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Wonders in The Weave, Part II: Snakes in the Fold [SPOILERS]

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

Scarab Sages **** Venture-Captain, Oregon—Portland aka Gornil

Ok, I have to ask this, and I'll try VERY hard not to be critical, but I really would like an answer to the two questions I have regarding the special boon given for completing parts I and II consecutively. I'm GM'ing Part II this weekend, so I'd like an answer to my second question as quick as possible from more experienced GM's and/or PFS head-honchos.

So first question:(MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!)

I know many people have issues with the boons of previous scenarios, regarding how VERY specific the boons are as to where and when you can use them, but giving a boon that's only good for use inside the Hao Jin Tapestry, and only good against Aspis Consortium agents therein??? Are there any plans for further adventures inside the tapestry such that this would ever be useful? It seems like many were making a big fuss about the experiment that is boons only gained from consecutive play in another thread, but this? I assumed from the prerequisites for gaining this boon that it would be somewhat more useful(?) than most boons, but this seems less useful, especially given the requirements. Granted +2 att/dam is a pretty large bonus, but when will it ever see use, other than the scenarios played to gain it?

I was already hoping for further adventures inside the tapestry, given the rich history and multiple adventures it could contain, but now even more so, if only to allow players use of such a powerful boon as a reward for playing consecutively, as hard as it can be.

Keeping in mind the first question, here's my second: (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)

Were the developers maybe assuming the boon would be used while playing Part II??? I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed, but unless more adventures are planned for the Hao Jin Tapestry this is really the only way I can see this boon being useful, especially given that the majority of the encounters in this scenario should be against Aspis Consortium agents. I know there will be some players that can not avoid fighting the Muckmouths, but here I am assuming that the majority of players will succeed in the diplomatic portions of this scenarios quest.

Hunh, I misspoke. I actually have a third question now: (SPOILERS)

Is the prestige point gained from completing the scenario successfully reliant upon the players gaining diplomatic ties with the Muckmouths?

Success Conditions wrote:

If the PCs recover the note in area A4 a nd D urra’s response in area A7, they accomplish the primary goal

of the mission of uncovering more information about
the Consortium’s resources in the demiplane and how
they got there. If the PCs also forge a new alliance with
the Muckmouth tribe, they accomplish their secondary
goal, earning 1 Prestige Point for helping the Pathfinder
Society establish a foothold in Hao Jin’s realm.

This seems to indicate the players only get the prestige point if they do gain diplomatic ties with the Muckmouths, but

Guide wrote:

Each scenario provides the opportunity for you to earn 2 PP over the course of the adventure. One of these is tied to

the completion of the overall mission for all Pathfinders,
and is outlined in the Success Conditions section of the
adventure. The second Prestige Point is gained when
a Pathfinder completes his faction specific mission, as
outlined in the Faction Missions section of the adventure.

the Guide seems to indicate finishing the overall mission gains the prestige point.

Again, I have to stress that I don't want to come off as critical in my first question, just really wondering about how a decision was arrived at regarding this point.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Answer to question number one: yes, there will be lots of opportunities for this boon to be used.

Answer to question number two: no, you can't get the boon until after you complete the scenario.

Answer to question number three: as the quoted text indicates, they must meet all the criteria listed in order to earn the Prestige Point for completing the scenario. This is independent of any Prestige Points earned for completing faction missions.

Scarab Sages **** Venture-Captain, Oregon—Portland aka Gornil

Thanks Mark for the quick reply, I really appreciate it. Glad to hear the answer to #1, that gives me something to really look forward to. I thought so about #2, and #3 "could" make things harder for the players, but such is life.

Thanks again.

Scarab Sages **** Venture-Captain, Oregon—Portland aka Gornil

Ok, after running this scenario today I have a few more issues that came up over the course of play, not just for me but also for the players.

One BIG problem the players had was with the Cheliax mission, for two reasons:
1- The players have to kidnap a lizard-folk young, either egg or hatch-ling, the faction mission doesn't specify though the scenario itself does. This is a MAJOR evil act, as I don't care who you are, capturing a sentient being for the sole purpose of slavery is evil, no matter what the rational is. Some of my players brought up the point that some GMs might automatically retire your character after doing the mission, as it was up to GMs now to make the call. Another player pointed out that this was the most evil act they have yet seen, after playing and running the OTHER controversial scenario.

Another issue with this faction mission is the possibility for PvP if there are also Andorans in the party, as their sole reason for existence is the liberation of the enslaved. Luckily this wasn't an issue with my table, but one of the players did ask about it. An Andoran would be almost compelled to stop this faction mission any way possible if he/she found out about it.

2- Why do the Chelaxians have two skill checks to make in order to finish their faction mission? Off the top of my head, I can't recall any other faction missions having two skill checks, both of which in this case are very rare to have. My players were lucky this time, as one players char was a rog/bar that had luckily taken the needed skills, sleight of hand and Knowledge (nature). I'm guessing most players won't be so lucky, which will almost guarantee a failure for a lot of Chelaxians. I'm not saying it should be an easy mission, I guess I am just questioning why Chelaxians seem to have it so much harder than the other factions in this situation.

Another problem that was brought up was with the Osirion faction mission. No where in the faction message given to players is it stated that the scarab needed must be found secretly, so why the sleight of hand check needed to pick it up? My players just searched the next room while the Osirion picked it up with no one in sight, as he didn't have the necessary skill and I ruled that if no one was there to see him pick it, then that was secretly enough.

Other than those issues, everyone seemed to have a good time, and the mission was successful. I will have to vent about the 10 foot squares on the map though; is there any way you guys can put in bright neon letters that each square is supposed to be 10 feet? I didn't realize until almost the last encounter that I had been drawing the entire map too small. I guess I have been trained to well at reading maps with 5 foot squares, but it is a pet peeve of mine. I know a couple of other GMs that are always missing that as well, though to be honest they usually catch that fact MUCH earlier than I did :)

Overall I enjoyed running it, and I liked the teasers at the end. I can't wait to see where you guys take this story arc.

Dark Archive ****

Okay, I could not resist replying. My character in WitWII was an ex-slave and she was incensed that the Muckers were so passive. She was also Chelish (rather be the rulers than the ruled) and so rationalized that the "mission" would be broken but not killed and then returned to the muckers to provide the hate and fire the tribe was missing. It had worked for her, but she is CN and a hateful halfling. The skills were also easy as she was a ninja/ranger.

Liberty's Edge **

Mark Moreland wrote:

Answer to question number one: yes, there will be lots of opportunities for this boon to be used.

Answer to question number two: no, you can't get the boon until after you complete the scenario.

Answer to question number three: as the quoted text indicates, they must meet all the criteria listed in order to earn the Prestige Point for completing the scenario. This is independent of any Prestige Points earned for completing faction missions.

In case anyone is researching this scenario currently, this has been updated as per the Secondary Success Conditions. Each criteria now earns 1 PP, rather than combining for 1 PP and requiring the faction mission for the 2nd PP.

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