"Against the Savages," an Only War Adventure (Inactive)

Game Master CrusaderWolf

As the Spinward Front warzone becomes increasingly unstable, the 304th Teutonian Crusaders are posted to the heavily forested frontier world of Skrynne. The planet's population is a shambles, its communities are in ruins, and the Imperial defense teeters on the brink of total collapse, but it is the Guardsman's lot in life to give his life for the Emperor, wherever He may choose to send them.

Standard Kit:

M36 Lasgun + 8 charge packs
Bayonet attachment
Exterminator underslung attachment (one-time only, counts as Hand Flamer)
Laspistol Sidearm + 4 charge packs
3 Fragmentation Grenades
3 Photon Grenades
2 Smoke Grendes
1 Knife
Good-Craftsmanship Flak Armor
Entrenching Tool
4 empty sandbags
1 Uniform + poor-weather gear
Basic tool set
Mess kit + water canteen
Blanket + sleeping bag
Rechargeable lamp pack
Grooming kit
ID tags
Training handbook
4 weeks’ ration packs

304th Organization:

Total Combat Troops: 5,000
Regimental Commander: Col. Heinrich Plötzke
Squad: 10 troopers
Platoon: 5 squads commanded by a Lieutenant (50 troopers)
Company: four platoons commanded by a Captain (200 troopers)
Battalion: five Companies commanded by Major (1,000 troops)

A single-mission campaign, intended more to get CrusaderWolf's feet wet than anything, and he thanks you in advance for your patience.