GM Aneirin's Second Darkness Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Aneirin Rhodri

Strange portents loom over the city of Riddleport, and only the heroes can figure out what new menace has arisen in Varisia's freewheeling pirate cove of Riddleport.

Riddleport: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. A city of competing crime lords, petty thieves, pirates, and, oddly, scholars. Drawn to it for either the safe harbor or the mysterious cyphergate that arches over said harbor, the town has boomed to become the third largest city in Varisia. But recently a new mystery has formed over the city, known simply as 'The Blot', a dark cloud that neither moves with the weather nor gives up it's secrets.

But it's been there now for a few weeks, and people are no longer even really questioning it now. No, their thoughts have turned to Saul Vancaskerkin's rebound from destitution to opening a new gambling hall known as the "The Gold Goblin." And tonight is his opening event, "Cheat the Devil, Take his Gold."

Total Party XP

2000 (400 per)