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Download a free e-book and watch our promo movie and enjoy the world of Iron Age! If you like what you see please support us or share our indiegogo page with your e-mail contacts, over social networks(facebook, google+, twittter…), blogs, forums etc. Every bit of help counts : )
You can also find us on facebook if you have any questions:

on the link bellow you will find cover picture

We’ve just uploaded edited version of Iron Age FRP! Download it on link bellow;) We will not be able to receive contributions for a few days, yet you can still like us on indiegogo page, and facebook, twit about us, share project with your mail contacts etc. We need to reach as many people as possible and for that we need help.

don't forget to read updates and see the artwork;)


Iron Age FRP is published... you will find it on our web page

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