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Looking for a GM to take me


Hello all. I'm looking for an open minded DM to take my character in his/her campaign. I would like to use the Binder class from WotC's Tome of Magic. I don't think this class is broken, or difficult to DM, and I think the roleplaying and symbolism that the class' mechanics enable you to work with make it well worth while. (I.E. Religious and social stigma about what is different without taking consideration to actions. The ways in which power can corrupt. The use of soul-binding to other creatures to avoid your own problems/responsibilities. )
Any takers?

I totally took the title of this thread to mean something else entirely different...


Hi Magnu,

I think your best bet is to look for a new campaign starting up that your character's a good fit for. Most GM's get about 30 applications for about 5 character slots. They already have tough choices to make between great applicants that have fit their characters to the GM's houserules. So I think most aren't seeking even more characters to choose from.

It's a GM's market my friend.

There's another potential catch, at least on these boards. Speaking only for myself, 1) I don't own Tome of Magic, and 2) both of the PbP games I'm running now are straight PF. I'm reluctant to allow PCs access to *anything* outside of Paizo material, much less a class that 1) I'd have to convert to PF and 2) don't even own. It's got nothing to do with the Binder class as such; I'd say the same if someone wanted to play an Unfettered (AE), a Swordsage, a Harrier (IH), or any other d20 game class. (Don't even think about BESM d20. Although a Pet Monster Trainer is pretty close to a Summoner, just weaker and with more eidolons. Hmmm....)

I feel for Ya dude. I don't dm but I own that book.

Before my RL games died (kids, work) we allowed
In our PF games unmodified.
The binder is especially well balanced. Some would say overpowerd because, like the witch it's SLA' s don't run out. I disagree because thier damage is mediocre. They are fun and flexible though.

The TOB classes can overshadow fighters and rogues. Not for DPR (unless you are really clever i.e. Channel the storm and avalanche of blades) but just with the cool 'special moves' they got.
(But then we allowed all melee classes+ rogues to learn them via feats.
Rogues could select Shadow hand via rogue talents.
Paladin couldearn Devoted Spirit instead of Mercies,
Fighters could learn anything, instead of a Bonus Feat of Wpn/Armor Training
Cavaliers could learn White Raven instead of Mounted Class abilities/Tactician feats/Bonus feats
Barbs could Learn Stone Dragon via rage powers.
Rangers could learn Tiger claw or Diamond Mind instead of Combat Style feats or Learn 1 maneuvere at level 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 if they gave up thier Hunter's Bond.

Basically we treated it like a Quigon Monk.

Annnnyway. Good luck

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