GM Dak - RotRL AE (Group 4) (Inactive)

Game Master Dakcenturi


=General Campaign Information=
Varisia (Country)
Sandpoint Hinterlands (Region)
Sandpoint (Town)

=Style guidelines for posting=
Out of Character
"Spoken outloud"
"Telepathically communicated"
Other information

=GM Rolls=
Any rolls that are automatic, or pseudo automatic, such as Initiative, or if you say something like "every time we enter a room, I give it a quick scan", I make the rolls so we don't have to wait. Likewise, I generally make all the save rolls. All the rolls are above board, in spoilers to keep clutter to a minimum. I roll in either: (1) Alphabetic Order or (2) Initiative Order, as appropriate for the situation.

Any save whose result may result in very bad things for your character, I leave to you whenever possible. If you face a Save or Suck for instance, I don't like to roll the save for you. Your character, your karma, your luck . . .

=Player Discussion=
For any questions and concerns - I like to address these in the Discussion thread. That way everyone has the advantage of learning the answer to a specific question or ruling. When I post a ruling or what have you, I generally post a link to the PRD.

Note: I can be wrong, I'm not a perfect GM. When I am wrong, tell me and provide references. It is how we all learn.

=General Notes=
Aid another (skills) / Aid another (Combat) is a wondrous thing.

Taking 10 (T10) works differently in PFS than in 3.5. For instance, you can T10 on knowledges and perception.