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A Jade Regent Campaign Journal-Silk's End Chronicles

Campaign Journals

Hello everyone,

Allow me to introduce The Silk’s End Chronicles. The Chronicles are a collection of in-character journals and letters from our Jade Regent Campaign. The main line is towed by Xiao Ping, whose real name is Aiko Kaijitsu, the younger sister of Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Our campaign follows the main plotlines of the Pathfinder Jade Regent Adventure Path; however, our campaign is set on Earth, beginning in the year 1268. It opens in Silk’s End, our equivalent of Sandpoint, and Sandru's caravan goes from there.

We update frequently. A list of update dates can be found on the Campaign info page. We play one long session per month. Each Chapter of the Chronicles covers one game session. As we make this first post, our party is just now reaching ninth level, and finally arriving in Japan to find out what is in store for the second half of the series. We decided to go by sea.

There are spoilers, so be warned.

Silk's End Chronicles

Please feel free to post any comments you may have here in this area.

We hope you enjoy.

Best Regards,
Xiao Ping

Chapter twelve kicks ass girl. Real damn exciting. What happens next?


Thanks for the kind words! The second half of Chapter 12 is in the works and should post in the next few days. We will be posting here that the site has been updated.

Xiao Ping

Hello Everyone,

The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. Xiao Ping has posted the second half of Chapter 12, and brought the journal up to date with our game sessions. Our next game session is scheduled for this Saturday.

Silks End Chronicles-Chapter 12

Enjoy our adventures and party upheavals as we walk the Jade Regent adventure path!


The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. Wen has added his travel journal at the end of Chapter 12. This is his version of the events that occurred during session 12.

Chapter 12

We played our gaming session 13 as planned Saturday August 25, 2012 and entered the Forest of Spirits. The journal entries for this session will begin to appear next week.


THe Silks End Chronicles has been updated. For Chapter 13, Xia penned Aki's solo catch-up adventure with Miyaro. Xiao Ping has posted her entire account of session 13 after this.

Chapter 13

The party has reached the Forest of Spirits, and discovered the House of Withered Blossoms.

Spoilers lie in wait!

Session 14 was moved up to this Saturday, September 15, there should be more updates during the coming weeks!

Gentle Readers,

Xiao Ping/Aiko Kaijitsu has posted the first installment of her account of session 14 of our Jade Regent Pathfinder game. After skipping posting a week, it is close to a double entry.

Chapter 14 The Longest Fight

The next part of chapter 14 will come in a week or so and will detail the final battle against Munasukaru, and reveal that the rift between Ochir, Wen, and Lo is still very much a problem.

Gentle Readers,

The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated.

Xiao Ping has posted her account of the confrontation with Munasukaru.

Chapter 14 The Penance of Munasukaru

Pathfinder game session 15 is scheduled for this Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Random passerbys,
New plot twists this session will include the inclusion of Prince Batahar of the Urdu-Arganhei (Mongol city) and his body guard. Of course he is obsess with Ameiko. His help and Mongol Imperial blessing will be neccessary to conquer Japan. He has provided Sandru with a new caravan.

To make matters more interesting Ameiko has a brother and claimant to the throne, Tsuto Kajitsu.

How will the Jade Archer (Shalelu), Ameiko closet companion deal with this?

Letters arrive to the party from various relations from the continent further testing their cohesiveness.

And of course the events of Pathefinder 53, Tide of Honor.

Tune in...

Gentle Readers,

The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. Quite a bit more role-playing this session. This includes last weeks update too. Sorry, I forgot to announce last week's update on this forum.

Session 15 Ping's Journal

More to come, next session of play will be November 10, 2012.

Gentle Readers,

The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated, and is now current. Aiko Kaijitsu's version of events for session 15 are complete.

Our next session is scheduled for this Saturday, November 10, 2012.

Chapter 15

The sections titled "The Ronin" and "The Fortress" are the new sections.

Of course, we meet the Ronin and assail the bandit lord's hidden mountain fortress...

Best to everyone,
Aiko Kaijitsu

Gentle Readers,

The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. Session 16 was last Saturday. This is a shorter update to catch Aki back up with everyone else. Allegro returns and more to come next week!

Chapter 16: Aki and the Farmer and Hanzo Blade

Happy Holidays!

Xiao Ping

Gentle Reader,

The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. The re-appearance of Allegro and the attempt on the bandit's mountain fortress Seinaru Heikiko to recover Jiro's katana.

The battle shows that the notions of good and evil remain as large an issue as ever. The pressure continues to build.

Back to the Fortress

Ping is again the author. We will also at some point be making a change to the opening of Chapter 16.

The player that runs Aki is currently creating his own account of his solo mission. I (as a player) arrived late and didn't realize how much if his catch-up mission I had actually missed, so the Narrator voice for "Aki and Miyaro" will at some point be replaced with Aki's own true account of his adventure with the Ninja clans.

I will post here when it is updated, or when Xiao Ping finishes the rest of the account of session 16.

Thank you and best regards,

Xiao Ping


The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. Four new sections round out the rest of Session 16.

Without giving too much away, after the "adventure" part of the session was over, and we'd left the Teahouse, an inevitable PC vs. PC scenario played out.

Our group has been playing RPG for thirty years. We have not had PC vs. PC in longer than fair Ping can remember, more than fifteen years, at least.

This Pathfinder adventure path has provoked passions in the players we haven't seen in a while. It has been great fun. Thanks guys.

And now the conclusion... (to session 16, that is)

Return of the Samurai, A Wedding and a Baby, The Teahouse, Fracture

Session 17 is this Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fireballs for the Holidays! and hugs,

Xiao Ping


The Silk's End Chronicles has had an update. Aki has taken up his pen in order to relate his own tale of the events that befell him during his solo mission. The first section of Chapter 16 has thus been replaced, and retitled "Aki and Miyaro". The sections that follow by Xiao Ping/Aiko Kaijitsu remain as they were, so there is no need to read those again.

Aki and Miyaro

Session 17 took place Saturday, December 8th, and the Tide of Honor module was completed. Look for updates in the near future!

Xiao Ping


The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated for the opening parts of session 17.

Ochir and the Daimyo, and The Island of Shadows


The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated. The antics from session 17 continue...

The Villa and the Merchant

Hello all,

The Silks End Chronicles has been updated.


This is the final part of Session 17. We played Session 18 last Saturday, January 5, so an update for the first part of chapter 18 will be coming.

We're doing a few side adventures before playing The Empty Throne.



The Jade Regent is the third Pathfinder series we played and I must say it is the best one so far. The synergy between J.R. and our 13th century "Earth" is seamless.
The historical context provides a real world to interact with and the exploration of Asian culture gives this campaign a unique flavor.
Furthermore your journal is a detailed and highly accurate account of an eight hour session. You realize that it's expected from this campaign forward.
Keep scribling, my friend.


The Silks End Chronicles has been updated.

These are the events that make up roughly the first third of our 18th session.

Ochir and the Ainu, Family Feud, and Giant Country

Thanks DAOL, we have kept it up this far, we'll finish the rest, and damned exciting it is too.

Best Regards,
Xiao Ping

Gentle Readers,

The Silk's End Chronicles had been updated.

There was a "friendly" rockball game with some Giants you guys may have heard of.

The Game

One more section to come for session 18, next week. Session 19 will be played February 2nd, 2013.

Best Regards
XP, Aiko Kaijitsu


The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated.

This is the last part of our 18th session.


Next session is this Saturday, February 2.

It appears cataclysmic events impend.

Best Regards,
Xiao Ping, Aiko Kaijitsu


The Silk's End Chronicles has been updated for Session 19.

There is a solo mission for Allegro, and the situation in Guangzhou comes to a head.

Allegro and the Ninja, and Traitors

I forgot to post here for the last update, so there are actually two weekly updates here.

Next session, we begin The Empty Throne.

Xiao Ping


The Silk's End Chronicles has had two updates since last we posted here.

This link finishes Session 19

The Fall

This link begins Session 20, Aki's solo by Aiko Kaijitsu:

The Challenge

During Session 20, we began the assault on the Jade Regent's palace in Kyoto, chewing through the cannon fodder in The Empty Throne.

We know it gets a bit cheesy at times, but we are just having fun with it.


A thankfully abundant freelance work roster has has me negligent in posting here, but not so in keeping the journal current.

Last we posted here we were halfway through recounting the events of session 20.

Chapter 21 is complete, and recount the events of session 21, where for the first time we adventured alongside Ameiko and the Jade Archer. We headed to a mysterious island in order to seek the blesings of the old Emperor, and learn what we could of his fate...

The first half is the party conflict section, the second part, Fingers of Death, is the actual adventure section.

Fingers of Death

We are set to play session 22 today.


The adventure continues! We get closer and closer to the exciting conclusion of the Jade Regent Adventure path.

Chapter 23

The Ainu and the Mountain, and Battle of the Khans

Something messed up my quotes in Chapter 22, so don't try to read that chapter now.

Gentle Readers,

The Silks End Chronicles has been updated for the first third of session 24. We are winding down to the end, and the first army battles with the Jade Regent are set to begin...

A Holy Man in Hell, Mounting a Defense

There will be more updates, and one or two more sessions before we hopefully succeed...


The adventure is complete! Since last we posted we played two more sessions, 24 and 25. The Journal has been updated to include the incredible finale of the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Chapter 24: A Holy Man in Hell, Mounting a Defense, The Battle of Namida No Kawa "The River of Tears", and The Princess and the Dragon.

Chapter 25: The Beginning of the End, and Finale.

Well that's it, we kept the Journal throughout, from the first moment of the Brinewall Legacy to the last second of the Empty Throne.

We enjoyed the campaign and it will likely stand as one of our our most memorable campaigns, and certainly the best Oriental Adventures campaign we've played. Thanks to all at Paizo involved!

We are moving on now to the creation of our own adventure path, set in a whole new Pathfinder world setting, with all new geography, history, gods, and adventures! Maybe someday, we will see you there!

Xiao Ping

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