DM-Camris' SAVAGE TIDE: Chapter 3, The Savage Kraken's Wake! (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

Bodyguards to Lady Vanderboren, our heroes have refurbished an old pirate ship just in time to embark on a fateful voyage south.
Trapped in an awakened Sargasso, they seek the heart of it to escape!
"With sloping masts and dipping prow,
As who pursued with yell and blow
Still treads the shadow of his foe,
And forward bends his head,
The ship drove fast, loud roared the blast,
The southward aye we fled."

-Coleridge "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner"

Sargasso Overview Map
Roll20 Combat Map

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When Annie goes back to the Parrot, she is warmly greeted by a chorus of “ANNIE!” They all congratulate you on your success, your new pet cat (“He’s a big pussy cat!”, attempts to pet), your rise in the world… Annie’s mother also greets her warmly, though she urges her to move out of that dangerous mansion (“What with all the mad noblewomen and savage half-orcs…”)

By the upkeep rules and Lavinia’s increase in pay, you now have the “Extravagant” lifestyle.

Lavinia takes one glance at the locket with Vanthus’ picture, and then tosses it in the fireplace, along with the portrait hanging in the Dining Room. She clears out Vanthus’ old room and gives it to Ghirrak, if he wants it. While she still wants Vanthus brought to justice, there is no trace of him during the months that follow, and her revenge sinks to a low simmer.

When Spinnaker Jon mounts his expedition to salvage the ship abandoned in the smugglers cove, you find that the remaining savage creatures had died off, as their violent natures sent them into constant battles with the dangerous creatures of the region. They are all gone, and all that remains of their passing is an empty sea cave littered with well gnawed bones.

Consultation with sages and libraries in Sasserine provide little insight into the nature of what occurred at Kraken’s Cove, and the stories you all spread quickly become part of the region’s rumor-haunted tradition.

Lavinia continues to have a difficult time with the Nobility, though she conceals much of it from you. Others in the Merchants district and Champions cartel are more welcoming.
Nevertheless, she is more isolated nowadays; you often see her reading her parents logs of their travels and poring over the maps they made before they died.

Bindlplotz disappears from public view; you hear that he is holed up with a gonnesmith, working on more of those alchemical fire contraptions.

Spinnaker Jon is very proud of the little Caravel salvaged from the smugglers, and urges you all to chip in and become co-owners. Though, if you weren’t interested, you could also sell it for a pretty penny.

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

Annie sees Lavinia's situation and feels for her. She does everything she can to rouse support for her patron. As she is a cleric for Cayden Cailean and used to work in the poorer districts of town, this is of limited assistance in Lavinia's relationship with the nobles in town, but Annie always speaks hightly of her patron's honor, intelligence and generosity in an attempt lessen her stigma.

Can Annie attempt a diplomacy check?

[b]"Bindlplotz mumbles something about his guns, and needing repairs, and perhaps a few changes as he wanders off, and finding his own in a basement."[/ooc]

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Bryson-cat will allow anyone that Annie actually seems to like to pet him. Though any guy that gets flirty will be given one warning growl before getting clawed a little.

Bryson will become a co-owner as Jon suggests.

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

I had sort of assumed Annie's mother was dead, though looking back at my sheet, i don't see that anywhere...

Annie buys a round of drinks for everyone, hoping to keep her contacts and information network intact in the city, despite the new circles she runs in. "Yes, he's large. He's not a pet though...I think 'friend' is more appropriate. Approach him with respect, please. He'll let you know if your attentions are not appreciated, but he's really a good companion, and quite good with people." She grins, half at the half truths she utters, half at the ridiculous situation. She looks down at Bryson. "Would you like fish? Some roast?" She tries to determine if he has a preference she should order for him.

Annie will help Jon in his ventures. Having a ship as an alternate job helps her feel more secure. let me know if it costs anything, I haven't done spending yet.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Bryson mews for fish.

Annie spends an enjoyable night at her old Tavern, talking with old co-workers and regulars. Bryson is petted and offered much fish, and milk too.

Dgrim takes the time to forge and enchant a new set of full plate armor; his family, though disapproving of his profession, seem to be proud of him in spite of it. Annie hears of it at the Tavern.

Spinnaker Jon takes a few days to make very sure that the three-masted Caravel the party recovered is legally considered salvage and theirs free and clear.

Mooring it at a Vanderboren slip, he has a couple of old friends installed to make sure it's not stolen and to start refitting, starting with getting rid of the old pirate sails.
It looks as if the ship had many names over the years, the most recent being "The Sea Wyvern". She served as a pirate ship for the last twenty years, the set of sails it came with showed stylized figures of a Wyvern, it's tail poised to sting. Even it's figurehead is a Wyvern, poised to take flight.

Wanting to rename it, to distinguish her new life from her old pirate ways, he asks the rest of the party what they'd like to name it.

Half-Orc Monk 7 (Sacred Mountain)

Ghirrak alternates his time between establishing contacts amonggst Zelkarune's horns and other Champions district connections, and providing comfort and support for Lavinia.

He trains at other times, developing powerful defensive techniques and intensifying his bond with his friends.

Retraining throw anything with Blood Vengence


After several months of down time, Lavinia sends an invitation to you all to an informal lunch.

During the downtime, you have noticed that Lavinia has had some trouble dealing with the other nobility, what with her Brother found to be in organized crime, her revelation that the Kellani family was also connected (which prompts them to act against her in financial circles), and her aberrant shacking up with half-orc! And a gladiator as well! (all said with a sneer, but not to your face). Because of this, she had become more distant and reclusive lately.

When you arrive, you notice that the current atmosphere of Vanderboren Manor gives the place a busy, vibrant feel. Not only has Lavinia retained several workers to repair the damage done to the manor during the bullywug attack, but as her fortunes slowly recover, she’s hired a new staff of servants to tend to the manor’s needs.

When you arrive, you find Lavinia in the main dining room, pawing over a number of nautical maps, sea charts, and a large journal you may recognize from her family vault. She gives you a smile and invites you all to sit. She seems more upbeat than you've seen her in a while.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Bryson makes sure his robes are free of dirt before he goes in. He doesn't like it when Toreeni, the new maid, yells at him. He goes to the rear entrance, the one leading to the kitchen, as he usually does and greets the other servants. Until today, most didn't realize he was anything more than the gardener.

He greets Lavinia warmly, happy to see her in good spirits. "Look at what Annie made for me." Showing off his belt. "Ain't it the grandest thing?"

Male Dwarf Shielded Fighter 5

"Why don't we name it Savage Kraken as a testament to our ventures together?" How much does it cost to fix the ship?


Dgrim is delighted to see Lady Lavinia again, and he arrives hoping and expecting to see her in a better mood than she's been lately. The presence of staff working on the Vanderboren manor seems to confirm his expectations as he enters and looks for the hostess. He finally finds her in the dining room, and when Dgrim sees the maps and charts, he becomes suspicious. "You invited us here for more than lunch, didn't you?"

Bryson wrote:

"Look at what Annie made for me." Showing off his belt. "Ain't it the grandest thing?"

Lavinia looks over Annies work and admires it.

"Annie, your skill is amazing!"

Dgrim wrote:

"You invited us here for more than lunch, didn't you?"

Lavinia winks at you and passes a stein of arguably the most magificent lager you have ever tasted.

Once you are all present and have whatever light refreshment you might desire, Lavinia stands up and waves her hand.

“Wecome! I’m glad you are all here.” She holds up the Journal.
“Do you recall this Journal? From my family vault? As it happens, it was my mothers.” She pauses, recalling her parents with a smile.
“My parents, gods rest their souls, were brave; foolish and rash some would say, but I have never been one to criticize an adventurous spirit. On the contrary—“ She casts a wry smile at you all and squeezes Ghirrak’s hand. “I admire it.”

“In any event, it would seem that about four years ago, my parents undertook a risky endeavor. They sailed the Blue Nixie, along with a ship full of colonists, down south and across the Vohoun Ocean to a place they refer to as the Isle of Dread.”

“You may have heard of this place—if you haven’t, it seems apparent from reading my mother’s journals that the place is aptly named. A jungle-covered hell infested with immense reptilian monsters, feral savages, and peril at every turn. Yet the southern peninsula remains relatively sheltered from the menaces on the isle mainland, and it was here, among the villages of several friendly locals, that my parents founded the colony of Farshore.”

“The Isle of Dread represents an untapped trove of resources—exotic lumber, spices, animals, foods, and even minerals like silver and gold. Once Farshore was up and running, the influx of trade would have guaranteed my family a relatively uncontested flow of wealth. Yet before mother and father were able to return to Farshore with supplies and more colonists…” She falters for a moment. “My brother made his move and left me in the state you found me in a few short months ago.”

Lavinia indicates her mother’s Journal. “Since we recovered this journal, I have not been idle. If Farshore fails, then my parents’ last legacy fails. I intend to carry on their work, and have planned for a journey south to the Isle of Dread to resupply and join the colonists at Farshore for the rest of the year. I have the Blue Nixie readying in the harbor to take fresh supplies to the colony, but I find myself a vessel short.”

Lavinia’s face breaks into a glowing grin as she continues.
“You wouldn’t happen to know of anyone with stout hearts who might be interested in helping me mount this expedition, do you? I fear the journey itself might grow dangerous at times, and there’s no way of knowing what state or condition Farshore is currently in, but I suspect that danger is a vice you have.”

Half-Orc Monk 7 (Sacred Mountain)

Ghirrak chuckles quietly, returning the squeeze with one of his own.

"Vice..that's one way to put it. How about terminally allergic to the mundane?" he grins at his companions.

The half orc's clothing, while still simple is of a much higher quality fabric, rich to the eye. A silver periapt sits atop his strong brow, a star sapphire occasionally winking in the light.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

"Sure, ah guess. It could be nice to see someplace new and diff'rnt. Can I take a look at your ma's book?"

Lavinia will gladly lend the Journal to those who would like to read it. To read it completely through is a task of 30 hours total.

Male Human Bard L4 (Seasinger) | AC 17 (T14FF13) | HP 28/28 | Saves: F2R7W5 | Init: +3 | Perc: +5 | Bard Perf: 13/13 | Status: Normal

Spinnaker Jon stands.
"Aye milady, as it happn's, we do know o' a good ship n' crew, if'n ye'll have us."

Male Dwarf Shielded Fighter 5

"When do you intend to leave?" Dgrim asks.

Lavinia explains that she intends to take her ship, the Blue Nixie, and yours to sea in three weeks to meet the most optimum sailing window of the season. She will load several tons of supplies and settlers for Farshore, divided between the two ships. The rest of your hold will be food and water for the voyage.

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

Annie blushes a bit at Lavinia's praise, though she tries to hide it. "Thank you, my lady. I can bespell simple magical items, if you have need of anything."

Annie listened intently to Lavinia's tale, and nodded as Bryson asked to read the journal. She would want to look too. She had a large pile of gold she hadn't used herself yet, and could use it to purchase items that would be helpful on this voyage.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

[b]"When do we leave?"/[b]

During the next three weeks, Lavinia's docks are a whirlwind of activity as both the Blue Nixie and the hero's new ship are refitted and loaded with cargo for Farshore and consumables for the voyage.

After making Spinnaker Jon Captain, he somehow finagles a complete outfitting of second hand spars, sails, cordage and the rest of a ships proper supplies out of the money you all pooled. He oversees the construction of a powder magazine space for Bindlplotz' experimental alchemical contraptions, as well as the mounting of two Ballistae on the fore and aft hardpoints, and a catapult on the maindeck on a rotating base.

Each of the ships partners (that's you) is assigned a small windowless cabin aft on the lower deck; the space reminds you of a nicely sized closet. However, you are living in luxury (having a room to yourself) compared to the passengers and crew, who live in communal spaces forward of the mainmast. The 15 passengers have bunks three high, while forward of that the crew sling hammocks when they sack out to sleep; though in good weather they will sprawl out on deck as well.

As the new passengers trickle aboard, you (assuming you are present somewhere on the dock or aboard) hear a ruckus. Voices are raised in arguement...

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

Annie makes her way quickly above deck and looks around for the source of the noise.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Bryson is busy trying to see everything as the crew is doing the ship's final preparations. He tries to not be any trouble, but can't seem to stay out of the crew's way. One can hear their collective sigh of relief when Annie comes up and he goes over to stand next to her.

Up on deck, you find First Mate Amella Venkalie engaged in a “vigorous debate” with Lord Avner Meravachi.

In brief, Amella Venkalie. First Mate.
A slight but powerful woman with fine blonde hair tied neatly back from her forehead, Amella dresses to fight and sail rather than to please the eye.
A thin scar graces her right cheek.
Amella is rather foul mouthed, fond of uttering oaths only heard in the worst dockside taverns.
Confident, haughty, and astute, she does not suffer fools gladly.
She makes few attachments, having buried one husband—

Knowledge (Local) DC20:
A dashing sea captain named Heldram Flashwell. They once ran a smuggling operation some distance from Port Sasserine, but were betrayed by a group of shifty gnomes led by a treacherous cur named Shortstone Badgewell—it was this cruel gnome who murdered her husband.

In brief, Lord Avner Meravachi scion of the Meravachi clan.
A tall, good looking man with a sharp moustache. He always dresses in the latest fashion of fine noble clothing.
He has a ready smile, charming and gracious. By all accounts helpful and brave as well.
He does have a reputation as a rake, even occasionally escorting two women at a time to the Opera (to the disapproval of Society).
He has fought the occasional duel as well (though nothing up to Arena standards).
Knowledge (Local) DC20 or Knowledge (Nobility) DC10:

But you’ve heard darker rumors about him, tales of underage maidens, promises of marriage unfulfilled at the altar, and so forth. Probably exaggerated.

You know that Lavinia was unable to finance her expedition on her own. She made a deal with Zebula Maravanchi to share the cost, if she would also carry his son Avner to Farshore to be his business Factor when trade opens up.
Knowledge (Nobility) DC15:

Rumor has it that Zebula needs to get Avner out of town quickly, Avner having gotten a girl from another noble family pregnant, before he embarrasses the family. Again!


From the argument you’ve heard so far, the young lord Meravanchi just showed up, half an hour late, toting two unplanned servants, and insisting that his favorite mount (“Thunderstrike”, an obnoxiously arrogant steed) go along with him. So Amella, knowing his value to the expedition, is having the crew unbatten a cargo hatch, remove some cargo crates of food to make room and lower the horse down by crane. The horse doesn’t like it much, and starts kicking; crates and bulkheads start cracking and the crew are trying to wrestle him down below when the NEXT argument blows up.

Knowledge (Nature) or Survival DC12:

You have some concerns about the horse. He is certainly going to eat four times a human would, there is the danger of pestilence from his droppings (who's gonna clean that up?) and there is just no room to excercise on the ship, for a several month voyage.

Avner is insisting very loudly that he is NOT going to bunk with the regular passengers, and that he be escorted to his stateroom along with his servants. IMMEDIATELY. And you can see Amellas temper, never good to begin with, fray to the breaking point.

It is at this point the heroes arrive on deck…

Spinnaker Jon, Lavinia and the Jade Falcons are ashore dealing with the Harbormasters office at the moment.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

"Ooh! Ah think ah kin help here." Bryson goes over to Thunderstrike making soothing noises.
Handle Animal 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Wild Empathy 1d20 + 5 - 1 ⇒ (17) + 5 - 1 = 21
"Master Amella, ma'am, Nobleman Mer'vanch, this here stunning horse ain't gon' do well on this journey. Ah do my best. He'll live, but he gon' be sick by time we git there, he may not ever be the same, sir, ma'am." Then as an afterthought he adds, "Ah don't need that room. Nobleman Mer'vanch kin have it."

Half-Orc Monk 7 (Sacred Mountain)

Ghirrak quietly studies the nobleman seeking any ulterior motive in his disruption.

sense motive1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

Knowledge (local)- Amella:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21
Knowledge (local) - Meravachi:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Knowledge (nobility):1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17 (no ranks, cannot get above a DC 10)
Survival: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

Annie tries her best to smooth things over.

"Lord Meravachi! Welcome! Oh! I see you have...additional people with you. Well, we will do everything we can to accomodate you." She glances as Bryson as he offers up his own private room, and a mischevious light appears in her eyes for a moment, then she turns back to the nobleman. "I will take you to the most spacious room on the ship, which Master Deepwinter has so kindly offered for your comfort. Are you sure you wish to take your noble steed on such a difficult journey? Master Deepwinter is a wonder animals, but I worry for his health and safety, poor thing..." Annie keeps up the friendly chatter as she leads the Lord toward Bryson's room through the dark narrow corridor. She throws open the door and gestures grandly into the small space. "I understand you wish your servants to bunk with you in here. It might be a bit close, but I'm sure you can manage. This really is a very nice room - you won't find better!"

Diplomacy (using silver tongued haggler +2): 1d20 + 11 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 11 + 2 = 14

Annie begins to gather up Bryson's things as she's speaking, then ducks over a moment to dump everything in her room while Meravachi is still too stunned to say anything.

Dammit! Diplomacy rolls hate me! HOpefully someone's assisting...

Male Dwarf Shielded Fighter 5

Knowledge (local): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13
Knowledge (nobility): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
Knowledge (nobility): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6


Avner seems perfectly sincere in everything he says.

As Bryson murmurs into Thunderstrike's ear, the horse gradually stops kicking and calms down.
When Bryson explains what is likely to happen to Thunderstrike in time, a peculiar expression crosses Avner's face. He waives the hoisting operation to a halt and caresses his horse gently.

Sense Motive DC20:

You are witnessing possibly the only thing Avner ever really loved.

He steps back and clears his throat.
"Yes. Well. Perhaps yon stable boy is correct. He is a very expensive piece of horseflesh after all. You there Venkali! Get my horse out of that dank cesspit!"
Amella's face turns red as she snatches a belaying pin out of its rack and is about to do something rash before she is intercepted by a couple of sailors.
Avner pitches a hapenny to Bryson. "For your services boy. Be a good lad and take Thunderstrike back up to the Meravanchi stables."

At Annies suggestion, he seems somewhat mollified; right up until he is shown the five by ten cabin space.
"This isnt a cabin, it's a closet!" He shouts appalled. He begins to excoriate Annie in a very rude manner, but Father Feres steps in to support her.

Snapshot: Father Feres:

A slight bald figure with a fringe of white hair, he is middle aged, but spry.
He is a cloistered Cleric of Abadar, and dresses in a conservative cassock.
He is congenial, answers questions cheerfully but somewhat distant; as if he is contemplating something weighty. A point of Theology at variance to orthodoxy perhaps.

After what seems like a long, long time, Avner seems to run down and just retreats into his cabin, slamming the hatch. Father Feres goes to lie down for a while in his bunk (he has a massive headache).

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 15

Annie sympathized with Fathr Feres as she massaged her temples in the narrow corridor and closed her eyes. At least when she was dealing with a hangover, she'd had some fun that precipitated the misery. She'd have to do better to keep Lord Narcissist happy on this journey. His father was too important to Lavinia's mission, she didn't want to cause Lavinia's mission any distress by failing to keep the spoiled lordling in check.

She sighed and began to make her way back to her little closet, but stumbled over Bryson's belongings. She stopped and stared at them for a second, then recovered her usual smile. She rearranged things for a few minutes to make room in the cramped quarters so Bryson's things could be stacked neatly in a corner, then went back above deck.

Once there, she meandered over to Bryson. "It was very kind of you to give up your room for that puffed up boy. And I'm glad you were able to spare the horse the stress of this voyage. He's going to be trouble...but once we're off, he won't be able to cause Lavinia as many problems as he could by stomping off in a temper before we set sail." She paused a moment.

"Oh, and by the way, I moved your things into my room."

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Bryson spoke to the horse for a short time and begins to led Thunderstrike off. He happens to see a friend and pays him to take the fine steed home. With nothing better to do, he returns to where he was standing with Annie.
She returns a short time later.

"It was very kind of you to give up your room for that puffed up boy. And I'm glad you were able to spare the horse the stress of this voyage. He's going to be trouble...but once we're off, he won't be able to cause Lavinia as many problems as he could by stomping off in a temper before we set sail." She paused a moment.

"It was nothing. It's kinda what ah do. Ah am a druid you know. An ah probably wouldn't use the room much anyway."

"Oh, and by the way, I moved your things into my room."

"... Nobleman Mervanchi aint nothing to worry about. He makes a lot of noise but got no teeth." Bryson hides his blush behind his hair, but he can't cover his nervousness.

When Spinnaker Jon and Lavinia return from the Port Authority, Jon calls the ships passengers and crew on deck. Jon looks natty in his best coat and tricorn hat. Getting up on the quarterdeck, he addresses the ships company.

“I know yer all itching to get underway, but a couple ‘a things before we shove off. First off, lemme introduce the ships co-owners. Dgrim Urnidukar, Bryson Deepwinter, Ghirrak Ironfist, Annabel Vondergreer (but you can call her Annie), and me, Spinnaker Jon!”

The crew cheers enthusiatically, the passengers a little less so.

Jon leans back and whispers to you; ”Anyone want to say a few words? You’ll not find a better audience than right now.”

Male Dwarf Shielded Fighter 5

Dgrim corrects Bryson. "I know of Lord Zebula's son. The scoundrel may not have teeth, but he has a serpent's tongue. He'll need to be watched carefully." He then whispers back to Jon. "Haven't there been enough words already?"

Jon nods, then turns back to the audience.

"And last but not least, the ship naming! Our patron, Lady Lavinia Vanderboren will do the honors!"
Everyone turns to the bow, where Lavinia stands with a large magnum of sparkling wine. She holds it up with a smile and ceremoniusly swings it down to break over the bow; spilling the wine over the hull and into the water.
"I name thee, SAVAGE KRAKEN!" She shouts clearly over the applause of the passengers and the louder cheers of the crew (who had been feeling mighty superstitious over the lack of a name).

At the signal, Tavey Nask, the ships boy, pulls off the canvas cover of the new ships figurehead, revealing... a mermaid.
From Jon's face, you can tell he expected something else. Over the cheering, he leans over the rail and has a whispered conversation with the ships carpenter Barak Hammerfist.

Perception DC15:

"What's with the figurhead?"
"Well if our Captain hadn't waited 'till the last second, I could'a made something more appropriate. As it was I was lucky Tygott's Old Things had this one in stock."

With that Lavinia runs up the gangplank and over to the Blue Nixie. Amid the cheering and confetti of well wishers, family and fincancial backers, gangplanks are run in, lines unmoored and she shoves off. Her longboat tows her to mid channel before she unfurls her sails and gets under way in a fine ebbing tide. As she clears the channel, the Savage Kraken shoves off as well.

Right as the ship is about fifteen feet from the dock, you see there is a commotion coming through the crowd and a fast moving figure sails across the intervening space (a mighty impressive leap) to land on the railing. You see pulling himself over is the passenger named Skald.

"You cut it mighty close Mister Skald, a moment more and we would have left you ashore!" Observes Spinnaker Jon at the wheel. Skald can only nod as he sits and pants.

Perception DC20:

You see him glance back at the dock, where you note a number of unsavoury individuals had appeared in amongst the crowd. Could they have been following Skald?

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Perception 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (6) + 18 = 24

Perception 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (12) + 18 = 30
"Annie, you keep away from that one. He up to no good." whispers Bryson.

Female Human Cleric 6 {HP: 37 /37 AC: 21}

Perception (mermaid): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11
Perception (Skald): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

Annie looks carefully at unsavory character that were following Skald, trying to recognize them, or at least remember their faces for future consideration.

Knowledge (Local) to recognize unsavory characters: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17

She smiled and nodded at Bryson's warning, and whispered out of the corner of her mouth, "Stay close, then, I'm going to ask him a question quick." She pulled her waterskin from her side and stepped up to the panting Mister Skald.

"Here you go, you look a little parched," Annie offered with a sympathizing grin. "I've been up enjoying myself too much, too late a few times myself. Mornings can be hell." She shook her head. "And why is it that when I'm late, everything else that can go wrong always seems to!" Annie tries to persuade Mister Skald to open up a bit, and tries to read his intentions from his response.

Diplomacy (silver tongued haggler):1d20 + 11 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 11 + 2 = 15
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (9) + 12 = 21

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Bryson moves to stay close to Annie, but tries to appear to be non chalant.
Bluff 1d20 - 3 ⇒ (2) - 3 = -1
He's just no good at it though.

Annie or Knowledge (Local) DC20:

You don't know those unsavoury guys on the dock. Something about their manner of dress though... Out of towners, maybe?

Skald looks up at Annie, his face hard at first; then he seems to relax a bit and accept the waterskin. Taking a drink he nods at you and hands the skin back.
"Thank ye kindly ma'am. Sure its the truth; an' not just mornings either." he concludes softly, glancing back at the docks receeding behind the Kraken.


Other than he seems unders some kind of stress, you can't tell anything about his state of mind or intentions.

As the ship entered the main channel, Jon recalled the rowers and unfurled the sails for the first time. As he calls out a sea chanty, the crew hauls away at the sheets, and...

It's like magic. The ship comes alive under your feet as a strong breeze fills the sails. The ship heels a little, and she slowly picks up speed the Savage Kraken proceeds past Castle Teraknian, underneath the vast shadow of Teraknian's Arch, and finally enters the open sea of Jeklea Bay. You can see Spinnaker Jon unable to stop grinning as he guided the Kraken in the wake of the Blue Nixie.

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

"This gonna be the greatest adventure ever." Bryson can barely contain his excitment.

Half-Orc Monk 7 (Sacred Mountain)

Breathing deeply of the sea air, Ghirrak walk quitly to the prow of the ship, his sharp eyes locked on the Blue Nixie.

Over the next day, the passengers and crew slowly get into the rhythm of sea life; the ringing of the bell every half hour, the swaying of the deck as the ship wears about, the chanting of the sailors as they sweep down or haul away at the sheets.
Those passengers who want to help out are taught the basics of the sailors profession during the long stretches between tacks, and there's always some singing after dinner (though some of them are really bawdy).

During the second full day at sea, Spinnaker Jon notices some signal flag run up on the Nixie. He shouts for you all to come up on deck.
"Signal from the Nixie! Lord Meravanchi and the owners/officers of the Kraken are invited to dine aboard the Nixie tonight in one hour. Dress nicely."

At the appointed hour, the ships reduce sail and cruise very closely next to each other. A line is stretched between them and a bosun's chair hanging from a block is rigged so that passengers can be pulled across one at a time.

The Blue Nixie as a carrack, and so bigger and beamier than the Kraken, is rigged with a table on the quarterdeck with magic lanterns overhead. A fine spread is laid out for the invitees; basically Lavinia, Avner, your officers and you, the Nixies officers, and the Jade Falcons.

During the meal:

    *Avner flirts outrageously with Lavinia, who smoothly deflects his advances. Both Ghirrak and Tolin Kientai are clearly unhappy with this.
    *Kaskus Kiel, despite being a Jade Raven, eagerly engaged Bryson in conversation; Druids are rare enough that both enjoy the shop talk.
    *Spinnaker Jon flirts outrageously with Liamae, who smiles indulgently. But her eyes keep turning to Tolin with a worried look.
    *Zan Oldavan sits next to Annie and whispers wickedly funny remarks about the other guests to her.

Afterwards, Lavinia rises and calls for attention by tapping her wineglass. The table is cleared and Lavinia carefully unrolls a map.
>CLICK< to see the map.

She smiles wistfully.
"This map was made by my parents when they voyaged the the Isle of Dread and founded Farshore."
She points to Sasserine, then traces North and East from there to the tip of the penninsula.
"The first leg of the voyage we will be travelling Northeast across Jeklea Bay to the tip of "The Hook" and replenish at Fort Blackwell. This will be fairly straighforward, as the Bay is effectively owned by Port Sasserine."
Her finger turns South then West along the Amedio coast.
"After that, it will become more difficult. As you know, the Scarlet Brotherhood claims this entire region, and have taken over many of the forts that used to be Sasserines. We may be forced to fight our way through."
Her finger traces to the very Eastern tip of the Tamoachan penninsula.

Lavinia continues, her finger tapping the Eastern tip of the Tamoachan penninsula.
"We have reports from merchant captains that the Scarlet Brotherhood has established a blockade here; we won't be able to just fight our way through, we'll need a more subtle way."

Her finger traces South and West along the Amedio coast.
"From there we travel to Fort Greenrock and the monastary there."

Her finger traces Southwest until it hits the mouth of the Atikula river.
"Here we provision for the last time before cutting directly south."
Her finger traces South across the Vohoun Ocean to a large island in the south tropics.
"To the Isle of Dread, and Farshore!"

She leans back in her chair.
"What do you think?"

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

"What 'bout these islands here? We not stopping there?" Bryson points to the islands just below the sea monster.
It seems like you skipped over them.

Knowledge: Geography 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Lavinia frowns, following Brysons finger.
"Well, much of the Southern Ocean is unknown, but there are unreliable rumors of serious piracy going on there. I call it unreliable because we got the information from Scarlet Brotherhood sources.
"If true, the "pirates" may be a check to the Brotherhood's ambitions in the south, but that does not necessarily mean they are friends to us. I feel it best to hug the coast and avoid the isles altogether. We may be more at risk to savage Olmans that way, but I think it the lesser evil."

Knowledge (Geography)DC25:

You are aware that a town called Scuttlecove infests one of the islands there. A wretched sink of scum and villainy, its entire economy is dependent on the pirates who call it home. Dangerous to approach, even more dangerous to try to leave, most reputable people give it a wide berth.

Spinnaker Jon and Amella nod in agreement, but Avner and Tolin jump up and declare that no force in the Southern Ocean can possibly oppose the two vessels guarded by the Jade Falcons! Liamae and the Captain of the Blue Nixie looks on indulgently while Zan snickers under his breath.

Professor Forol points to the Tamoachan peninsula.
"Milady, I've heard that the ruins of an ancient Olman capital have been found in this region, and several expeditions are digging there, finding vasty ruins and mighty works of the ancients. Is there any way we could go there? At least in passing?"
Lavinia smiles in response.
"I suspected you would like to visit them Professor. And as they are the last reasonably safe port before running the blockade, we will be stopping there to reprovision. There should be enough time to see the sights before we leave there." The Professor is positively dancing with excitement!

Knowledge (Geography)DC15:

You are aware that the site of the expedition is about fifty miles before you reach the blockade. Oppressive weather, savage Olmen and Scarlet Brotherhood operations make the place a virtual fortress.

Perception DC25:

You hear a "crack" coming from the chilled wine in the stand off to one side (and are not considered surprised).

Male Dwarf Shielded Fighter 5

Dgrim still seems uneasy at sea. Being transported over to the Blue Nixie while hovering in the air only worsens his nausea before the feast, and his normally eager appetite for food and drink is easily sated as he picks at his meal.

Geography: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
Geography: Take 10 = 15

It would be a fascinating place to visit...the Tamoachan peninsula, but Olmen savages still dwell there, and the heat and humidity is brutal. The Scarlet Brotherhood has a strong presence there, as well. If you're willing to brave the conditions and dangers, Professior, I'll explore the ruins with you."

Half Fiend Half Elf Druid 7| HP 82/82| AC 22 (25), FF 19 (22), Touch 14| Fo +9 Re +5 Wi +10| Init +3| Percep +21| Wildshape 2/2

Perception 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (3) + 18 = 21

Bryson asks Kaskus what he thinks about having a garden on the ship? Does he have any ideas or suggestions?

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