Crya's Twilight

Game Master DragonBlood472

A dragonmarked heir to House Lyrandar seeks her own horizons, but must balance her allegiance to her house and her yearning to uncover darker secrets hidden in her bloodline.


  • Kiva d'Lyrandar- half-elf sorcereress/rogue, dragonmarked heir of Lyrandar
    XP 8,365
  • K'exik Alezara- aquatic elf cleric, guide to Xen'drik
    XP 18,365

    Notable NPCs

  • Malikepestrix- blue dragon, tyrant of the Thunder Sea

    Crew of the Roc's Talon airship

  • Captain Thariv d'Lyrandar- captain of the Roc's Talon airship, dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar
  • Ethaniel ir'Lyrandar- first mate of the Roc's Talon
  • Silloene d'Lyrandar- dragonmarked sailor
  • Balthazar "the Binder" d'Lyrandar- dragonmarked sailor
  • Ivello d'Lyrandar- dragonmarked sailor
  • Alain Lyrandar- airship sailor
  • Tamriel Lyrandar and Zamuriel Lyrandar "Tam and Zam"- sailors
  • Greff Velderan, Mia Lyrandar, Nikolas Flint- sailors and finders
  • Barnabas Gelt- ship's cook

    Passengers of the Talon

  • Zain ir'Perryn and Gild- scholar and bodyguard
  • Garrk- finder
  • Irid d'Tharashk- finder
  • Gobs- finder
  • Denovan ir'Tyran "Three Dragon Denovan"- gambler
  • The Fire Family- Wang, Kozan, Sapphire- Karrnathi travelers
  • Evangeline Hemdren- Morgrave student
  • Hath- Droaam shaman
  • Dorien and Idris ir'Slate- Mror travelers
  • Talzin Brockwell and Sveer- opportunists


    Elven- Welsh
    Draconic- Latin
    Sahuagin- Greek


  • 10th Eyre- Kiva boards the Roc's Talon in Sharn, headed for Stormreach in Xen'drik. Met emissary K'exik Alezara of the Thunder Sea. The day passes as the Talon sails south, Kiva meets the crew and the majority of the airship's passengers. There are rumors about the constant storms in the Thunder Sea, but Kiva is unable to pinpoint anything of import. After dinner, Kiva is summoned on deck to find that the airship has reached storms early in the vessel's three day voyage. As the entire crew helps to run the ship through the storm, water elementals appear on deck and attack. Kiva and K'exik soon discover their master- a wand-wielding water mephit. K'exik's rage ends the mephit before questioning, and Kiva catches a glimpse of some large creature watching the Talon from the cover of the storm.
  • 11th Eyre- Kiva awakens to find the Roc's Talon in a torrent of gossip about the events of the previous evening. She is questioned by many of the crew and passengers about her theories of the matter. She meets with Evangeline Hemdren, discussing the nature of the Draconic Prophecy, as well as a minotaur of Droaam. Intending to return to speak with Evangeline, Kiva and K'exik find her room in disarray, with signs of a bloody struggle. Investigation leads to the storage level of the airship, where Evangeline is with her former paramour Talzin Brockwell- who upon discovering Kiva, reveals his werewolf nature. Evangeline ejects Talzin from the ship after a struggle. Returning to the captain, Kiva explains that Evangeline was attacked and Talzin went overboard. Questioning Sveer proves the gnoll knew little of his companion, but yields a tie with Brockwell to the criminal organization of House Tarkanan in Sharn- and a note from the woman who claims to be Kiva's dead sister. Evangeline knows little, but is bound to Kiva by threat and duty. Heading back to her quarters, Kiva is flooded with new abilities and overwhelmed by her draconic gifts. She stumbles into Hath's room and takes a respite with the shaman. During her tea, Kiva is granted a vision of the deal between Talzin and her sister. Accepting gifts from Hath, Kiva goes to her room to rest and record the events of her visions and what has transpired. Kiva enters the galley to enjoy dinner and conversation with the crew.
  • 12th Eyre- While enjoying dinner, the storm worsens, and the passengers begin to thin out. Suddenly the ship trembles as if struck, and is launched into chaos. Approaching the deck, Kiva and K'exik find the crew magically held in stasis, as a horned half-elf greets them with contempt from the bow. Introducing itself as Malikepestrix, the khoravar threatens Kiva's life, before revealing its true form of a large blue dragon. The dragon sends its electric breath to shatter the struts of the binding ring, releasing the airship's bound elemental. The crew, released of their hold, attempt to salvage the ship and defeat the rogue elemental. Lives are lost, and in the turmoil the dragon sunders more of the ship, sending those aboard the Roc's Talon to plummet to their deaths in the Thunder Sea...
  • 15th Eyre- Battered and bruised, Kiva awakens to find that she has somehow survived, probably due to whatever scaled rescuer grabbed her as she fell through the clouds. K'exik sits by her side, and from Alain she learns that the airship was destroyed, and many did not survive the crash. Ethaniel and the remaining scouts report large black crabs inhabiting the island, and when Kiva and Emissary K'exik meet with the dwarven cartographer and Captain Thariv, K'exik voices his opinion that the island is Black Shell- rumored to be the home of a cult of sahuagin. The island remains surrounded by the mists of the storm, and visibility- and chance of rescue, is dim.
  • 18th Eyre- Kiva spends the next few days in bedrest, helping out where she is able. She looks in on her new servant Evangeline- crippled by the crash. Less than a month remains for Kiva to discover what remains hidden behind the storms and report back to Viceroy Solia. While K'exik tends to the wounded, Kiva finds herself in the company of Denovan ir'Tyran who agrees to help her explore the island. Kiva stumbles upon a crude necklace carved with a similar symbol to that of the Devourer that K'exik wears openly on his tabard. Shortly after her discovery, the pair are ambushed by a group of Sea Devils and their Giant black-carapaced crab. As they find themselves outnumbered, suddenly K'exik appears from the brush and levels the odds. Kiva uses her sorcery to make Denovan a giant, and the trio makes quick work of the sea devils. The group returns to camp to rest and report their findings.
  • 19th Eyre- Deciding to uncover the plot behind the storm, Kiva takes K'exik and Denovan back into the jungle depths. At a mysterious pool the trio see offerings of trinkets and gold at the bottom of the clear water. It turns out to be a trap, however, as a gelatinous devourer shambles forth from the water. The cube-shaped ooze engulfs the gambler, and Kiva's giant-trick saves Denovan's life. The party dispatches the viscous beast and finds the jewelry to be well crafted gold, but with dark and disturbing motifs. Following the sounds of chanting and the omnipresent sound of clacking, they head deeper into the unknown. At another clearing, the group spies a small cult of sahuagin praying to a crude shrine. Issuing challenge, Kiva is responded to in the tongue of dragons, and a mutant four-armed sahuagin priestess steps from within the shrine, explaining that her father is the cause of the storm- the blue dragon that destroyed the Roc's Talon. After slaying a few of the sahuagin cultists and scattering the others, the party faces off against the priestess, who tells them that her father is working with someone called the Kraken to keep the Thunder Sea encompassed in unnatural storms.