Doug M's Way of the Wicked (Inactive)

Game Master Douglas Muir 406

Follow the Way of the Wicked, the award-winning AP from Fire Mountain games.

The wickedness continues in Way of the Wicked Part II: The Dark Tower!

Part 1: Breakout. You're an evil criminal. Your cellmates are, too. Can you work together long enough to escape from Branderscar Prison?

Part 2: Testing. You and your cellmates have escaped to Horn House and have pledged yourselves to serve Asmodeus. Will you survive your final examination under the mysterious Cardinal Thorn?

Part 3: Death by Water. You're now an agent of evil. Can you reach the frozen North with your cargo of weapons for an army of monsters, or will the sea drown your wickedness first?

Part 4: Breaking the Tower. Balentyne Tower is the key to the Northern Wall. You must break it, unleashing an army of evil into the heart of the kingdom.