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The Measure of a Man

PaizoCon General Discussion

Owners: Jason Weymouth & Julian Rodriguez - Emerald Knights Comics and Games

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We so enjoy participating in Paizocon, and having just returned from the 2012 event, I must say it was one of best experiences we had to date. I have always been impressed by the genuine affection and respect the Paizo staff show one another, it is evident they enjoy a jovial nature to one another and their hard working efforts are clearly represented by their wonderful products.

It was during this year’s preview banquet that an incident occurred that I witnessed which I believe should be shared that clearly depicts the character of one of these special people. As Lisa Stevens spoke, it was obvious she loved who she was speaking about, her voice breaking and she flailed her arms to fend off the waves of emotion that attempted to overcome her, she continued to speak about her friend Jeff Alvarez, and asked him to appear; however, Jeff Alvarez was nowhere to be found. Hints from the audience, indicated that Jeff was “helping a customer” and Lisa moved on to her next agenda item. Jeff returned sometime later and he and Lisa shared a wonderful moment.

I happened to be seated at one of the tables and came to understand what kept Jeff away. One of the last diners that joined our table informed us that he had been unable to get any food, either the hotel had run out or he had missed the serve time. There he sat, empty plate and more than likely quite hungry. Jeff learned about the individual and disappeared from the banquet, it was during this time that Lisa Stevens was speaking about him, a few minutes later Jeff appeared with a tray and presented the dinner guest with a hamburger and fries meal he had obtained from the hotel restaurant. The look on that guest’s face was priceless; he was so surprised, so grateful and sincerely touched by the gesture that I knew at that point this gesture of kindness could not remain anonymous.

All of the Paizo staff have always been welcoming, kind and friendly each year we have attended, but Jeff continues to be exemplary in greeting my son and I each year and we enjoy that time we share in catching up. Congratulations to you Jeff on your promotion and acknowledgments, I have no doubt they are well deserved and a result of your diligent work ethic. To those in your life that have instilled your caring nature, your kindness to others and willingness to serve, it is to them I say bless you for a job well done.

Julian Rodriguez

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