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Kickstarter for Zebulon: Galactic Control

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Hi Everyone, I'm posting this on behalf of a couple friends of who made the game. I helped playtest the game myself and can say it's a lot of fun to play.

Zebulon: Galactic Control

Battle, Trap and Outsmart your Enemy to Control the Galaxy!

Introducing Zebulon Galactic Control: the exciting new board game experience from Apocto Games launching on Kickstarter March 6th, 2017.

Brandon Monahan & Jacob Hardin present the opportunity to crowdfund an exciting development in the space-themed strategic gaming space: Zebulon: Galactic Control. Strategic bidding, reward cards and a modular board that makes every new game a unique experience will appeal to board game veterans and newcomers alike.

Zebulon: Galactic Control has been play tested rigorously and has elegant controls that take minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Zebulon: Galactic control launches on Kickstarter with 40 unique planets spread across twenty modular tiles. The modular tiles can be combined in over hundreds of different configurations so every game is a new experience. The Kickstarter campaign features a first-run copy of Zebulon: Galactic Control for $40. Pledgers also have the opportunity to back at pledge levels for embroidered faction patches or a digital poster at the smaller levels.

About the game:

Zebulon is ruled over by the Vraniks. Four warring factions fight over the outskirts, completing missions and scrounging together resources. As the captain of your own ship, you will do whatever it takes to gain acceptance into Vranik society, including cunning piloting, clever bidding, and more than a few dirty tricks.

In Zebulon: Galactic Control you are the captain of your own spaceship traveling through space completing missions that you bid on and receive at the Dyson Sphere at the center of the galaxy. After successfully outbidding your opponents you will travel to the destination listed on your mission brief. Along the way you will lay traps to hinder your enemy’s progress and potentially thwart their mission. If you cross paths with an enemy a battle occurs and you may get to force that enemy to flee a space or two. Once you reach your mission, roll to complete it. If you are successful receive a reward card and bonuses – CREDIT (money), FUEL (instant movement), TRAPS (for future use), MISSIONS (remove missions from bidding). Use your reward to help you, or use it to attack an enemy, but be careful because sometimes the galactic police might be notified and arrive at your sector of the galaxy.

Will you out-maneuver, out-trap, outbid, and outsmart your opponents en route to victory or taste the bitter pill of defeat?

Become a backer on Kickstarter to find out.

Zebulon: Galactic Control – Launch date March 6th 2017. Last day of the campaign is April 5th 2017.

Arriving to your galaxy and into your hands November 2017.

Number of players: 2-4 (5th player stretch goal)

Time Required: 60-90 minutes

Recommended ages: 12+

Kickstarter Preview Link:

Kickstarter video –

Full Playthrough - -

Facebook -

Twitter -

Instagram -

Apocto Games website:
Contact information

Thank you for taking the time to read through our public service announcement.

Just bumping this thread to say that the kickstarter has been funded, and there are 3 days left to go, in case anyone is interested in backing this project and getting the game. :)

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