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Full Disclosure: I have never DM'd a Play by Post campaign. I have DM'd two campaigns in real life, and both campaigns lasted 10+ months with no replacement of players.

About Me: I'm graduated from college and in a job. The job takes up a lot of my time but there is going to be time available at my computer each day. I am currently participating in a PbP campaign on these forums as a player, in Duboris' Carrion Hill campaign. I have over 100 posts on that alias.

About the Campaign, and restrictions:

You will begin at level 1, using the average starting gold.

The campaign will begin in Freedom Town, a small settlement within the Hold of Belkzen that is a haven for the lawless, near the border of Lastwall. It is known that Freedom Town exists, but within Vigil, the capital of neighboring Lastwall, their lawless ways are viewed as a minor nuisance. After all, the orcs, bandits, and undead that infest the Hold of Belkzen will destroy them within a few years or so. The population of Freedom Town is largely made up of smugglers, former adventurers, exiles, criminals, and any free-spirited individuals who dislike living under too much governmental authority. You will be working for the Sheriff of Freedom Town, the ratfolk gunslinger Marshall Oswald, as his deputies, and he will be tasking you with assisting with matters of Freedom Town security and interest.

All non-evil alignments are allowed, but keep in mind that you will be working for a "legitimate authority figure," and in order for the campaign to work the way I'd like it to, you must genuinely have regard for the deputy job.

All races are allowed.

All classes are allowed. Yes, even synthesist summoners or psionics. I ask that you please do not try to munchkin your character too much. I am far more impressed with creativity and roleplaying than amazing numbers. Guns are common.

What I expect: I've seen numerous PbP campaigns fail due to lack of activity on the part of the players or the GM. To avoid this, I will be holding myself to a requirement of (at least) one post a day, and I hold the same expectation of my players. Even if what is happening in the session does not directly involve your character, I ask that you post SOMETHING every day to maintain activity and keep people coming back to the thread. It can be as simple as a one-line post indicating that your character is rolling Profession (dressmaker) and singing quietly to yourself for a week. Cupcake.


As for the party, I am willing to accept a group of no less than 3 and no more than 6. I will also be archiving EVERYBODY who applies, so that if someone leaves the campaign or stops posting they can be easily replaced. If that happens I will be introducing the new character via retcon.

Finally, the combat style will be "cinematic" - meaning that it will flow more from descriptions than "I move from my current location to hex A6." If you're uncertain whether what you want to do in your next round is possible due to the landscape, put a little extra effort into describing it so you make it sound cool. If it sounds cool I'll likely allow it.

I am interested in playing as either a fighter or barbarian. I can easily post 2-3 times a day usually.

DM Frogfoot wrote:

Full Disclosure: I have never DM'd a Play by Post campaign. I have DM'd two campaigns in real life, and both campaigns lasted 10+ months with no replacement of players.

About Me: I'm graduated from college and in a job. The job takes up a lot of my time but there is going to be time available at my computer each day. I am currently participating in a PbP campaign on these forums as a player, in Duboris' Carrion Hill campaign. I have over 100 posts on that alias

I would be interested in experimenting both with the PbP format and with the words of power system. I'm thinking of some sort of sorcerer (probably eventually a summoning specialist, since spamming massive numbers of people on the board is less of an issue in PbP than FtF).

I cheerfully acknowledge a complete lack of experience with PbP, although I've been playing tabletop since about when Plato discovered his third solid. Imagine our relief when we were able to stop using d12s and d6s for everything.

I should have no problem making at least a post a day.

Any objection from the game master?

Interested, looking at an Oread druid or inquisitor, I can normally post at least once a day. Also how are we generating stats?

I'd love to play but have to warn you that I've never played an online campaign before. Posting once a day shouldn't be any problem.

I'd like to play an old-fashioned cleric healer...

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

I'd like to join up for this. I haven't decided on race, but I'd lke to try a witch maybe? Not sure If I'd go hedge witch, or just vanilla.

I am able to log in at least once a day. However, I admit that between June 15 and June 22 I will be in Seattle visiting some family, and I may skip a day or two (will try to get on using my phone if I can, but no promises). I know that this might affect my ability to join, but I just thought that I would be honest and give a heads up.

I submit Marco Andrezi, Level 1, Human Rogue Thug. I will work up a background momentarily, and I certainly acknowledge your requirements and will be able to post 2-3 times daily at a minimum.

You may want to wait a bit there, nothing has been mentioned yet about stat generation, unless I missed that part.

Posting to show interest and support.

A question on top of the above post about stats etc. What will be the rules on guns? And how advanced will they be allowed to become?

Much cheers to all

I am assuming a 20 point buy. If that changes then I will adjust accordingly. The character was already built.

It is a 20 point buy, yes. Use Paizo's rubric for getting a feel for guns- they're common. If you want a character concept for a gunsmith who wants to experiment with this technology, run it by me and I'll decide whether or not to put it in.

I'm totally fine with the conjurer sorcerer idea - as long as you promise not to let your many minions gunk up combat. If that happens I would pull you aside and we would work something out.

I'm not scared of people who are new to PbP. We all started somewhere.

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I'd like to submit Caln, Level 1 human cleric of Pharasma from Ustalav. If acceptable, I can put together a background, stats, feats, etc.

I shan't have time to work on a character for another 24 or so hours (Different time zones and shift work intervening)


DM Frogfoot:

Firstly; How do you feel about "Sea Elves"? [Link to forums aout said critter

Second; I have a 'generic' sort of character named 'Sunny' which I have often 'cut & past' to trial a character for new games. You'll find said names linked back through this avatar.

Lastly, I have a few ideas for a character. Basically either a high Initiative 'Gunslinger'. Or a Ninja/Monk (Again, might re-use a Suny avatar) which specializes in using the 'Sap adept' feat and such to do a lot of sub-dual damage.

Your thoughts and comments would be welcome.

Much cheers to all.

No objections to that sea elf idea, though I need to double check some comparisons between different race packages to ultimately decide if its balanced. For now, though, yes, its fine. Just include a good reason why you're so far away from any sea or ocean, here in this backwater province. No objections to Sunny either.

Aubster, write a backstory blurb for Caln and we'll see about getting you locked in.

Caln was born 22 years ago in the the County of Canterwall in Ustalav. Both of his parents are faithful members of the local Pharasma temple. His parents honored Pharasma by volunteering to manage the gardens surrounding the local burial grounds.

From a young age Caln has been drawn to the worship of Pharasma and completed his schooling at the local temple and was chosen to be initiated into the clergy of Pharasma two years ago. However, his plans to join the clergy at his home chapel have been disrupted as he has received clear signs in dreams that his Goddess wants him to travel to a small town called Freedom Town in the Hold of Belkzen to minister to poor folk of that area. Specifically, his dreams have shown him that the Sheriff of that small town will need the blessings of Pharasma to survive an upcoming test.

Caln, along with with the rest of his fellow clergy of Pharasma, have a special hatred of undead and will use every means at his disposal to grant them the peace in death that they deserve.

Caln knows that all mortal creatures are born, age and die and thus has no prejudices against any race and will use his god given powers to help any race or ease their pain as they journey into their afterlife.

As all mortals (good or evil) face Pharasma's Boneyard, Caln believes that strong feelings regarding alignment are ill-considered and that a neutral path is the most correct choice.

DM Frogfoot wrote:

I'm totally fine with the conjurer sorcerer idea - as long as you promise not to let your many minions gunk up combat. If that happens I would pull you aside and we would work something out.

I'm not scared of people who are new to PbP. We all started somewhere.

All right, I present to you the tentatively named Jethro, the half-gnome sorcerer:

Mostly fluff, full crunch to follow:

Jethro : aasimar (heritage unknown)

A lot has been written about the plight of the half-elven, cursed from birth with forever being between two cultures and never fitting in with either. Little is written about the plight of other half-breeds, and especially the half-gnome. These creatures are rare enough that few even know that they exist, or that they can exist, and the size difference alone is enough to brand them as complete outsiders in both communities.

Life is even worse if you're not actually what they think you are.

Jethro is not, technically, a half-gnome, although he looks enough like one that most people he encounters would call him that if pressed. Shorter even than an elf, with the bright coloration of a gnome, but still two feet too tall to pass for a full-blooded gnome, he has an obvious gift for magic that fits into no standard category. He has no idea what his actual heritage is, although he speculates that he is in fact an aasimar, possibly musetouched (azata-blooded). He never knew his father, and his mother died when he was very young. After spending his early childhood being passed around among a variety of charitable institutions, he finally ran away, Oliver Twist like, to seek his fortune. He found this fortune in the home of a Varisian (elf) druid who took him in and set to work teaching him the ways of the world.

Jethro's natural talents for magic were apparent even at that early age, but the druid found his gifts too wild and untrainable even for traditional druidic magic. Jethro's impulsive personality also failed to make a good fit with the serenity of traditional divine magic but he could never focus on the rigorous studies of arcane magic. Instead, Jethro showed an intuitive grasp of the underlying realities; naming his wishes and causing them to come to pass. He also found it difficult to stay in one place for long, taking increasingly longer trips into the forests and even towns surrounding his home with the druid, sometimes not returning for days or a week.

Finally, the druid gave Jethro his blessing and sent him out into the world, accepting that there was something Jethro needed to find. Freedom Town exists as a haven for people like him.

Game rules:
I am building Jethro using the ordinary assamar rules, with the single exception of he's very short (on the edge of size between Medium and Small; if you have a preference, I'll follow it), as a Words of Power based sorcerer, reflecting his extra-planar heritage. I will also be taking the Scion of Humanity alternate trait to tone down a bit of the aasimar weirdness (if nothing else, this will mean that humanoid-affecting spells will still work).

Stats; S 8 D 12 C 10 I 13 W 12 C 20 including aasimar modifications

His bloodline is the Umbral bloodline (wildblooded variant on Shadow).

In terms of role, he will probably be a blaster/summoner (WoP is supposed to work well for that), plus a smattering of social skills. I didn't buy a lot of physical traits but his intelligence is quite good so he should have some useful skills.

How much more would you like me to flesh out at this time?

Caln awoke sweating from another dream sent by his Goddess. As his journey brought him closer to Freedom Town his dreams have become more and more powerful and disturbing. He can never remember the details when he wakes but it is clear that something vital is going to take place there.

Jethro, Caln, you're locked in. Also Sunny, I looked into Sea Elves and I have absolutely no problem with you being one.

I'm dying to play this character. He is a cleric of desna, but he plays much more like a rogue. (My vision). He is kind of a mysterious stranger, but very social and outgoing. He crafts tatoos for all that are willing and never hesitates to tell anyone interested their fortune. I have to adjust his background. He sometimes finds himself chased out of town, a charlatan often accused of trickery. In reality, he is helpful with a lust for adventure and resourceful enough to meet his needs by his own device.

Working possibly on a mysterious stranger gunslinger, more to come

Would you consider another cleric if played non-traditionally?

I have been shopping for a campaign for this character and this one seems to be what I am looking for.

I can post at least once a day from CST. U.S. sometimes more.

Freedom Town seemed like a perfect place to hide from the persistence of his angered uncle, with plenty of adventure to boot. Yes, it was dangerous, but Tholozzan had already proven that he could handle himself in the grave face of danger. Fighting was always the unfortunate last resort.

Working on a half-orc ranger, but a few questions first: In the Holds of Belkzen, is it safe to assume that we're going to be seeing a lot of orcs? Also, the wiki blurb mentions live human tributes given to the orc clans to placate them. Is this a thing in your game? Will we be taking a more or less antagonistic approach to the orc clans?

As Caln reaches the outskirts of Freedom Town he wonders who else Pharasma will lead to this place...

DM Frogfoot wrote:

What I expect: I've seen numerous PbP campaigns fail due to lack of activity on the part of the players or the GM. To avoid this, I will be holding myself to a requirement of (at least) one post a day, and I hold the same expectation of my players. Even if what is happening in the session does not directly involve your character, I ask that you post SOMETHING every day to maintain activity and keep people coming back to the thread. It can be as simple as a one-line post indicating that your character is rolling Profession (dressmaker) and singing quietly to yourself for a week. Cupcake.

** spoiler omitted **...

Rules happily acknowledged!

Will work up a character shortly, but wanted to thrown my name in the hat. I am currently not in any PbP, but have one character being considered for a Reign of Winter AP. I am active in the local PFS community as well as in a biweekly FtF Rise of the Runelords game.

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The wheels of the wagon ground to a halt on a dusty stretch just inside of the town gates. "This is it," said Jethro.

It wasn't a question, but the dwarf took it as such. "Ya wuz expectin' maybe a seraglio's palace an' an arena o' kings?"

"No, but maybe a wooden palisade and a pair of guards at the gate."

"Buildin' timber's `spensive out here. Sod's cheap. An' fireproof. They'ns thinkin' o' putting a stone wall 'front of the sod, but some o' the smarter orcs figger it ain't smart to wall 'emselves out'n here and won't sell stone. Can't be a fool all th' time.

"An' don't let the open gate fool ya none. Man on th' watchtower's been countin' yer nose hairs fer the past two hours. A feller'll see forever out here."

"Yeah," Jethro agreed. "I like it. It's nice to be able to see what's coming. And the land looks good."

"If'n ya can get th' water. Taters 'n' hops. Best beer in Golarion here. That's what I's here fer. If ya don' like it, wagon goes both ways." The dwarf gave a slight shrug.

Jethro grabbed his dusty pack and hopped down. "No, I like it here. A person can breathe. `Freedom.' It says so right on the label."

"I ain't a one to go pryin,' but... freedom from what?"

"Not freedom from. Freedom to."

"Oh." The dwarf's tone was leaden. You would need to be in a graveyard to find someone less interested in philosophical discussion.

"Well, I got ta get me some cargo." The dwarf turned around, rummaging in the locker behind the seat. "Me cross-cousin Ulfgar, here, runs th' livery stable. Shoo'n horses an' such. I ain't allowed ta talk ter 'im, unnerstan'? But ya give 'em that bottle, tell 'im yer new in town, an' 'e'll prolly let ya sleep in th' yard. Ya got a gift. Might make a good salesman. Or mebbe ya could dress th walls.

"If ya can't find nuthin' else, try th' Sheriff. 'E's always lookin' fer bright lads. Now I got ta get loaded down."

Jethro caught the proffered bottle by its leather wrappings. "Thanks, Mr. Ironfist. I'll not forget this."

"Jus' remember. In two months, th' Flood Road will. If ya can't get out by then, yer stuck. But wagon still runs both ways."

"I appreciate it, Mr. Ironfist. But I'll make it here. Maybe I'll be ordering some stone slabs from you next time."

The dwarf grunted and twitched the reins as the wagon rolled on.

Freedom Town, thought Jethro. What a pretentious name. A few square miles of well-irrigated potato fields, populated by desperate scoundrels and men without hope, surrounded by hordes of hostile orcs. Only a rogue or a fool would come here by choice. I'm looking forward to it.

Caln's attention is caught by the dwarf driven wagon as it comes to a stop just inside the town gates. He overhears the conversation between the dwarf and the...uh...sort of gnomish looking fellow. The mention of the Sheriff looking for help makes up his mind to approach the 'gnome.'

Well met fellow traveller. My name is Caln of Ravengro in the County of Canterwall in Ustalav. Blessings of the Lady Pharasma on you. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with the wagon master. I too am new to Freedom Town but in my case my Lady has sent me visions instructing me to come to the place and seek out the Sheriff as he will need help for the test that is coming. Perhaps we could visit him together?

Caln wonders at the strange appearance of the creature in front of him. However, all mortals come to the Lady so his appearance does not matter

How many spots are still available, and when is the cut-off?

Silver Crusade

I am interested in playing this game. I've decided to make a Fighter (Tactician), a more Leader Type style fighter rather than a pure combat/feat style fighter. My character is Runa Volundr, a mercenary commander from Ustalav. A skilled solider, she is honorable but is not judgmental at who she works for so long as its a legitimate authority of the region and the pay is fair. She has ended up in Freedom Town as there has been a call for competent warriors and commanders to lead men and women into battle and monetary rewards have been promised for service. My character sheet is made for this character so feel free to look at it. If there is anything else you need, feel free to ask.

Grand Lodge

Wave to sunset....

to DM sunset and i are currently playing in a other campaign.

I volunteer for the job also.

I post a multiple times daily in all 6 PbP campaign.

I currently have no character idea as i usually like to round a party with something that is missing.

But i could also play a Samsaran Witch (hedge witch archetype) if you are ok with it.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Well, almost had my character finished. But since there are a lot of people interested, and I will have the one iffy week, I'll withdraw myself so that someone else has less competition.

Have fun, it sounds like it will be a good campaign!

Hail and well met, Caln. Jethro straightened up to his full four feet, sweeping off his broadbrimmed cavalry hat. I am Jethro, scholar, traveller, and goliard,... of Varisia, I suppose. Or more recently Lastwall. Or the Kodar Mountains. Anywhere, really.

Wonderful. A priest, no doubt burning with the zeal of a thousand burning,.... er, things that burn. Have to work on that line before I use it aloud.

Two days travelling across nothing but hop gardens, and the first thing he thinks of when he hits town is a job interview?

It is indeed an honor to meet you. Perhaps, though, we might take a few minutes to relax in the cool and shade of a local inn? I'm sure the Sheriff will still be there. ... and will probably appreciate it if I don't smell like a basilisk. I understand that the beer in this town is quite good, and we may be able to pick up some of the local news as well.

For DM Frogfoot

Stats and Stuff:
Strength 12
Dexterity 11
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

Domains Healing Repose

Orisons - Create water; Light; Detect magic
First Level - Summon Monster I; Bless; Cure Light Wounds

Domain Abilities Rebuke Death; Gentle Rest

Feats Selective Channeling; Turn Undead

Traits World Traveler; Undead Slayer

Skills Heal +8; Sense Motive +8; Knowledge Religion +4; Knowledge Local +4

Equipment Dagger; Morningstar; Light Crossbow; Bolts x 20; Scale-mail; Flint & Steel; Rope (Silk); Torch x 3; Holy Symbol of Pharasma; Backpack; Water Skin

Money 5gp

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Jethro, it is a pleasure to meet you. I think that the Goddess would not begrudge a brief break before meeting the Sheriff. I will gladly accompany you.

Goddess forgive me for the delay. I have a feeling that this Jethro will have an important role to play in what is to come

Jethro, my apologies if this inquiry seems rude, but I have to admit in my studies I have never come across a, uh, fellow traveller that matches your description. You have the coloring I would associate with a Gnome but you are, uh, much bigger than any gnome I have ever heard of. Pray tell, can you share your lineage?

Dark Archive

Here's the character I made up-- still hoping to get some answers to my questions, but I had some time to kill. Ausk is a half-orc ranger who's going to be taking the skirmisher archetype and going down the two-handed combat style feat tree.

I imagine him as an archetypal western protagonist, someone like John Marston (Red Dead Redemption), William Munny (Unforgiven), Dan Evans (3:10 to Yuma). He has principles and a bone to pick.

As for my posting schedule, I can post pretty reliably every day, but only the mornings on weekends and mondays.

No need for anyone to withdraw their applications just yet. I won't be closing recruitment until next Saturday or when I find 6 party members that I'm impressed with, whichever happens first. Guys who are accepted, I will open a discussion thread shortly for introduction roleplay purposes...until then, I like your ready willingness to RP, but keep the recruitment thread for prospectives, please.

I don't make final decisions on applicants until I see a paragraph blurb about their history. Keep up the great ideas folks, I like what I see so far.

Char up all running behind the pic

like i said i post multiple times a day

I'm okay with that witch archetype.

I like what I see so far, Ausk. Keep in mind, though - if your features are overtly orcish, you're going to be up against a pretty high amount of ill-will from the community. Roving bands of orcs are among the single highest causes of death in Freedom Town. I still like your character and encourage you to write up a backstory, just be aware of that. Tributes to the orcs are a long-established tradition to the weather-beaten Freedom Town residents, but it only occasionally works as intended.

Tholozzan, write up a backstory blurb and we'll see if we can get you in or not.

Runa, I like your character, but I want just a little more from your backstory blurb please. If you have soldiering in your background, from Ustalav, what caused you to take up adventuring in foreign lands? Just a question I wanted answered when I looked at your application.

Marco, as soon as I see a backstory blurb for your reason for being in Freedom Town/ who you are, I'll make a decision re: your rogue.

Arwen, I like it. You're in. I'm going to have to have to get over my inclination to think of Arwen as a girl's name, though - Tolkien ruined that for me. ;)

Dark Archive

You didn't see my background? It's under the alias, near the bottom. I tried to explain the reason why he's more accepted: He's a long-term upstanding member of the community. Been there about 10 years as one of the sheriff's deputies-- not sure if that meshes with your ideas, but if it don't, I'll change some on my end (with some input on the best direction to go in).

Oh, strike me pink. When I first looked at your profile, I didn't see any kind of background. Since then a backstory has been added and I must say, I like it. You're in, Ausk.

Currently accepted submissions:

Ausk Ja'el Gunn, two-handed ranger
Arwen McLyntier, barbarian
Jethro, summoning-specialized sorcerer
Caln, cleric of Pharasma

Two (possibly three if I'm feeling reckless) spots remain!

Arwen => Old Scottish name... (used more for girls later on but at the beginning was used for both)

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The Past:
Five years ago
"Chief Korchag said wait here, little cubs," the warrior said, kicking Hakiri back into the tent with the other children. She lay gasping on the ground, holding her side, feeling a cracked rib and then pushing herself up before she could even catch her breath before the others decided kicking her was a fun game. No cub of the Bloodfang Clan survived childhood if they let anything as insignificant as a broken rib keep them on the ground.

The Bloodfangs were fighting another column of knights from Lastwall, who marched bolding into Belkzen to make war on the tribes. The warrior guarding the tent, the one who had kicked her, was named Maharg. He had been left with the cubs because he was a bootlicker who did what Korchag told him to, no matter how dishonorable. He was the kind of orc who would rather live than rage, and the cubs how the others treated him. Lower than a human, even, for humans were at least worthy foes. So Maharg watched the cubs while the true orcs of Bloodfang ran under the stars to fight their enemies.

The trumpets sounded, too close, and the roar of the Bloodfang charge. Hakiri opened the flap of the tent, and saw Maharg watching the ridge. She could hear the clash of arms and see the orange glow of fire behind the hills, and then she saw steel glinting in the starlight. The knights had sent another column to take the Bloodfang in the rear. Just as she realized it, Maharg grunted, an arrow appearing in his chest. He began to draw his axe, but another arrow struck him and he fell.

The thunder of hooves on the ground was racing closer, and flaming arrows arced across the sky towards the camp. Hakiri clenched her teeth and watched as they fell, some falling harmlessly to the ground, others landing on tents, setting fires. The cubs and the elders, mothers and other necessary weak could not stand against them, and though it shamed her, Hakiri ran. Darkness was the orcs' friend, too, as well as fury and their stonehard souls.


The next night, she found the warriors of the tribe, left to rot at the ford where they had been ambushed. She took what weapons she could carry from the dead, and followed the stars that wandered westward. She shed no tears for the fallen, but set her heart to survival. Vengeance would come, but not until she was stronger. To the west was a place that was called Freedom Town in the language of humans. As she understood, it was a kind of tribe for those who had no tribe.


Freedom Town wasn't quite what she had hoped, and it hadn't lived up to its name. She sat in the small cell and waited for the rat. She had tried to find a place here, but they said she was too young to be a fighter. They said they couldn't trust her to fight other orcs, as though every orc were somehow of her tribe. She gave no sign that she understood their words, but set about proving them wrong, until one said that an orc girl with no tribe had no honor. Him, she killed to prove her honor, and the others she had to kill to defend herself.

"So you've got at least an orc's sense of honor," the rat said. Marshall Oswald, the rat, had broken up the fight and thrown her in this cell. "And I could use someone who fights like you. Where is your tribe?"

"Dead," she said, and told him her story.

"You'll do," the rat said, and opened the cell.


Hakiri Bloodfang
Orc Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist) 1
CN Medium Humanoid (orc)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +4
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 16 (1d12+4)
Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +0
Defensive Abilities ferocity
Weakness light sensitivity
Speed 40 ft.
Melee Javelin +2 (1d6+5/x2) and
. . Javelin +2 (1d6+5/x2) and
. . Javelin +2 (1d6+5/x2) and
. . Javelin +2 (1d6+5/x2) and
. . Javelin +2 (1d6+5/x2) and
. . Longspear +6 (1d8+7/x3) and
. . Nodachi +6 (1d10+7/18-20/x2)
Special Attacks rage (7 rounds/day)
Str 20, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 5
Base Atk +1; CMB +6; CMD 17
Feats Power Attack -1/+2
Skills Acrobatics +4 (+8 jump), Climb +4, Escape Artist +0, Fly +0, Perception +4, Ride +0, Stealth +0, Survival +4, Swim +4
Languages Common, Orc
SQ fast movement +10
Other Gear Studded leather armor, Javelin, Javelin, Javelin, Javelin, Javelin, Longspear, Nodachi, 55 GP
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Ferocity (Ex) Fight without penalty even while disabled or dying.
Light Sensitivity (Ex) Dazzled as long as they remain in bright light.
Power Attack -1/+2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage (7 rounds/day) (Ex) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.

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That's a really cool character right there! but I'm thinking it might suffer from some of the stuff our kind GM here brought up in regards to my character.

Why would we keep you around instead of killing you? You're a dangerous insane person. You killed someone randomly. Why didn't the sheriff hang you?

Would like to submit Gryndar Grogslayer to this 'ere journey of yours.

Pay mind and give heed tho, I aint ever played PbP before - but I sure am keen on learning and doing my best.

I can post multiple times a day, I'll be sure to read up on rules as we go along and I sure am hungry for some good old fashioned adventure.

Statistics and Background are in the profile, but I'll post his background here as well:


He sure did love to sit outside the sheriff's office, leaned well far and back on a weathered old chair - chewing on whatever the youngsters where chewing on at this time of year. Occasionally he would glance down at the badge decorating his tattered beige shirt, as it reflected the evening suns hot rays - smiling for just a second when no one was looking. The young dwarf took great pride in his employment as deputy for Marshall Oswald and often cleaned his badge with an old cloth he kept in his left pocket. Had to keep it sparkly he did.

As time passed in Freedom Town, Gryndar would let thoughts of his unknown family and clan slip into his mind - though he would quickly collect himself when he realized what he was doing. He had never known and would never know his family, as his clan was long dead and gone. Perhaps he longed for his clan, in a sense, though he had accepted the fact that his foster parents where humans and not dwarves. Brynn, Gryndar's fosterfather, had explained how Orcs had invaded his ancestral home when he was but a babe - and that they found him in the back of their caravan after leaving the hold only hours before the invaders arrived. They where young back then, 45 years ago, and he would quickly become teary eyed as he realized he would live on without them for many, many years to come.

Perhaps that is why Gryndar wanted to become a deputy. Perhaps a true death by gun or blade would lead him him back to his parents and his clan. He shook his head, "Nay - such thoughts are not meant for a youngin'." and stared down on his badge as he usually would. "There's a duty in these pieces o' metal and a job to be done; safety doesn't come cheap in Freedom Town - but I got the best currency right here." - He twirled his Hand-held crossbow and smirked, clearly enjoying his own skill at such trivial and somewhat childish pastime.

He stood no taller nor wider than most dwarves of his age, his long brown beard had grown full and wild - as had his hair - and he wore it proudly with golden locks and braids. He carried a miner's goggles on his head, keeping his flowing hair at bay. He wore a large belt with an even larger beltbuckle, where pouches and a sheath for both dagger and crossbow hung all proper. His bolts where on his left hip, opposite of dagger and crossbow both. Gryndar wore brown leather boots perfect for concealing a stealer's steps and matching leather gloves. Folk would say the youngling had more the traits of a rogue than a fighter and his sight was keen and true, better than most. "You can tell him a lie and wink at his eye, but aint many can match his wit!" some patrons would often claim at the tavern.

"There be a time and a place for lies, fellar - but it aint here and it aint now - if ye kinna' sport the wit to sell it."

I would like to submit Urdan Stoneblood an Oread Inquisitor of Desna.

That first year after his father died had been difficult, he wandered Lastwall, never staying long in one place. At least he had his father's glaive to protect himself from those who didn't keep their views about him to themselves. Even now each time grasped the weapon he could feel his father's hands showing him how to hold it that first time. People considered him odd, his skin looked more like stone than flesh, his voice loud, like a rumble of the earth.

After that first year of wandering he encoutered a holy man, a cleric of desna and while urdan's faith was strong he did not have the disposition to be a cleric. His gifts led him to the Inquisitor's life, purging those who opposed the faith of desna mostly those who would harm travellers.

Urdan continued his wandering always travelling with a group, merchants or pillgrims mostly, always looking for those who would harm travellers. His travels lead him beyond the lastwall to Freedom Town where he has stayed aiding the local law with bandits.

Lvl 1 elf (Tytheri ) soul weaver (wizard archtype) stats
str 10
dex 13 (11+2)
con 10 (12-2)
int 20 (18+2)
wis 10
cha 10
ac 11, hp 6, opposing schools abjuration, necromancery and enchantment and alignment LN
favored class benefit 1 extra skillpoint per lvl
spells grease and burning hands
skillpoints 8 per lvl knowledge arcana, knowledge the planes, knowledge religion, knowledge nature, knowledge history, spellcraft, use magic device and diplomacy.
feat constellation focus (mage)
traits peace maker and ghost sight
equipment wizards kit (21 gp), staff and the free outfit scholar’s outfit.

The elves are actually a group of three races not two. The elves, drow and the Tytheri most know the story of the first two, the third group the Tytheri however remain a mystery. For they knew that the event called “Starfall” would occur. The Tytheri to escape the coming disaster secreted themselves into the void where the spirits rested. However in doing so they became spirits themselves, unable to return to their homeland, what is now known as the Hold of Belkzen. However one of their number Krin Kelinast escaped the disaster due to the fact that he was put to rest in an ancient tomb deep beneath the hold. He does not know why he was put into that deep ageless slumber, but he has pieced together some of what has occurred since he awoke ten years ago. Now he hunts for answers and a way to bring his people back to their homeland, however this will not be easy.

For one thing the humans of Lastwall are known for their superstitions including their absolute, seething hatred of spirit binders. Their can be no compromise with Lastwall the humans must be driven out so that the Tytheri might bring back their ancient empire. For the entire Tytheri race is skilled in the arts of spirit binding and should they be restored to flesh and blood victory against both the humans and the demons of the worldwound. Now Krin Kelinast makes his way to Freedom Town to look for work to tide him over as he searchs for clues…

Krin is a 5.4 feet tall elf with pale white skin, long flowing black hair and piercing eyes that are multiple colors. He Is generally reserved and diplomatic in his dealings, however with citizens of Lastwall especially paladins and clerics he is prone to attack on sight. Above all else he seeks to restore the Tytheri empire no matter the cost, if the entire city of Lastwall must be burned and its inhabitants killed so be it.

You said pretty much anything was allowed so I hope you like spirit binding, the info can found at this link

Marco's Background is up in his profile. Thank you for the consideration.

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