Dien's Rrrise of the Rrrrunelords

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Out of Rerolls - Sonya Once per PC level, Sonya may choose to reroll a natural 1 of her choice, whether her own or a fellow PCs. (Level 2: 1/1)
Untouchable - Seraka Once per PC level, Seraka may choose to give a creature DR 5 for one round. (Level 2: 1/1)



Brodert Quink: a self-styled historian on the old Thassilonian ruins, possibly a little crazy

Sabyl Sorn: a woman of Tien ancestry, shaved head, blue robes, who maintains something called 'The House of Blue Stones' and seems to have a philosophical bent

Savah Bevaniky: owner of Savah's Armory, the primary weapons-shop in town, where Rokan currently has a 20% discount on one item

Belven Valdemar: Middle-aged man, most active Valdemar in town, Sonya's uncle

Street Urchin: so far name unknown. A boy who seems to be very impressed by E

Aldern Foxglove: A nobleman, not very good at fighting, seems quite taken with Sonya

Das Korvut: the town's primary smith, 'not the friendliest sort' according to Savah

Aesrick Battlehorn: the carpenter's guildmaster, an excellent woodworker (could possibly fix Rokan's bow)

Kaye the Kitten: a name mentioned in conjunction with Belor's

Turch Sterglus: proprietor of the Valdemar Fishmarket (employed by the Valdemars), an old man with a white beard and a glass eye, a curmudgeon with a soft heart. E won a chit for one month's worth of smoked salmon that can be claimed with him.

Jubrayl Vhiski: came in second in the footrace to E. A tall, lanky man

Sheriff Belor Hemlock: the Sheriff of Sandpoint, originally of Shoanti ancestry. He has grown out his hair, however, and does not display any Shoanti tattoos he may have

Sir Jasper Korvaski: a middle-aged warrior, retired from the active service of Abadar, working with the Mercantile League of Sandpoint now

Cyrdak Drokkus: a red-headed, multi-lingual man who seems to have skills in both music and theatre and who says he was raised in the town's orphanage

Mayor Kendra Deverin: The mayor of Sandpoint. The Deverins own a lot of breweries in Magnimar

Father Zantus: A worshipper of Desna, lead priest at the cathedral

Garridan Viskalai: Proprietor of the White Deer, looks like a wannabe Shoanti, family resemblance to Belor

Ameiko Kaijitsu: Proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, and cooks up a mean salmon curry, which Rokan tried

Lonjiku Kaijitsu: Ameiko's father, owner of the Kaijitsu Glassworks, richest man in town

Hannah Velerin: a midwife present at the miscarriage of Nualia Tobyn

Nualia Tobyn: the foster daughter of Sandpoint's former priest, Ezakien Tobyn, supposedly a great beauty, killed in a cathedral fire

Ezakien Tobyn: A priest of Desna, killed in a cathedral fire, whose bones were stolen recently

Naffer: a hunchback who works with/for Father Zantus as the town's gravedigger and assistant to Father Zantus

Nisk Tander: A half-elf alchemist, owner of Bottled Solutions, formerly using goblins as a source for his reagents

Rainie, Willis, and Rallis: A family whose house a goblin decided to crash. Rainie is a baker. The heroes saved Willis's life

Titus Scarnetti: A blond man with a mustache, head of the Scarnetti family, who dominate the town's lumber industry