.

Your mission | Maps and handouts

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7–11.

The time has come to strike down the vile Korholm Agenda, the faction of the Aspis Consortium that launched a staggering attack against the Pathfinder Society a year ago. The Agenda’s leader has allied himself with one of the most powerful men in Thuvia, and together they are on the cusp of pitching the entire region into a brutal war of conquest and greed. The Pathfinder Society has placed its trust in the PCs to stop this internecine conflict. To do so, they must confront the Korholm Agenda’s leader in his own domain.

Content in “Ageless Ambitions” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Sovereign Court faction. Content in this scenario also ties into a special metaplot element from Pathfinder Society Special #6–98: "Serpents Rise." Players who have completed that special event are encouraged to bring its Chronicle sheet when playing this adventure.

Written by Luis Loza.

Tico Marvillos #113139-5 (level 8, DJ 22 + 50%)
Fendahl Silvermane #9884-3 (level 11, DJ 21)
Braugher the Bold Strider #73433-9 (level 9, DJ 20)
Oswin Durnhelm #85794-3 (level 11, DJ 21)
Algor #15208-11 (level 9, DJ 27)
Owyn Moravic #89501-1 (level 10, DJ 25)

[dice=Tico]1d20 + 1[/dice]
[dice=Fendahl]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=Braugher]1d20 + 6[/dice]
[dice=Oswin]1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=Algor]1d20 + 0[/dice]
[dice=Owyn]1d20 + 1[/dice]

[dice=Tico]1d20 + 13[/dice]
[dice=Fendahl]1d20 + 19[/dice]
[dice=Braugher]1d20 + 15[/dice]
[dice=Oswin]1d20 + 15[/dice]
[dice=Algor]1d20 + 26[/dice]
[dice=Owyn]1d20 + 3[/dice]