CELESTIAL SUMMONS - GM Angelina's Campaign

Game Master Lady Firedove

"We are, all of us, angels with only one wing, and only by embracing each other can we learn how to fly."

CELESTIAL SUMMONS - GM Angelina's Campaign

You've always felt special, like you have some sort of a higher calling.
Well, now, either you've gone completely insane, or you've been proven correct.
You've dreamed of a woman summoning you to the cause of good...

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Character Creation Guidelines:

SPECIAL: Your character has celestial blood. Your character should either be an aasimar (of any class) or a celestial bloodline sorcerer (of any race) or have some other strong racial or inherent celestial connection (with approval).

Pathfinder rules, Paizo-only material, unless otherwise approved
Home-brew setting, so don't make any specific deity assumptions, except that good divinity does exist
25 point buy
Any Good Alignment
Max HP
2 traits
2 extra additional skill-points per level (that must go to craft, profession, or perform skills)
Starting at 2nd level
1,000 gp worth of equipment
Piece-meal armor rules allowed
Partial wands allowed
No custom-crafted items allowed before game starts

This PBP game will have regular GM game updates on Friday or Saturday. Each player is expected to post at some point each week in between each game update.
(Posting more than once a week is fine, and may lead to fun character RP, but is not required. This GM will be pretty busy between weekends.)
Although we are playing with Pathfinder rules, some aspects of the game will be rules-light, and story/character interaction will be emphasized more than combat.


5 Male Characters:
Marius the CG Divine Hunter - Azata Aasimar - with Rex the Wolf
Poterol the CG Shaman - Elf Azata Aasimar - with Merry the Flying Squirrel
Eli the CG Destined Bloodrager - Azata Aasimar - with Calm the Mask of Stony Demeanor
Aeryth the NG Fighter - Angel Aasimar
Cernan the Patient the NG Arcanist White Mage - Peri Aasimar

4 Female Characters:
Brit a.k.a. Chap the LG Inquisitor - Archon Aasimar
Sister Azmaria the LG Paladin Holy Gun - Azata Aasimar
Arabeth the NG Life Oracle - Garuda Aasimar
Shyness the CG Celestial Bloodrager - Changeling, human appearance

Departed Characters:
Lesith the LG Non-Violent Celestial Sorcerer - Angel Aasimar
Natanja the NG Flame Shaman - Peri Aasimar - with Oko the Spirit Flame Hawk
Kywin the White the NG Arcanist White Mage - White-fur-blessed Kitsune with alternate Human form
Kayahidye the LG Lotus Monk - Catfolk Standard Aasimar
Vincent the CG Young Rogue - Standard Aasimar
Andrei the NG Mercenary Slayer - Angel Aasimar

PC Spreadsheet


The World:

The world is called "The World." Why would anyone bother calling it anything else? You have been summoned to leave your homeland and travel to a town named Vigilant on the Western border road of the Kingdom of Theramark (one of the Allied Kingdoms).
On the Summer Solstice, you're supposed to go to the Green Tree Inn (run by Bob and Alice Treekeep) at noon to meet Eli.

You can describe and name your own homeland, if you would like to do so. You can even name it after a place in Golarion or another published setting if you would like to quickly evoke that flavor. However, GM Angelina reserves the right to veto, adapt, or add to your setting descriptions for this game.
If you plan to specify, please add any invented or imported homeland place name/description to your character alias profile in a separate section for ease of GM perusal. This is completely unnecessary if you prefer to be more vague about your past location.

Collaborative World-Building So Far:
Taldor is the Easternmost of these Allied Kingdoms, and Sharn is its largest city.
Theramark, where we are now, is the Westernmost of these Allied Kingdoms.
We are currently in a small Western border town named Vigilant.
To the West of Theramark lie wild lands of nomadic tribes, including the Embishiu people.
(In the opening gameplay post I unfortunately said Vigilant was on the Eastern border of Theramark, but that was my mistake. It is on the Western border.)
Kara-Tur is off in the Far East, beyond Taldor.
To the South of the Allied Kingdoms lies the desert nation of Niris.
North of the Allied Kingdoms lie the Cloud Wreath Mountains.
Out in the Ocean to the Far West exists a slightly higher-tech island nation named Lantan, the capital city of which is York.

Divinity, Fiends, and Spirits:

Pretty much everyone knows God created everything originally. There's more debate about just how active He/She is in the World now. Some believe the Almighty is ever-present. Some consider God much more distant. However, the power of Clerics, Paladins, and such definitely comes from somewhere, and it certainly seems to be God.

Also, the existence of the Celestial Host is undeniable (by all but the most uneducated or isolated of peoples.) Powerful celestial entities (known by most mortals as Angels) are occasionally active in various places in the World, and these Angels certainly speak of God as a singular, all-powerful, entity of pure goodness who nevertheless supports the free will of mortals in the World.

Mortal religion is mostly divided into Churches of various Saints. Certain extraordinary mortal, celestial, or mixed mortal/celestial individuals (Half-celestials, Aasimars, etc.) who were influential in the World gained Church followings. The theology, practices, and preferences of each of these Church groups reflect the life of the Saint they revere. Different Churches honoring different Saints coexist more-or-less peacefully, sometimes joining forces to combat evil cults and such.

Fiends of various power levels also exist and sometimes do great damage in the World. It is supposed that the powers/spells/abilities of cultists and evil clerics (who are most definitely illegal pretty much everywhere law exists) come from the most powerful of these Fiendish entities.

Finally, there also exist various nature spirits and such, who are occasionally worshiped by tribal peoples and other remote groups.

So, there's only one God, and God is good. But, the variety of Saints and their followers explain the variety of domains, codes, favored weapons, etc. that are available in the World.
If Church or Religion is important to your character, feel free to declare them a follower of, for example, Saint Sarenrae or Saint Gozreh or Saint Callistria. Your character could be a member of the Church of Saint Sarenrae (or whoever) and then use the published domains, favored weapons, etc. for worshipers of the deity Sarenrae from Golarion (or whatever setting your chosen god-->Saint originally came from.) Alternately, you can invent a Saint Whatchamacalitalita who gave roses to the poor and saved cute animals from abuse, then choose appropriate domains and such to fit that life story.
Just make sure to add any invented or imported Saints to your character alias profile in a separate section for ease of GM perusal. (GM Angelina reserves the right to modify such information for the purposes of this game.) This is completely unnecessary if you wish for your character to just generally worship (or ignore) God without a specific Church or role-model Saint.


Well, everyone who's anyone in the Allied Kingdoms and most surrounding countries speaks Common. Some isolated peoples have their own tribal languages. So do weird secret societies like Druids. Those funny non-human races like elves and dwarves and such also have racial languages. Pests like goblins and kobolds have racial languages, too. The Celestial Host speaks Celestial, of course, and Fiends speak Fiendish. According to legend and those few who have survived meeting one, dragons supposedly speak Draconic, which is also the language of some strange ancient magical stuff.

For the purposes of this game, each of your characters should speak Common. Those who are aasimars will also speak Celestial, unless you swapped that out to be a Scion of Humanity or something else. If you are a non-human based aasimar or a non-human, non-aasimar race, you can assume you know the racial language of your people, if one exists (Elven, Catfolk, Sylvan for Kitsune, etc.). If you have an intelligence score bonus or put ranks into linguistics, you can choose Celestial, Fiendish, Draconic, various racial languages, or your own invented tribal languages or similar. If you invent languages, please add a separate section in your alias profile describing them for ease of GM perusal.

Added Languages So Far:
Embishiu -Western tribal language
Nirisian - Southern desert kingdom language
Tien - Far Eastern language


Locations of note so far:

Vigilant - town on the Western border of the Kingdom of Theramark, home of the Green Tree Inn, where you first met your companions on this journey

Endurant - village on the western border of the Kingdom of Theramark, north of Vigilant, place Angelina asked you to investigate, discovered to be burned to the ground

Characters of note so far:

Angelina - 1/4 Angel who appeared to you in your dreams, calling you to this mission

Raphael - an Angel, your ancestor

Bob & Alice Treekeep - proprietors of the Green Tree Inn in Vigilant, friends of Angelina

Gina Gelthis - child found alive amidst the burnt wreckage of Endurant

Uncle Max Gelthis - family member mentioned by Gina, a carpenter living in Vigilant

Mayor Daniel - presumably deceased Mayor of Endurant

Sir Hawkthorne - presumably deceased noble visitor to Endurant

Father Peter - Pastor of the Church of St. Pelor in Vigilant

Capt. Ronald - Captain of the Vigilant Guard

Lord Mayor Vertin - Vigilant's Mayor

Enemies faced so far:

Four Imps on the road to Endurant (3 killed, 1 escaped)

At least one evil invisible presence spying on you at your Endurant camp (escaped)

A fun way to describe this campaign:
Fifteen characters with a common Angel ancestor, previously unaware of each other's existence, are suddenly called together for a mission, showing us just how very different good people can be! :)