From Shore to Sea (Inactive)

Game Master Zesdead

Paizo's 'From Shore to Sea'.

Party Health
Aella Brightsong: 52/52HP
Robert Gallman: 48/48HP
'Harry' Grawlund: 38/38HP
Kit'Arr: 45/45HP

The Lower Natatorium
The Ruined Island of Nal-Kashel
The Hellcoast

The deep waters of the Hellmouth Gulf have long concealed ancient mysteries, both wondrous and terrible. But these secrets have been submerged for too long, and the remote coastal village of Blackcove has accidentally awoken a slumbering horror from a bygone age. Strange creatures now venture from beneath the waves to steal townsfolk away in the dark of night.

Can the PCs discover the fate of Blackcove’s lost villagers? What secrets still lie hidden on the mysterious, ruined island just offshore, and what now lurks in the flooded temples beneath the isle? And what horrific fate lies in store for those unfortunate souls who fall prey to the Island's eldritch influence.