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The passengers on the Peregrine consist of all the colonists, the PCs included, who are part of the second wave of settlers to Talmandor’s Bounty. In addition to 6 colonial soldiers, the following people accompany the PCs and 38 other colonists.

Alba Divenvaar (LN female middle-aged dwarf alchemist) has traveled the Inner Sea extensively in her years, and longs to one day make it to the shores of Arcadia to discover the alchemical secrets of that land.

Anya Sandstrider (CG female human ranger) is a Shoanti exile from the Cinderlands. She comes across gruff, but this is just a cover for her kind nature. The skills she displayed as a hunter and naturalist led to her inclusion on the expedition.

Carver Hastings (NG male human bard [archaeologist]) is an aloof and serious explorer who joined the expedition as a soldier despite his academic yearnings. He is incredibly interested in the history of the region.

Eamon Caranth (LG male half-elf cleric of Erastil) is a relaxed and friendly priest who can often be found joking and playfully arguing with his longtime friend Kurvis. He eagerly helps others out on the ship.

Harcourt Carrolby (LN male human aristocrat) came from a wealthy family of horse breeders and is a bit of a snob. He joined the expedition to Talmandor’s Bounty to establish a stable and ranch on the island.

Kurvis Nurpico (LN male middle-aged human cleric of Abadar) is the other priest among this second wave of colonists. He outwardly appears to be a curmudgeon, but at times his expression softens.

Luetin Calewick (N male human commoner/expert) is a balding man with a bushy moustache who is traveling to Talmandor’s Bounty to serve as an assistant to the blacksmith who arrived in the first wave of colonists. He’s harmless enough, but often rubs people the wrong way, and is prone to sizing people up to determine their attitudes and opinions, often adjusting his own in order to fit in with those he associates with.

Lyra Heatherly (CG female half-elf expert/ranger [guide]) is a surveyor with a penchant for danger and is an employee of the Bountiful Venture Company.

Perrell Beys (LN female human expert/rogue), an employee of the Bountiful Venture Company, is a scholar and historian who plans to document the growth of the colony and provide advice on any ruins or ancient relics the colonists come in contact with.

Ramona Avandth (NG female human bard) is the Bountiful Venture Company’s designated leader for the colony, sent along in the second wave to relieve the leader of the first wave of colonists.