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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Attention South Carolina Roleplayers!

Local Play

Attention all South Carolinian Roleplayers! There is a group of us who meet Fridays at 4 PM at the Barnwell County Public Library. If you are interested, please post here or contact Matt Pearson at 803-671-1339. Matt can also be reached via email at

We play Magic: The Gathering, Pathfinder, Mutants & Masterminds, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, and Lord of the Rings.

Scarab Sages *****

April 14th Firefly Games in Lexington, SC - We will be offering all of Season 3 to anyone who can make it out this should be a great event.

Scarab Sages *****

I may have some comped hotel rooms for ConCarolinas. If you are interested in going drop me a line and I will let you know as soon as I get confirmation o nthe rooms. I am going to put 4 to a room so you will get 1/4 or the room. There are two beds so you may need to bring an air matress. I have a couple I can bring as well if you don't have one.

Scarab Sages *****

I do have two hotel rooms available.

There is actually NOT a lot of room for GMs left at this event, which I can tell you is very unusual! We have 35 tables of PFS and are running all of Season 3.

Tier 1 GM - Get your scenarios at no cost to you and a chance to win a cool GM boon and other prizes, run 1 or 2 scenarios.

Tier 2 GM - Attend the convention free of charge and get your scenarios at no cost to you and a chance to win a cool GM boon and other prizes, you need to run 3 or 4 scenarios.

Tier 3 GM - Attend the convention free of charge and get your scenarios at no cost to you and guarantee a cool GM boon and a chance to win other prizes, and get 1/4 of a hotel room as well as dinner Saturday night you need to run 5 or more scenarios.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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