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Transfering a 'Guild' into PFO

Pathfinder Online

Goblin Squad Member

I have some of my own ideas, but I'm curious how GW sees larger guilds transitioning into the game. That is, how will a 100 person group transition into GW from day 1?

The main problem I see is that there is no large number organization, everyone is going to be in chartered companies(CC's) for a while when the game launches. From Ryans postings, CC's will be member exclusive (1/character) and not designed for large groups.

Will CC's be non-exclusive, meaning that a player can be in as many CC's as they want?

Will CC's have a member cap?

Will settlements have a population cap?

Will we have access to IRC-like tools to create our own *secure* chat channels in game?

Goblin Squad Member

The way I understand it, large groups are landlocked communities called settlements. CCs are simply groups sponsored by Settlements. The rules of how the settlement structures and how CCs are sponsored lie entirely with the leadership of the Community.

Multiple settlements can unite under a common govt called kingdom.

Each layer will have its own chat....and each layer greater than CC can be as restrictive or open as the want; the tradeoff will be security for profit.

Goblin Squad Member

Forencith wrote:
Multiple settlements can unite under a common govt called kingdom.

Minor quibble, but they're called "Player Nations". "Kingdom" is but one of many choices.

Goblin Squad Member

Sorry, it looks like they're generically called "kingdoms", too.

Goblin Squad Member

No worries...thanks for the correction. Good to use the right terms; avoids semantic confusion.

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