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Map Pack PDF feature request -- borders for watermarks

Pathfinder Accessories


Just downloaded the PDFs for Map Pack Vehicles, thinking of cutting out some tokens on paper rather than cutting up my printed maps. I then discovered that the watermarks run over the maps, which is not just unsightly for something to put in front of my regular players but also potentially problematic for public gaming. Basically the watermark has my personal email, and while I'm generally pretty free with that, it's not something I want displayed on a gaming table at a convention.

I know that Paizo is not going to be doing PDFs without watermarks, but could there be a version of the Map Pack PDFs with top and bottom margins large enough to contain the watermark? That way, if we print out a map card, we could lop off the watermark (and the email contained) when we use a paper cutter. But of course the PDF would still have a watermark for tracing purposes.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hm. Interesting. While I do not own any map packs (yet), I noticed that the new PF Paper minis suffer from the same issues.

Anyways, +1 since since the vehicles map pack was the first I considered buying.


I do not have that particular PDF but you could try to copy the images into windows paint program, block out the email address and then print the image off that way.

- Gauss


I'm guessing this question should be moved over to GameMastery, since GameMastery hasn't been rolled into the Pathfinder line yet.

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