CrazyHedgehog's Serpent Skull

Game Master CrazyHedgehog

Taking part in the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path, PbP style.

Cast of Thousands

Amivor Glaur (male human bard/rogue/Pathfinder delver) – Leader of the Pathfinder Society expedition to Saventh-Yhi. A veteran of several Mwangi expeditions.

Cheiton (male dwarf expert/fighter) - Pathfinder fixer in Kalabuto.

Gelik Aberwhinge (male gnome bard) – Smugglers Shiv castaway and former Pathfinder agent.

Maudrill Niramour (male aasimar arcanist) - Terribly burned from former military service; joined PCs in Eleder along with Krolmnite and Quinta. Expert in fire magics. [former PC]

Slicingsong (male Shoanti bard) – Smugglers Shiv castaway, originally a stowaway aboard the Jenivere. Befriending Gelik Aberwhinge, became a Pathfinder agent after arriving in Eleder. [former PC]

Sargavan Expedition
Grym the Trapper (male half-orc ranger) – Smugglers Shiv castaway. Helped explore the island and defeat Ieana in the Temple of Blood. Working for the Sargava Guards as a scout. [former PC]

Rotilius Havelar (male Chelaxian human fighter/ranger) – General in the Sargava Guards, and leader of that faction’s expedition to Saventh-Yhi. Invited Maudrill to join the Sargava Guards.

Shackles Pirates
Aerys Mavato (female half-elf fighter/gunslinger) – Smugglers Shiv castaway. Helped explore the island and defeat Ieana in the Temple of Blood. Romantically involved with Rowena “Cat” Thennemen. A writer, currently working on the epic The Abendego Cantos.

Kassata Lewynn (female human fighter/rogue) – Captain of the Last Hurrah , a Free Captain with ambitions of joining the Pirate Council. Long-time companion of Aerys Mavato.

Aspis Consortium
Dargan Etters (male human wizard) – Former leader of the Aspis Consortium in Sargava, murdered in Eleder.

Ishirou (male Tian human rogue) – Smugglers Shiv castaway. One-time agent for the Aspis Consortium, he has been once again pressed into service.

Redric Kol-Tharis (male Chelaxian human summoner) - Aspis agent encountered in Kalabuto; knows Quinta previously from Cheliax.

Seoghal Rin-Vorex (male Chelaxian human wizard) – Current leader of the Aspis Consortium in Sargava, and leader of the faction’s expedition to find Saventh-Yhi

Red Mantis Assassins
Chivane (female elf rogue/Red Mantis assassin) – Leader of the Red Mantis faction. Hopes to find Saventh-Yhi in order to locate a legendary shrine to Achaekek there.

Assorted Others
Briga (female half-orc barbarian) – Feisty owner of the Sargava Club in Eleder.

Delarr (male halfling rogue) – Pickpocket and member of the Freeman’s Brotherhood. Defeated by Krolmnite, Maudrill, and Quinta at the docks in Eleder.

Faey Vallidorn (female forlorn elf alchemist) – Smugglers Shiv castaway. Currently living in Eleder. [former PC]

Hskoro (male nagaji monk) - A devout follower of the goddess Nalinivati, left his monastery in the land of Nagajor in distant Tian-Xia, after receiving a vision that he was to travel to help a beloved of Nalinivati in a quest against the goddess' foes. Discovered Quinta in the markets in Eleder and realized she was the person he sought from his quest. Not expecting the person to be a human, he has nonetheless agreed to protect Quinta with his life.

Ieana (female snakefolk cleric of Ydersius) – Passenger aboard the Jenivere , disguised as a Varisian scholar. Interested in locating the lost city of Saventh-Yhi, she engineered the Jenivere’s running aground on Smugglers Shiv so as to be able to explore and plunder the secrets of the Temple of Blood. She was defeated and killed by Yekskya, Zaghigoth Stormbile, Rowena, Grym and Aerys Mavato.

Jask Derindi (male Mwangi human cleric of Nethys) – Smugglers Shiv castaway. A former minister in the Sargavan government. Having fled after being wrongfully implicated in a scandal of corruption and espionage, Jask was captured by bounty hunters in Cheliax and was in the process of being returned to Sargava aboard the Jenivere when it was wrecked on Smugglers Shiv. With evidence found on the Shiv, Jask was absolved of the crime and returned to government work.

Khlorphraxus (young male green dragon) - Allied with the succubus Mellistra, engaged the party to fight and slay rival dragon Malagitoryx.

Lani Rocklobber (female gnome fighter) – Owner of a small but prosperous mining operation in the Bandu Hills. Met Krolmnite at the Sargava Club.

Malagitoryx (juvenile male green dragon) - The party was lured into fighting Malagitoryx outside his lair in a sinkhole, in jungle near the Bandu Hills.

Mellistra (succubus) - Ally of the green dragon Khlorphraxus. Impersonated Lani Rocklobber to lure party into fighting another dragon in order that Khlorphraxus might take over its lair and treasure hoard.

Nkechi (male Mwangi cleric of Gozreh) - A mystic, hired for his knowledge of the tribes and dangers of the Mwangi Expanse to lead the party to Kalabuto and on to Tazion.

Oshok'arr (female iguanodon) - Zaghigoth's current animal companion.

Sanjeet Ralama Pakhesh (male Vudran human) – Merchant based in Eleder, owner of Obari Imports. Paid Yekskya to accompany a statue that he purchased aboard the Jenivere to Eleder. The statue was an intricately carved likeness of a naga; of unknown origin, but the statue has been linked to the legendary sorcerer Sajan Mej Khoreshi.

Sasha Nevah (female human ranger) – Smugglers Shiv castaway, daughter of an important Red Mantis assassin.

Shiv (male crocodile) – Zaghigoth’s druid companion while on Smugglers Shiv

Zheni Rocklobber (female gnome rogue) – Lani Rocklobber’s sister. Met Krolmnite at the Sargava Club.