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The world is a large place. Far larger then most know. Beneath the waves of the worlds oceans lies many a kingdom, city and town all inhabited by free and thinking people of the water. Children of Poseidon or Fey or even spirits, these folk have made homes in what others might consider the harshest depths of the world.

There is Atlantis, where the Sea Elves live, and have for nearly two thousand years. Their kind lives longer then most and their are rumors that they were once immortal. But no more... Now they have lives spanning hundreds of years and use it too seek peace with others.

There is Mercare, the kingdom of the Merfolk. They were one of the original races made by Poseidon himself in his image. Along side the Kua Toa, they have lived on the ocean floor for longer then there is a history. There used to be more kingdoms in fact! Now though there is one, divided not by kings, but by leaders and nobles who all serve the high king. In these troubled times there is a need for such unity...

Then there is the Kua Toa, whose capital remains hidden even now. By far the largest and most populated of the three kingdoms the Kua Toa seek to conquer all for their goddess of Slaughter, Bliibal. They and their secret weapon, the Monitors, seek to rule the ocean. And they have made the first move, the opening salvo of a war that will change the world.

Who are you? You are local heroes, or guards, or thieves or even simple men and women called to a great destiny. You will decide your place, be it prince or pauper. Just know that with great power comes responsibility to take up... or to let fall. The war has not begun, though those of noble lineage may be aware of it's impending doom. For now... For now you are someone with aspirations or need of an adventure.

Accepted Sourcebooks: All Paizo and Path of War (+Expanded) are allowed. Other 3PP available on request.

-Classes: Any, however clerics and paladins are very rare. Most priests are scholars who understand their deity and pray homage but receive no power for it.

-Starting Level: 3

-Optimized characters are fine. I have a great deal of skill making my own. Be aware that the stronger you make your characters, the stronger I'll be making the enemies. Also, make it appropriate to the character. If a combination is powerful but the character you made wouldn't realistically use it? Then don't.

-Starting Wealth: 3000 GP (following normal rules - also, remember ABP)

-Alignment: Any non-evil.

-Races: Merfolk and Sea Elves are the most common races. (Sea elves have a swim speed of 30 ft and can breathe water but not air. Otherwise use the Elf, Half-elf or drow races. They have two legs which are webbed rather then tails like their merfolk brethren.) Undine are rare, born either of Fey or water spirits. (Their swim speed is upped to 40 ft).

Aasimar and tieflings do exist but in this setting they are 'God Touched' and take on aspects of either Prismire or Bliball. (Either you'll have silver scales or you'll look like Davy Jones from Pirates of the carribean). Each of these races gets the swim speed of the race they were a part of originally. Finally the Kua Toa do exist but if you wand to play one I'm going to need a veeeeeeery good story from you.

Stylistically there are many different kinds of each race. If you find a merfolk with a human half it won't be strange to also find a merfolk completely covered in scales. (They all have scales but some look nearly human with their upper halves and the scales are only visible on close inspection). The Sea Elves are only slightly less varied and even the Kua Toa have their oddities.

-Hit Points: Max per Hit Die.

-Skills: See 'Campaign Rules', below.

-Traits: 2, 3 with a Drawback if story appropriate

-Abilities: 30 point buy, no Dump Stats (If you want a character with a score below 10, give me a good story reason)

-Gods- The man four worshiped in this part of the world are Aroden (LN), Prismire (NG), Poseidon (N), and Blibbal (NE). Poseidon is the 'father' of all the ocean races but he's also capricious. The merfolk pay the utmost respect to him. Aroden is worshiped as the god amongst the Atlanteans, though even he pays respects to Poseidon. He is a scholar god interested in peace and discovery. Prismire is a massive sea beast with platinum scales revered by some. She is focused on protecting the innocent and fighting against evil. Blibaal (spelled differently on purpose) is a monstrous beast that rules her empire and demands daily sacrifice. She is the goddess of slaughter and has been rumored to have even stolen a piece of Hades dominion over darkness.

-Languages: Aquan, Atlantean (Sea Elves), Sylvan (Fey), Mercare (Merfolk), Kua-Toa (Kua-Toa)

Campaign Rules:

-Automatic Bonus Progression (PF Unchained): In-use, with the normal table.
--Some rare items do have innate enhancement bonuses. Attunement in ABP overlaps (i.e. does not stack with) the natural enhancement bonuses on items, but you can attune to weapons and armor anyway to take a higher bonus.

-Background Skills (PF Unchained): In-use.
--In addition all classes start with an additional 2 points for their adventure skills as well. I'd like everyone to participate in and out of combat.

-Bonus Feats: Gain a feat at every level, rather than every other level. However, feats from levels cannot be spent on the same category (Combat, Metamagic, General, etc.) twice in a row. For example, you could not learn Weapon Focus at 3rd and then Weapon Specialization at 4th. (This does not apply to any bonus feats from your classes.) I want the bonus feats to help with diversifying your characters and defining them as characters.

-Combat Options: The following options are automatically available for all characters that meet their prerequisites.
->Combat Expertise (-Melee Accuracy, +Dodge | INT 13)
->Deadly Aim (-Ranged Accuracy, +Ranged Damage | DEX 13, BAB +1)
->Power Attack (-Melee Accuracy, +Melee Damage | STR 13, BAB +1)
->Improved Unarmed Strike (+3 bab)
->Weapon Finesse (Dex 14)

How many players will I be accepting? Three. And I will let everyone know ahead of time that I will be playing a character as well. It's been a long time since I've simply been able to play and by gum I'd like too. What will I be playing? No idea! I have ideas but I also don't want to be stepping on other players toes so I'll be making something to fit the parties needs.

What am I looking for? A great backstory and character. I want to believe these characters you submit exist in my setting. Take risks too. Try and add details yourself. Make a new noble family for the Merfolk or a secret for the Atlanteans. If you need to, use the 10 minute background format. Just remember that should only be a start. I'll be judging by literacy as well. While not the biggest factor I do want to be able enjoy reading what you've written.

I'm interested. A few questions before I begin:

What about some of the other underwater races common to Pathfinder, such as Gillmen, Undine, or amphibious or semi-aquatic, such as Grippli or Lizardfolk?

Are there no chaotic gods?

How much, percentage wise, are we talking about underwater versus in the sea but perhaps not below? Are these cities amphibious, with pockets of air, or just entirely underwater buildings?

I see mention of Aroden - is this another world and he happens to be just a similar name, or is this thousands of years in Golarion's past (I do remember the humans were created by the aboleths or something like that, and an underwater race for a while previously, so this made me wonder)?

Is a ranged character realistically even a viable option, given that it's going to be underwater? Short of underwater crossbows, most of those tend to be useless underwater, but if it's occasionally above water, I'd like to know.

What technology level are we looking at? I'm not necessarily considering a gunslinger or whatever, but I'm curious if it's an option.

Obviously Ku Toa doesn't get along with Atlantis or Mercare, by what I'm reading, but how do those two get along with one another? How do the various races tend to get along?

All good questions! Lets start from the top.

Undine exist but they are about as rare as God-touched. They're what happens when a mortal has a child with a spirit or fey creature (or a Marid). Gillmen do exist, but much like in pathfinder, they are basically slaves. They were a culture in another part of the world that the Kua Toa enslaved. I'm likely going to wrap any Aboleth creature into the Kua Toa kingdom since they are very similar to how I picture Blibaal being. There are small 'tribes' of lizard folk that are capable of breathing water but they're pretty savage. One could be played though if there's a good story for it.

There are! But they are minor because Chaotic Gods don't make for very good patrons of Kingdoms. There's a god for every ideal even under water, though some of them are more akin to spirits, either born of an ideal or choosing to take it up. (There might be a spirit of freedom... or he might be a water spirit that chose to become said spirit of freedom). They all get respect so long as they're not evil, but even if most don't ascribe to his capricious ways, Poseidon gets a loooot of the worship for being... well... Poseidon.

The cities are totally submerged in water. Merfolk cannot even breathe air in this setting. The rare instances where you find a cave with pockets of air you may need a special spell or a Sea Elf to assist. And Sea elves avoid land like the plague. They might be able to survive on it but not very comfortably.

Aroden is mostly as he is in the original pathfinder setting but this is a homebrew world. I'm simply most familiar with the pathfnder deities so I ended up combining them with some older stuff and homebrew stuff. It's basically Aroden with a more Aroden is the patron god of elves, said to be one of the first. Poseidon, on the other hand, is an Elder God, one of the creators of sentient life.

Ranged characters can be made viable! It will a little bit more gold for the ammunition but the wizards and sorcerers have found ways to make projectiles that cut through water like air. The enchantment doesn't last forever, because magic items in general are rare in this setting (hence the inherent bonuses you'll be getting) but they last long enough to shoot em.

Technology wise the setting is closer to medieval then industrial revolution. However, if you want to play a character that's found an underwater version of black powder (something that doesn't need to spark or burn), you can. Give me a good story and you'll end up with interesting roleplay opportunities to expand what you can do as the game progresses. You will be one of the if not the first though so expect some strange looks with such weapons. It's also more likely to come from Atlantis, a city that aspires to great knowledge, but again... a good story and character will trump that sort of thing.

And Atlantis and Mercare are not exactly on friendly terms as kingdoms, but unless you're a noble from either nation then there won't be much prejudice for a Sea Elf moving through Mercare or a Merfolk moving through Atlantis. The Mercare nobles see Atlantis as an upstart kingdom and the Atlantis nobility sees Mercare as a bit savage. Even the Kua Toa's aggression is a bit new, relatively speaking. (Last hundred years or so).

It isn't common having the chance of playing a character with a shark companion, and I swear by the Drowned Lord that I won't let it slip!

Few questions that I will add to the ones presented by Greentea;

•I love lizardfolks! If I were to play one, would they have water breathing already or should we pick the feat that allows water breathing? What would they swim speed be: the usual 15ft or same as land speed (we could also pick the feat that upgrades it anyway? What could you tell me of their society? You said they are pretty savage, I guess they are isolationust to... would a Lizardfolk looking to learn from the other races and cultures to save his trieb/kin from the lack of developement and improvement a good choice?

•Mechanical question: Melee combat. Will the rules of underwater combat be applied (i.e. the ones that impose penalties on every attack with a non piercing weapon) or will they be forgotten for the sake of equality and diversity?

•I am looking at the Prodigious Two Weapon Fighting, from PoW:Expanded. It allows using Strength for TWF as well as offhanding one handed weapons. Are you okay with that feat? What about the trait from the same book that allows picking a maneuver, I would probably choose one as a "tribe ancient technique".

•Will we be mixing 3D swimming combat and seafloor combat or only one of those? This one is just out of curiosity.

And that's all. For now I will start thinking about Akrashsh, the Lizardfolk Druid/Hunter (to be decided) and his backstory.

Sovereign Court

I have a merfolk character I've been itching to play, a druid. I'll see about tweaking a version for your standards!

I can heartfully recommend Emissary if you don't pick me. He's a player in my campaign.

Actually, Em, you wanna plan some characters who have a background together? Hit me up in a PM if you have ideas, man!

Shark companion. Sounds metal. In a good way!

-Lizardfolks would get a 'standard' (a standard I just made up) 30 ft swim speed, and would be a great deal more aquatic in nature (longer tails with big fins, webbed hands and feet). They will be capable of breathing underwater but they've probably lost their ability to breathe air because of it. A deep water subrace I suppose. And as for the question of whether they'd be a good choice, it sounds like an interesting story! I would say to make sure they've got at least a bit of intelligence and wisdom to understand the plight their race faces. Don't expect a warm welcome back into the tribe however! Lots of Rp oppurtunity there.

-Piercing weapons will be a loooot more common but in this underwater world other weapons have been developed that can move through the water. Some will be semi magical in nature (at least part of the creation process will require magic) and others will simply be of a special material.

-Yes. Yes you can. (Man, if I had known that feat had existed sooner...) I actually love that sort of style. Maneuver works too. I'm good with all path of war.

-Combat will be 3D. Or as much as I can manage with the written word. You guys all effectively have fly. But so do all of your enemies.

A side note! If your character was either a druid or a hunter he was probably either a tribal shaman (not the class but the position) or an apprentice to one. Magic is rare in more savage tribes like that and very much respected for it's power. That works for the 'sees plight of race' thing though. If you want a more martial option there is always the Cavalier or Mad Barbarian too. Any of them would work!

I happily encourage player collusion! Better story means better chances getting in and being tied to another player's character won't preclude you getting in if they don't. (Though if one of you impressed me that much you probably both did.)

I'm thinking of an incredibly foppish sea elf, perhaps a swashbuckler, perhaps an arcane type character...mayhaps a blade adept arcanist/swashbuckler/eldrich knight style? 30 point buy is enough to actually be able to split the gamut and be good at it, darn it.

I want a ridiculous wide-brimmed floppy hat, and clothes and weaponry that look fit for a king. This may take me a minute to write up. I'm thinking like, a third or fourth son in the direct noble blood; not high enough to be a threat to the direct heir, but potent enough where he walks around expecting privilege, etc. This is the kind of son in medieval Europe that would have been sent to be educated, and thus the arcanist/swashbuckling.

I could have met Emissary's character in my travels around the land, perhaps as a diplomat of some sort? I could have hired him as personal muscle, since he wanted to see the world.

I think this is an awesome idea. Especially because hats are notoriously hard to keep on in the water, so he's basically trying to set a trend with that thing. And despite their 'quest for knowledge' Atlanteans have all types in their nobility so he would fit right in.

Silver Crusade

What are you expecting for a posting rate, Will crafting be allowed?

Ah, but therein lies the genius of the string tied underneath to keep it on, like the string on a child's party hat! Trend-setting! The real question is where he got the feather, or how he keeps it so fluffy underwater.

@Tin Foil: Posting rate? I'm hoping for about one a day, one every two at most. In combat I'll likely try for a bit of a faster rate since posts will be shorter and I'm not against a higher rate in RP if people are on but I won't demand it of them. Crafting? Depends. Magic items don't exist as they would in a normal pathfinder setting. They are rare and powerful items. Bought the only items that work as normal are wands and potions.

@Thegreenteagamer: Truly it is a question for the ages...

Sovereign Court

Niobe Aptos

I originally concepted this merfolk character for a slightly higher level game, or possibly to join a group in a watery adventure like Skull and Shackles. She'd probably fit right in with this particular adventure, if I tweaked her up to level 3. At level 4 she becomes super-useful in the times when the group has to leave the water.

Silver Crusade

I am thinking about a merfolk cavalier charging around on my seahorse

Merfolk can certainly have seahorses, but they don't have the legs for riding any creatures. It's why they have a much higher swim speed then other races.

Another question, GM: Since you give out Weapon Finesse for free, do Swashbucklers get something in exchange, since that's pretty much their major first-level draw? Would one of the "grace" feats for dex-to-damage be a fair request, like slashing grace, fencing grace, starry grace, or dervish dance?

@The green + Everyone: I think that works great. I'll do you one better in fact. You can take this feat

Deadly Finesse: Choose one weapon with which you are proficient with and can use weapon Finesse with. Use your dexterity mod instead of your strength mod for damage.'

I personally like the idea of Dex to damage being an option. I think that opens up a few more options too. If one of those feats gives you a small bonus with a certain class ability, you can get that bonus with this feat as well. (Like Fencing Grace gives you a small bonus to resist being disarmed for a swash buckler.)

@Everyone: Read the above. If you take a class or archetype that awards weapon finesse as a bonus feat, change it to the above feat. For instance an unchained Rogue could do dex to damage at level 1 with this. At level 3, you simply select a second weapon that you can do it with.

GM Bird wrote:
Finally the Kua Toa do exist but if you wand to play one I'm going to need a veeeeeeery good story from you.

Okay, I'll bite. Go big or go home and all that. What are their racial stats like? Especially since, you know, Kua Toa aren't a thing in Pathfinder since they're owned by Wizards. I imagine you'd adapt the Skum or Sahuagin, but you may have something else in mind.

Sovereign Court

There is a build I've been wanting to do for quite some time that might be fun for this campaign. It is a wizard that looks like a gunslinger and uses his bonded idem gun to channel his magic through. I'm thinking a sea-elf with a drow build living in Atlantis.

For a backstory I was thinking that he was an apprentice wizard trying to find his something to make him stand out from the others. One day while out on a "walk" he stumbles upon this gun, I was thinking of using a Pistol or Dragon Pistol as the found weapon. He brings it back to town and everyone is in shock and aw at this new device. He brings it home and carves the word "wand" across the barrel creating a connection between himself and the device and started focusing his magic through it.

He will never use the gun is fire ammunition, but just as a focus for aiming his magic.

You know what, I'm gonna go ahead and back out. I'm just having trouble imagining the logistics of an underwater game, and don't think I'll fit in long term. Good luck, and I still recommend Emissary. Oh, and TFY, too, he's in a lot of chats with me, and seems like a real cool gamer.

I've got some things in mind for this... let me muse for a moment...

GM Bird wrote:
[i]Other 3PP available on request.

How do you feel about Psionics? Specifically an Aegis whos armour is a shell?

Dark Archive

DOT. thinking Merfolk alchemist... but with a archetype that doesn't need bombs to work... looking into concept now!

perhaps a sorcerer... looking into concept now!

@Ligeia: The Kua Toa use the same racial stats as the 3.5 race you could become. I will be bumping PC's who chose that race down from the maaaany stat boosts they get to a +2 too two stats of their choice aside from Dexterity but otherwise you'll get the same racial traits.

I'll also bump their natural armor bonus down to a simple +2. Ability to see invisibility, resistant to electricity, immunity to poison, +8 to escape artist, and +4 to perception. They lose the 'lightning bolt' racial ability but gain the 'secretion' ability as well, which lets them use alchemic items only their race can use, including a special one a defector from the military might be able to grab. They get a loooot of stuff. Let me know what your ideas are or if you have any questions!

@Sylvanus: If the gun is never used as a gun it might become more a curiosity then a marvel. It will definitely being interesting to the learned but wizards are expected to be a little strange so the norm are won't know to be impressed. That said, I do like the concept of him using it as his bonded item! There's fun things we can do with it whether or not he ever uses it.

@thegreenteagamer: I'm sorry to hear that!

@Louxman: Psionics I'll accept on a case by case basis. It'll be rare, and there's a clear difference between Arcane and Psionic in this setting. The Aegies is a pretty good clas but I've never seen it used as anything more then a dip. The idea that you'd make a suit of armor look like a shell is both thematic and effective!

@William: The Vivisectionist Alchemist doesn't use bombs and instead replaces the alchemists bomb ability with a rogues sneak attack progression. It's a pretty good archetype.

Merfolks are sorta nice and this seems like a fun idea!

Just a random question similar to Louxmans; how do you feel about Spheres of Power 3pp product?

It basically flattens the caster power curve a little and pushes them towards specialization. (Disclaimer: That probably means a level 3 SoP caster is actually a bit more powerful then a standard one if less versatile [then a prepared caster]).

@Lessah: I was introduced to them recently and for the most part they seem pretty balanced in that yeah, you're really good at that one thing you do, but there's not much else. I was debating putting it as an option up top. I probably won't differentiate the magic too much in the setting though aside from recognizing a character with a sphere as much more of a specialist then otherwise. Oh, right, that's a yes to letting them be played.

That is nice to hear! I'll get drafting : )

@Power - I think there is mainly Conjuration and one more I can't recall that can get a bit silly. Only worrying aspect is that I do like the Conjuration sphere but I'll try as to not do anything too silly!

(From what I recall there is a class that get CL boosts on a few select spheres which together with Conjuration can be used to make basically super-eidolons which is a bit much ...)

@Lessah: If you decide to go that route and summon something then it will automatically get a swim speed and the ability to breathe water but losses it's land speed and the ability to breathe air for simplicity's sake. I would say that the Water Form choice will simply increase the speed of the creature underwater by that much instead, along with it's other benefits.

For a bit of story too, Elementals are a somewhat common focus for wizards and the like. Since magic item imbuement is a lost art, most of the existing items are made by contracting with an elemental for a portion of their power. Elemental companions are rare but a water elemental would not be out of place in this setting.

Sovereign Court

I'm trying to figure out how some of his spells would work. Would missile type spells (e.i. Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Magic Missile,...ect.) move through the water like they do through the air or would they start to disperse do to the added resistance of water?

That is nice to know!

And since you responded here are some more questions :P

@Weather - I'm thinking of grabbing this sphere. Many of the powers involve manipulating the wind or percipitation which both doesn't really exist underwater...

However! I was thinking of having wind = current which sorta makes sense. I hope that is okay?

I'm not sure what the underwater equivilent of percipitation would be, if there would be one...

Thoughts : )?

GM Bird wrote:

@Ligeia: The Kua Toa use the same racial stats as the 3.5 race you could become. I will be bumping PC's who chose that race down from the maaaany stat boosts they get to a +2 too two stats of their choice aside from Dexterity but otherwise you'll get the same racial traits.

I'll also bump their natural armor bonus down to a simple +2. Ability to see invisibility, resistant to electricity, immunity to poison, +8 to escape artist, and +4 to perception. They lose the 'lightning bolt' racial ability but gain the 'secretion' ability as well, which lets them use alchemic items only their race can use, including a special one a defector from the military might be able to grab. They get a loooot of stuff. Let me know what your ideas are or if you have any questions!

So, like this?

Kua Toa:
Type - Humanoid (Aquatic)
Size - Medium
Speed - Land 20, Swim 50

Racial Ability Adjustments - A Kua Toa gains +2 to two stats of their choice except Dexterity.
Kua Toa Immunities - Kua Toa are immune to Poison
Armour - Kua Toa have a +2 natural armour bonus because of their thick scales.

Slippery - Kua Toa secrete an oily film that make them difficult to grapple or snare. They gain a +8 Racial Bonus to Escape Artist.
Keen Sight - Kua Toa have excellent vision due to their ability to use their eyes independently. They gain a +4 Racial Bonus to Perception.
Amphibious - A Kua Toa can breathe both air and water.

Darkvision - Kua Toa are used to the dark depths and have Darkvision 60 Ft.
Light Blindness - Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds the Kua Toa for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.

Secretion - Something about special Alchemical item usage?
See Invisibility?

@Sylvanus: The short answer, no, I won't be penalizing casters or anyone. The societies have been around for long enough to have developed their own magic. It won't work on the surface but it works just fine underwater.

Long answer- Thematically a lot of spells work differently in how you go about achieving the same effect.. For instance, summoning an actual lightning bolt in the water would diffuse it across a very wide area, creating a much more powerful effect, but one potentially fatal to the caster. Instead for a lightning bolt you basically conjure a jelly like substance in the same line for the same effect.

In other cases you imbue a portion of the water and take control of it. Like how scorching ray becomes scalding ray (does the same damage, but with boiling jets of water the caster controls like missiles). For Acid Splash it would simply be a matter of changing the substance just a little for the same effect, in it's descriptor. And Ray of Frost is pretty easy. You basically just shot someone with an icicle. Magic Missile is probably one of the few effects that can stay the same though if you want to describe it in a different way, bonus points.

Sovereign Court

Ok, thank you.

@Lessah: That sounds pretty awesome actually. Lets see what you do with it before I comment further. As far as precipitation goes it probably gives you more control over the environment thematically speaking but in practice I haven't looked at the weather sphere yet.

@Ligeia: As part of the Keen sight ability Kua Toa can see such fine and minute details with their eyes that they can perceive any invisible character that is in motion. If an invisible person can remain motionless though then the Kua Toa's perception can still be deceived.

The Alchemic Secretion is a thing they can do in this setting. A number of times per day they can activate a special alchemic item using oils and other chemicals that their body produces. Their alchemists worked out to make really powerful items using said secretions. The best part is that an enemy who gets the items can't use them either. Mechanically if you write up a good enough story to play a Kua Toa, you'll get access to a few different, powerful alchemic items that will use this Secretion ability.

Scarab Sages

here is the alchemist merfolk im making, going promethean alchemist.
here is a link to the page where that is found LINK

@Fliarah: Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier magical crafting feats and the like are on a case by case basis due to the way magic items work in this setting. And Golems are one of the things that people simply don't know how to make anymore. Learning how to make a Golem would be an excellent character goal though!

Interested, thinking about playing a Sea Half-Elf warlord, a former guardsman-turned mercenary after a conflict between doing what he thought right and the constraints of the law ended up with him losing his job. Hearing some rumors about a possible war, he figured out the best way to prevent innocents from being harmed was to get himself involved in the middle of the conflict where he can do the most.

@Tuvarkz: I could definitely see a guardsman having the right contacts to here the rumblings about a war. Sounds like an interesting character! I look forward to reading what you come up with. If you have any questions about the culture or any of the smaller nations not associated with the big three feel free to ask. I'll try to get back to them as quickly as I can.

Scarab Sages

who said it was golems I'm making? it's less golems(I understand I won't be crafting as much) it's more focused on my homunculus companion. I'll get details on him made as I work on my character.

@Fliarah: A Homonculus is still a type of construct so unfortunately I'm going to have to say no to it.

Scarab Sages

:(... okay, I'll go beast-morph then and focus my discoveries on non-fire based bombs... unless your willing to let it be an explosion of superheated steam while underwater.

@Fliarah: That's a good way to describe it. The bombs don't really create an explosion so much as generate a lot of heat in a small area. As a heads up, an alchemist with bomb abilities is at the forefront of alchemic development. This stuff is brand new so you're characters going to be seen as a pioneer... or a crazy person! Depends on how you write them.

Scarab Sages

Wonderful, I was going for strange scientist anyways :)

Edit: with the feats thing, does that mean everyone has at least 3 feats? I'd think that's alittle overpowered... unless our enimies have the same ... 0.0

although it would allow me to get the remote bomb feat...

Hey I'm interested, but I'm sort of new to play by post, so whats a good template for the character sheet?

also I would be interested in collaborating story wise with someone

Also what are the typical light conditions?... like day/night deep underwater is very different from on the surface

@Fliarah: The limitation on the feats is that you can't have two feats from the same category every level. The option is there so that, instead of being supremely focused and unable to do much else, you can diversify your character with things like skill focus or weirder feats you might enjoy trying out.

@Snow: I tend to use a monsters formatting for a paizo forum game. I'll post in one of my characters so you can get a view of it. You don't have to be nearly as crazy with it as I did but if you're copying and pasting it's actually not that hard.

You are right about light! This is going to be a game that delves into the middling levels of the ocean, so non-magical light will be scarce. Everyone's going to get low light and some form of darkvision to compensate.

DM bird here. If anyone wants to borrow a template for a character sheet feel free to use Montis here as an example. He is by far my most tidy character work up of late.


Scarab Sages

how do you feel about me being born into a family of warriors and sent to an institute to learn the art of combat, but leaving and becoming a scholar instead?

I may have found some ancient text or such that lead me to becoming an alchemist. is that fine?

also, I took the dark-vision alternate race trait, so I'm good.

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