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Help with Chronicle Sheets!

PaizoCon General Discussion

Shadow Lodge

I'm really sorry to say this, but I left my chronicle sheets at work earlier this week, and when I went back to claim them they suddenly went missing!

I have a 3rd level character who hasn't been touched since last PaizoCon, and I have plans to get to him to 4th this weekend. A friend and I are even using teamwork feats and scheduled for all the same events so he'd hit 4th level too!


I went out of my way to buy all of the content we've actually played through together, so I have printouts of all of the chronicle sheets that I need. Is there a willing GM or Paizo employee willing to sign off on them at the con? You'd be doing two people a HUGE favor!

Silver Crusade

I can vouch for Carlos. I'm his teamwork feat partner. The future of Shado... err Pathfinder Society depends on it! I can vouch for any and all scenarios we've played together if needed.

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