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Five Merchants Introduction | Tactical

A powerful Qadiran trade prince has died, and faction leader Aaqir al’Hakam rushes to his homeland to attend his mentor’s funeral. As an act of support, the Pathfinder Society sends the PCs as representatives to the event; however the death of such an influential merchant and politician has created a considerable power vacuum, and ambitious acquaintances from across the Inner Sea are in attendance to pay their respects, claim a piece of the trade prince’s legacy, and undercut their rivals’ attempts to do the same. Can the Pathfinders keep this somber event from spiraling into a bloodbath?
Content in “The Merchant’s Wake” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Qadira faction.
Written by Justin Juan.

Where in Golarion - Katheer, Qadira

Dramatis Personae
Aaqir al’Hakam – hosting the funeral of his mentor.
Emir Thalzar Gaatan - Aaqir's wife
Zarmina Bahjari – mentor of Aaqir, dead
Umut Tepemkau – cleric of Pharasma, officiating ceremony

Five Merchants
Temel Passad of Druma
Doritannia Raffaela of Taldor
Metella Rauger of the Five Kings Mountains
Pellius Melkior of Andoran
Jakti al’Awar, Kelishite noble







Combat Table:
Combat Table - Round 1
Active Conditions: Inspire Courage
  • Z'hor'll - singing for his supper
  • Methodios - chopping down the cherry tree
  • Arthrax <=
  • Sun <=
  • Tiberius - Hit one and hit two
  • Zombie <=
  • Human <=
  • Metella <=

Adjusted Methodios attack for IC]

Map 1 Map 2