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I'm testing the waters for a PbP set in Eberron. I currently run a PbP set in Eberron on these boards that has been running for about six years, and I'm wondering if there is an appetite for another one. It wouldn't have the same plot as my existing one. I have preference for 4e (since it makes my life as a DM easier) but I will do it in PF if that is the players' preference (please indicate either way).


I would love to do Eberron in PF mainly because I don't have nor like 4E. I've been following your Eberron game for a while now and quite enjoy it.

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i am game for Ebberon, but unfortunately i would only play with 3.5 AD&D or Pathfinder Rule set :)

Well Eberron is probably my favorite setting, well out of the published ones.(My experience is mainly in homebrew worlds.) But as the pair before me not interested in 4e at all, mainly for the same reasons mentioned.

Either way mark me as interested, of coarse the details of the campaign itself will matter.

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I must confess to not being especially surprised at the desire to play PF given the site this is posted on.

I'm still interested... just weighing my availability.

Do you have any ideas what tyep of campaign you'd want to be running?

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In general tone it would probably quite similar to the existing one, a sort of plotted AP-type experience from 1st level upwards. It wouldn't be sandbox-y.

In fact, if people want to know what it would be like they should look no further than here.

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i did DM :) that reinforce my wanting to play with you :)

I'd be willing to play either PF or 4e.

Count me interested as well. I've got a witch out of the demon wastes from an eberron campaign that sputtered and died early; I dig her and would like the opportunity to play her again.

I'll have to modify her background and crunch a bit (that DM used alot of house rules), to adhere to your own character creation guidelines; if I'm accepted that is ;)

I'm interested if it's PF rules.

What races would you allow?

And what are you using as a conversion for the Eberron materials?

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Case-by-case. I haven't looked at the big conversion that is up elsewhere on these boards. In terms of races, it depends what you want. My fluff is basically 3e Eberron and the game is Khorvaire-based so I'm not really keen on anything really out there but it's really down to people to ask and I'll decide.

i have like ten characters I want to play, but the interest is here.

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Alright, I've got a discussion thread up here for those who want to take part.

Still interested

Silver Crusade

am interested also.

Wow, a DM with more posts than me? At least I know you'll be reliable. Let me check out the discussion thread.

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Hello all. We currently have a gap in the party following a player dropping out of the game and are looking for a replacement. However, the situation is slightly complicated as:

- the party is in the middle of a jungle infested with hostile lizardfolk and a long way away from civilization, so the options are a bit limited for introducing a new character
- the player who left was playing the party healer, and the party doesn't have recourse to other healing options very easily (like purchasing consumables) also because of the being in a lizardfolk-infested jungle

Therefore, there is:

- a bit of a restriction as to what characters classes, and possibly races, might be viable to introduce at this point. In particular, healing ability is important
- a need to develop a reasonable in-game explanation for the new character, depending on what your choices and desires for a character might be

As a consequence, this might require a degree of flexibility as to what character you end up playing - if you have a really cool concept you have been nursing for years, be aware that it might not be entirely appropriate for this game at this stage, so coming with a few concepts and an open mind will help. The characters are currently 3rd level, getting close to 4th level. It is also intended that the campaign will go mythic as some stage.

Some familiarity with the Eberron setting would also be helpful.

If the above appeals, please drop a line on this thread. To give you a taster, the game thread is here. Thank you for your interest.

I'm a big fan of Eberron!

I'd love to join the game. What would you suggest would be appropriate concepts for joining?

EDIT: Looks like you need a healer... Are you guys in Q'barra?

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I too am a big fan of the game and miss 3.5 only for my eberron addiction.

Depending on the region in question and the restriction on classes (thinking shifter hunter or ranger if you don't mind my reliance on healing items)

I could have a viable character up later after work.

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Yes, in Q'barra.

Kanye, at the moment reliance on items for healing is basically not viable as there are no easy places to actually get them.

Let me provide you gents with a bit more information. The player for the party healer has moved on. The party is currently accompanied by a lizardfolk guide with no character levels, who is a potential replacement (although at level 3, with two racial hit dice, the actual character class would be 1st). However, I am not wedded to the concept of the guide becoming the new PC and I have considered one or two other options if that doesn't suit. If you don't go with the guide, we will need to discuss backstory in more detail.

Please feel free to shoot some concepts so we can discuss.

There is a version of lizardfolk as a playable race that might interest you.

I'd be game to play the guide, but I was also thinking some kind of Galifaran nostalgic who left for Newthrone after being badly branded by politics in Thronehold, only to find his airship grounded in the middle of the jungle...

Also, what kind of healer are you looking for: optimized or good healer? For example, would a shaman, a cleric (evangelist), or even a druid be too far off the mark?

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Yes, I remember that from the beginning of the campaign as one of the PCs wanted to be a lizardfolk. I didn't really like it to be honest, as it felt a bit different from actual lizardfolk. Now the PCs are high enough level to simply absorb the racial hit dice I'd prefer to go with that. Another PC died in the previous combat and he is also be playing the other lizardfolk guide (there are two).

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Concerning the healer, I don't expect optimization. Shaman and druid are fine. I also considered witch (don't know if they can heal at level 1, though). Don't know much about the evangelist cleric but it doesn't sound a good cultural fit with a lizardman, though it might be fine with a non-lizardfolk PC.

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In the meantime, please flick through the game thread to see if it is what you would enjoy and to get a feel for the party and situation.

Popping in to say that DWF is an awesome guy. I was gonna post a character idea but I'd pick him if I were GMing.

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Just to give you a steer, the characters are created using 25 point buy. The current stats for the Ashshar the guide are here. However, these are a basic 15 point build so you can add to or rebuild the stats as you require. Assuming you are considering Ashshar the guide, of course.

GM Niles wrote:
Popping in to say that DWF is an awesome guy. I was gonna post a character idea but I'd pick him if I were GMing.

Wow, thanks! You're a great player, and should consider it too. I'm still considering.

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The more the merrier.

I'm assuming GM Niles isn't an alias of yours, DW. ;-P

Dreaming Warforged wrote:
... but I was also thinking some kind of Galifaran nostalgic who left for Newthrone after being badly branded by politics in Thronehold, only to find his airship grounded in the middle of the jungle...

I must admit, 2 levels of Lizardfolk hits hard in my opinion. It might just be me...

What about the other idea I suggested (see quote)?

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:

The more the merrier.

I'm assuming GM Niles isn't an alias of yours, DW. ;-P

Hahaha! Imagine that...

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No, it does, I appreciate that. That said, +5 AC, plus a few other things, helps a bit. But if you prefer a different option, go for it. Another alternative is (don't read this, current PCs):

The PCs are currently heading towards a Demon Age ruin which has been taken over by humans and warforged of unknown origin, which is driving the lizardfolk down the warpath. You could be a low level mercenary recruited by the human contingent, which has a decidedly military cast to it, somehow lost in the jungle and captured by the lizardfolk. You don't know anything much - you are not important or in on what is going on. And you would need a reason to turn on your former employers.

Silver Crusade

are you recruiting?

The Exchange

Yes, but there is only one place - please see a little bit above, the relevant posts start today.

Aubrey only:
Interesting! I could see the two brought together. A petty noble in search of a better Galifar leaves for Newthrone, only to find himself lost in the jungle after his airship crashed in the jungle. Survival is a hard teacher, and he develops a definite strangeness (he could become a shaman (speaker for the past) during his few eeks in the jungle. But then hope is restored when he is rescued and hired by your faction. But he's not very happy there...

Let me know what you think.

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That could work. Maybe you stumble into a Demon Age ruin and weirdness ensues, maybe a visitation in your dreams. That could tie in nicely with the broader campaign....

Thanks Aubrey. I'll work on something and submit it here later. I'm sure you'll get a few more applicants!

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I haven't played Eberron before, but I have the book for it around here and can read up on it a bit. I would certainly be interested in it. If it's a healer you want would an oracle of life work for you? Would love to try one sometime and this could be a good place for it.

I can try and get a rough start of it done for you in the next hour but I won't get to finish it until this evening, gotta go to work for a couple hours soon.

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I have no problem with the lizard folk idea. It's been a while since I thought of doing a character with racial hit dice. I'll look over a couple things and go from there

As discussed, I've put together a background... I'm still struggling with the crunch...


Otto is a polished man. He carries with him in his manners, in his clothing, the stoic ways of Karrns. His hair shows the sign of early aging, no doubt brought forth by the trials of the Last War and the tribulations surrounding the Treaty of Thronehold. He prefers simple and functional garments of dark grey, usually a short tunic over a white shirt, and strong leather black boots.

The last few weeks have been hard though and his appearance has suffered. His eyes wander a lot when he speaks or listens, as though he’s distracted by something, or someone.

An idealist, Otto has come to believe, through his studies, that the ways of Galifar could heal the wounds that fester among the Five Nations.

His recent adventures have put him in contact with unknown spirits. Whether they live inside or outside him he doesn’t know.

Otto is the fifth son of Fried ir’Kaspart of Rekkenmark. Sponsored by his father, he avoided the war and worked in the foreign services as a diplomat. When the war ended, Otto had a great reputation and was invited to join the negotiation embassy in Thronehold. For two years he toiled at making war work. The result was a fragile peace treaty, a shattered reputation, and a sour resentment for the legacy of the Last War.

Disillusioned, Otto, still carrying with him the dream of a strong and liberating Galifar, opted to use his savings to buy himself a voyage to distant Newthrone in Q’barra, where he had heard the ancient ideals were kept alive.

But his airship flew into a storm and crashed in the jungle. Isolated, he struggled to survive for weeks, until he stumbled upon an abandoned temple. Tired and delusional, he hid there for a few weeks. The temple was a strange place, with a waterfall in its center. The sound of the waterfall and of the jungle, would bounce against its stone walls, creating wonderful effects.

The temple changed Otto. He can’t explain why, but he’s unlocked inner sources of power. Through his will, he could command powers beyond the realm of the possible, in a manner similar to the priests of Vol…

During one of his foray for food, he ‘met’ with a group of mercenary who pressed him into service.

Dreaming Warforged here. I've managed to solve my crunch dilemmas :)

Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

How about a gatekeeper druid who is in the area tracking an aberration when he comes upon the group? I love Eberron and have been playing it since the original campaign setting dropped.

I was thinking Shifter using the PF Skinwalker. They are very iconic in Eberron.

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OK, crunch-wise my comment is that, if he had been a diplomat, I'd expect that to be reflected in his character classes somewhere as well as just the backstory. Having him as a full-blown shaman feels a bit odd - he's not particularly young and had a reasonably full life beforehand, so I'd maybe expect something like a level of rogue or bard or something that works with the background in diplomacy. After all, he's only become a shaman very recently.

Regarding the backstory (spoilered since it reveals a little about what is to come):

It's fine in outline. I'd like to consider some details that might fit better with the campaign.

First off, do you have to be a Karrn? People seem to love being Karrns - must love a man in uniform - but we already have one in the party. It's not a problem if you feel it suits your character best - though there doesn't seem to be much that screams Karrn necessarily other than a mention of Rekkenmark - but with only two humans in the party and both from Karrnath it seems a little samey. But it could just be one of those coincidences - two guys meet in the jungle, happen to be from the same town.

If you could swing a Thrane it would be helpful, but not compulsory. I think it would have very little impact on that section of your backstory, though you might be a Thrane royalist given your background (i.e. a believer that Thrane should be ruled by its queen rather than the Church of the Silver Flame) which might be a good reason to leave Thrane and head for Qbarra.

Second, on the flight over the jungle and crashing, I'd quite like it if instead of just being a crash, you were attacked by a military flying vessel and shot/forced down. Those of you who survived were then hunted down and killed by human and warforged soldiers, with you being the only survivor. Rather than joining the mercenaries by just staggering out of the jungle - which doesn't work for reasons I can't really go into right now - you escaped from them into the jungle. This gives you a reason to really dislike those guys, which probably works better in the campaign.

Then we get into the spirits thing. Nothing wrong with what's there, but if you are lurking in a Demon Age ruin chances are what happens would be a bit traumatic - you make it sound a bit warm and flowery, but those ruins are mainly remains of terrible places built by rakshasas and their demonic minions for the edification of rakshasa rajas, so it probably wouldn't be nice. Maybe you still have bad dreams about what you experienced, but it awoke something...

Then finally you would be foraging and captured by lizardfolk of the Finback tribe. They are inclined to kill and eat you for defiling one of their sacred places (i.e. the ruins) with your presence, but the tribe's witch doctor recognises your strange spiritual powers. You are currently holed up in their village held in a pen, waiting for them to work out what to do with you.

As an aside, as you are not actually joining with the mercenaries, I'm not sure where all your shaman-y equipment comes from (and even then I'm not sure they would have it). If you have a level of another class like rogue or bard you could equip yourself with the gear that would be appropriate for your proficiencies in that class, which we can assume you brought with you on your journey. I doubt a diplomat would be lugging a hide shirt about and spear around.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for the feedback. It's very helpful and makes me rethink some of my background and even my choice of class.

I'll think about all this and come back with something reworked. Not sure if it will be a lot or a little...

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My schedule is getting screwy right now and I doubt I will have time to finish the submission for a few days so I will bow out of the running.

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Just to update, please carry on with your character ideas - there is no winner yet.

In fact, the best way to do this is to pitch a character idea and see what I say. I need the basic character idea and (if not the guide) how they wound up in the jungle. That will give us something to work on. At this stage, the story is more important than the fluff. If you prefer to PM me, also fine.

In fact, people are seeming to shy away from Ashshar the guide. That's actually fine - he's the main conduit for the DM to provide the party with information, so it might be better if he stays an NPC anyway. (Unless you have an amazing concept for him, of course.)

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Also, just saying something like "How about a half-orc druid?" doesn't really get me very far. Please come up with a bit more meat to the story, especially what they are doing in the jungles of Q'barra.

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Jman, I'm not massivley familiar with skinwalkers but they don't seem to be very far away from shifters in terms of flavour, so I'm happy for you to pitch that idea.

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