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Can one player's character buy an item for another player's character?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Shadow Lodge **

Hi, PFSOP lightly-seasoned newbie here. (I've been gaming for a little while, but have only been playing pathfinder for five months. Seriously. The first thing I looked into before my hubby & me even bought the core book was how to join...)

Anyhow, My husband and I both play shadow lodges characters that work as a 2-man team. If one of us needed a necessary item for task completion, could the other buy the item and give it to the other to keep? And if so, how would you record that on a chronicle sheet?


as long as the item in question isnt going to last past the end of the module, the person buying it does not have to be the person using it. this would be no different than the character buying it and using it themselves.

compare to a potion of cure light wounds. if you use it on yourself, or to save an ally from death, it's still the same, that item was used, regardless of who it was used on.

now if the item in question is going to stay past the end of the scenario, eg. a masterwork tool, then no that is never allowed. characters may never trade items of worth between each other permanently.

you can let another character borrow an item for the scenario, but it must be returned at the end, they cannot keep it.

that being said if you and your husband plan to always adventure together, there is nothing to stop either of you purchasing things for the other to use each scenario that your characters play together.

Grand Lodge ****

Kezzie Redlioness wrote:
could the other buy the item and give it to the other to keep?

No. Please refer to page 24 of the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play.

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Character A cannot purchase something and GIVE it to Character B to keep beyond the end of a scenario, but Character A CAN buy something that they continually loan out to Character B during play. It would be recorded on the Character A's chronicle sheet as having been purchased, would stay in their inventory, and just be loaned out each scenario.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka The Great Rinaldo!

Great to see another couple playing team characters! My wife and I have a pair of two weapon fighters that play together, and doing the "I'll own it so you can use it" works just fine.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

I finally talked my wife into playing a married couple. :) I got a couple of kitsune boons from GenCon, and figured it would be the perfect bait for the trap, so to speak. She's playing a noble oracle of lore, and I'm the ninja that stole her away from her family's library to a life of adventure. :)

More on topic, I have my Happy Stick and usually give it to her at the start of our sessions together. But beyond that, we' haven't had much play time, so we'll see how things go down the road.


does it say something about you that when asked to marry you again your wife had to be tricked and/or convinced to do so? >:)


Still trying to convince my wife into a mounted fury barbarian (non-archtype) / wildshape druid team. She considers married/couple characters to fall into the same grounds as couples Halloween costumes (on the never going to happen list).

Nothing says I am a broken druid quite like giving them rage, trample, and all your other rage powers.

Grand Lodge ****

And... hide thread.

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