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Masterwork Transformation is it permanent?

Rules Questions

just what i asked in the topic line


Yes, it's "instantaneous". It costs the same as having it made masterwork. It is intended to allow you to create masterwork items when you don't have access to crafting. But "instantaneous" effects are permanent.

Since it's instantaneous, it is not a permanent magical effect and thus cannot be dispelled. It just instantly and magically turns a regular item into a masterwork item.

An example of a permanent magical effect would be a Continual Flame spell.

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Basically what was said above. Effectively yes it is "permanent" but Instantaneous is "Permanent, but better" in this game.

Permanent means "This is an ongoing effect with Duration: Infinite but can be Dispelled or otherwise disabled".

Instantaneous means "It happened, it's done, all effects final. No take backsies.".

can it be used on the trait heirloom weapon trait which in a way can give you a non-masterwork weapon?

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You can get a weapon from Heirloom Weapon, then use Masterwork Transformation on it, yes. It's one of the best ways to use the spell, actually.

okay cool, just had to check thank you.

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