GM-8574: 1-35 Voice in the Void (2017) (Inactive)

Game Master Jason Lillis


I currently have an invitation to 6 players to participate in this game, but if any drop out, then I will open it to others. Feel free to add your character here if you would like to be on the list as an alternate player.

For PFS credit, I would like to run "Voice in the Void" from Season 1 for 4-6 players, tier TBD by interested players (1-2, 3-4, or 6-7).

We will likely play a Standard Campaign game (vs. Core) based on current PCs.

Both current and potential alternate players: please post the following using your PFS Character Alias for these Messageboards:

1) Class and Level of PC
2) Desired Tier of Play (1-2, 3-4, or 6-7)
3) Your perceived party "role" (front-line, healer, ranged combat, skill monkey, controller, blaster, etc.)

Game will take place here on the messageboards. My ideal posting rate is 1-2 posts per day, with notification for absences. I will likely use Google Drawings or Google Slides for the game mat. I would like to complete recruitment before Wednesday, June 28th, and begin the game as soon as possible after closing.

Successful completion of this scenario will land players an invitation to a follow-up scenario (TBD).

Post questions below for assistance. I look forward to gaming with you!

Sovereign Court

I would like to apply with Lady Alya De Qill GM.

1) Investigator - Psychic Detective [L2]
2) Desired Tier of Play (1-2 or 3-4)
3) (ranged combat, skill monkey)

Silver Crusade

Narayan Singh: Monk (Unchained Monk Scaled Fist) 4
Desired Tier: 1-2 or 3-4
3)Front-line, some UMD utility

Grand Lodge

1) Flyndyngylyn (Flyn): Infiltrator (Ranger) / 3rd
2) Desired Tier: either 1-2 or 3-4
3) Ranged combat, scout, thief-like abilities, limited heal (wand of CLW)
4) PFS ID#: 239913-1

(I played Grynt when you ran Mists of Mwangi)

Dark Archive

1) Druid 1
2) 1-2
3) mid/close range combat, summons
4)175185-3 (played Giovanni in Mists game)

Grand Lodge

I have a lot of 1st level PFS characters who need just 1 xp to level up to 2nd. So if Bernina doesn't fit well, I have other classes in 1st tier range I could run.

1) Bernina is a 1st level Hunter
2) Desired tier: 1-2
3) Role: can be either a front line fighter (animal companion is a lynx) or support fighter (has good archer stats and a few spells).

Scarab Sages

1) Inquisitor 1 / UMonk 1
2) 1-2 or 3-4
3) Melee combat, perception/sense motive, reach lockdown
4) 118418-5

Grand Lodge

Bernina's PFS # is 105836-10.

Grand Lodge

How are we looking as far as a starting date, GM?

Flyndyngylyn wrote:
How are we looking as far as a starting date, GM?

Looking at tomorrow, with a first post going out in the afternoon or evening.

Going to give my #6 previous player until tonight to register for the next game, but we'll put Bernina in if we don't hear from The Gardener.


Grand Lodge

1) Alchemist (chirurgeon) 1
2) Desired Tier of Play (1-2)
3) ranged combat, aoe dmg with bombs, minor healing
4) 262447-1

Grand Lodge

I'm available if the previous player does not join. I'll check back as I can to see the status of the game. I work from about mid afternoon to mid-evening but have breaks where I can check and make brief posts.

Thanks for your patience, all. Here's our crew for this game:

  • Lady Alya De Qill
  • Narayan Singh
  • Flyndyngylyn
  • Grel Veldgott
  • Bernina
  • Copper Tam

Y'all are just barely over level 2 for APL (2.17), so we'll be playing tier 1-2.

Gameplay thread here.

Here we go!

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