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Acererak's Rise

Campaign Journals

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm starting up a Pathfinder game myself, with a brand new party. I've only met 2 of the players once before, and of the others I have interested, I have never met, but two of them have RSVP'd for the PC gen session. But I too am planning on throwing ToH into the campaign, we'll see how a level 1 party handles the Tomb. But I'm going at it from a different angle. My world is the 3.5 Greyhawk World had a group of adventurers become new Demigods and Deities, and this caused a massive "God's War". this God's War lasted for an unknown amount of time, anywhere from a couple of centuries, to a millennium. It ended with the death of all the 3.5 books God's, Minus Moradin, who had played a more defensive role than the others. And Vecna's hand and eye are somewhere. So The God's War ended with a massive transformation of the world(think Dragon Lance, or the Noah's Flood in level of change), known as the cataclysm. So there won't be anything really in the ToH, but it should scare the players a lot, and make them question my sanity, as they should. But the story is going to surround Acererak's Vestige, as he tries to take over a villain. This will allow me to have Acererak running around free, trying to cause Evil to rise to power throughout the world. Or I may toss Acererak onto a PC, it depends on what characters are made. I have a Cleric of Roe(NG), and an Elven Boomerang Ranger so far. Haven't heard from the others what they plan on making. I'll post a seperate thread, maybe, and post a link here if anyone wants to read about it. We'll see.
Feb. 4th is the PC Gen Session, So I'll post the notes by the 5th. Maybe.

this Campaign will be taking place roughly 1000AC.

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, We had our Character building session. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of victims who showed up! I was expecting maybe 3, and I got a full 4 PC's built. So Here is the 4 new death warrants;
Female Half-Elf monk, with boomerang.
Fat Human Cleric, with Morning-star and Improved unarmed combat.
Halfling Rogue, with pair of Short swords
Celestial Bloodline Elf Sorcerer with Bow.(length unknown)

They have given me full story-arc building, with two exceptions:
1) They want to meet in a tavern, the classic campaign startoff.
2) No Army building, Fleet running, Castle owning. Just a group of PC's, half of whom can't actually pronounce their own names. (you try say Will Wolfthistle 5 times fast)

And I have warned them, that they need to make sure they are prepared. I will not kill them myself, but I'm not going to create a way out if they screw up out of stupidity.
So 1st game is on the 25th of February, so in 20 days. Almost 3 weeks to plan a way to get them to go into the Tomb of Horrors. MWAHAHAHAHA

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I dub them (in order): Teresa Tightbutt, Fotar Fatboy Jr, Fumblefingers and Sir Shineybritches. ^__^

Or you could use their *actual* names, or something ....

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

2 more Death Warrants have been written, and are pending Notarization.
A fighter(Human, Longsword and Heavy Shield, is my understanding)
And a Rogue classed Scout/Hunter Character.
Haven't seen the Char Sheets yet, will see them on the 25th!
I have the session drafted, now building the Tomb of Horrors. (Because a Decrepit Tomb of Horrors hasn't been built yet. Acererak will torment them for sessions and sessions, bring upon paranoia and other such things.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Teresa Tightbutt, Fotar Fatboy Jr, Fumblefingers and Sir Shineybritches are joined by Meat Shield and Pointsnack, gotcha! Looking forward to tales of total carnage! ^__^

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

This weekend!

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well. Session 1 has been done.
Victims involved:
Fotar Fratboy Jr.
Teresa Tightbutt
Sir Shineybritches
Meat Shield
and though Pointsnack has left(due to trading in his dice for a job),
The Gnome Illusionist, Rainbow Splooge, has joined!

In a Tavern, just east of the City, Four Winds, in an unnamed village along the trade route through the mountains, which connects the Great Lake to the Kalmarae Ocean to the west; our mis-understood Adventurers huddle around their cups and an old man from the Dragon Lands of the Far East. While discussing the finer points of employment as caravan guards for the Oriental Man's precious cargo through the Mountain Passes, when a Gnome stormed in, covered in blood, needing medical aid for his companions outside.

As Fotar and Meat, followed by Fumblefingers outside to aid(or rob) the Gnome Caravan, they quickly healed with a burst of Positive Energy from the Cleric of Roe. They soon learned, while drinking a free round from the Guard Captain, about how a gang of Kobolds had attacked them, and stole some precious cargo, in particular, a small keg of Black Powder.

(History lesson of my World, Thulcandria: Black Powder has recently been discovered, and is slowly spreading, amongst the Gnome population, though there are rumors that a dwarven clan may or may not have appropriated samples and are starting to produce it themselves. As such, Black Powder is very precious, and thus very valuable, making their single keg worth the 600GP that the Caravan Captain was willing to pay the adventurers to retrieve the keg.)

The Gnome Captain stated that the Kobolds had fled into some ruins(ToH), while the Gnomes left in a hurry to get their dying companions aid. The Village Sheriff knew the ruins that the Gnome spoke of, and promised to send a guide for the party.

Early the next morning, right after breakfast, of course, the party, joined by their Guide, a Deputy guardsmen named Amorius, set out for the Tomb of Horrors. While still a ways away, Rainbow Splooge sent out his Raven Familiar to scout ahead. The Raven rolled a nat 20, and spotted the two Kobolds guarding the Tomb. The Halfling then scouted for places to ambush them from, found a couple without getting caught(my rolls sucked), and the group, minus The Cleric and the Guide, ambushed and killed both Kobolds outright.

Now I know you must be thinking to yourself, why just two Kobolds? Why not more? Well, it's been a while since I ran, and with the group being brand new to eachother, (although, as it turns out, the Players of Cleric and the Monkette were next door neighbors for a while a few years ago. Serendipity) and I figure it would be easier to dip into the bloodshed, then to pull out after PC deaths. Plus I'm looking to torment the PC's, and destroy their sanity, not kill them outright. And I did this a little bit today.

They then moved the bodies out of the way, and entered the center entryway of the Tomb. After a failed Charm Spell, Sir Shineybritches questioned Amorius until he confessed to having spent a night or two in the ruins of the Tomb, with a local girl. He told them about the scary demon face that nobody went near, and that the place they normally went was the sanctuary, where they would unroll their bedrolls. At this point Rainbow Splooge noticed the cobblestone path in the hallway, and that there was something written there. (I lowered the DC, so that I could mess with their brains.)

This is what was readable:
Go back to the torment... or through the arch,
...Shun green if you can, but night’s good color...
If shades of red stand for blood the wise... lead
to a fortuitous fall, so check the wall...
If you find the false you find the true
and into the columned hall you’ll come,
and there the throne that’s key and keyed.
The iron men of visage grim do more than
meets the viewer’s eye.
You’ve left and left and found my Tomb
and now your soul will...

And I'm wiped, so I'll finish the post in the morning. Goodnight.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Can't wait for the follow-up!

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Alright. Lets see how much I retained after losing consciousness too my +5 bed of warmth and comfort!

While trying to decrypt the broken script, Our confused heroes pondered on what torment or through the arch and what night's color was. At this point, Our plump cleric cast detect magic, which caused the whole the whole passageway, with the exception of the ceiling, to light up like a 20 watt light bulb, as the remnants of the magics that had been in place for thousands of years has slowly decayed since the disappearance of the Demonic keepers of the Tomb. They wandered over(After the Halfling checked for traps) to the far end of the tunnel, intrigued by the green demon face, with it's gaping maul. They spent some time discussing whether or not they should put a body part into it, and also why someone would build a hallway this nice to end ten feet after an archway. The Sorcerer couldn't comprehend the meaning to this. The cleric offered the schools of illusion and conjuration as being seen lit dimly into the arch, but that couldn't explain anything to our confounded Shineybritches.

They soon gave up, and returned to the large hole in the wall(about 15 feet from the entrance) and let the rogue trapfind his way through. Unfortunately, the Halfling couldn't find any traps in the doorway on the far end, but was convinced that the Kobolds would have many traps for the party to trip, requested the sorcerer to heave him across the boundary. This the Elf did, and soon our Friendly fumblefingers was somersaulting through the air, that he may not smash his face in to the wall on the far side of the room. And then Fotar simply walked through the threshold, proving it to be trapless, and so the party continued. At this point, they found what appeared to be a closet of some kind(The inside series of secret doors, only the first was open to them, and they didn't bother looking for the rest) and found a bag in resting in it.

This time Fumblefingers found a trip wire trap, with the two ends being alchemists fire vials, after a look see by the Rainbow Splooge, and the bag, after making sure no other traps were around, turned out to filled with slightly rancid, yet still edible, Venison. This further confused the players, as "why would someone trap food that's gone bad?" was being asked. They came to the opinion that it was bait to catch wildlife, maybe, and so the had Amorius place the meatbag into the mouth of the Demon face, but he, upon seeing nobody was watching, just set the bag at the base of the Demon Face, and returned to the party. And they continued onward, searching for more traps, but finding none, they winded through the long ruined secret doorways, to the second hall, and upon seeing the crawlway's(only the one's to 10B, 13, and 14 hadn't collapsed), they asked who hated large people so much? They decided to go down the one to the sanctuary, where they correctly guessed the Kobolds would be hiding out, but they sent the halfling by his lonesome, and, after rolling six D20's, all landing below 10, and our Fumbling rogue rolling well over 20, there was no chance the Kobolds could see him, and he watched as they argued about the keg of blackpowder, which did not taste very good. He reported back to the group, and Rainbow decided to cast Disguise Self on himself, so that he would look like one of the now dead guards, and went running down the crawlway into the sanctuary and tried to first bluff, and then intimidate the kobolds into believing him that they were attacked, but he had the misfortune of selecting the prankster of the group as his disguise, and after repeated attempts to get the Kobolds to come with him, the Boss Kobold decided to send two to make sure he stood his watch properly. Meanwhile the party had doused the lights in the hallway, and were waiting.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Light Spell from the Cleric. Three Kobolds, once next to the wall, the other two looking at him, in a daze, as a boomerang and a longsword butchered them both. and then Rainbow Splooge cast Colorspray, as the two Kobolds collapsed. Unfortunately, for Meat Shield, he was in the path of the Rainbow Splooge, and proceeded to fail his will save, and passed out for 5 rounds, and then was blind for another 4 rounds, and then dazed for a round after that, as he tried to figure out what happened to him!

The party decided that the Disguised Illusionist would re-enter the crawlway, followed by the rest of the party, but at a distance. He cast prestidigitation upon himself, in the form of fire eating his cloak, and ran directly for the keg of blackpowder. This caused the three remaining henchmen to tackle him, to try and put out the fire, while the boss Kobold yelled at all four of them. This allowed all 6 remaining persons of the party(Including the Guide, Amorius, who just kinda hid behind the pews for the fight) to stealth successfully into the sanctuary and surprise round the Kobolds.
I had rolled my D20 4 times, and not one of them was even a 5. Sad Face.
The Elf Sorcerer, who was within range of all the Kobolds, sent out his own Color Spray, and managed to knock out all three of the henchmen in one blast, while Rainbow Splooge himself, barely passed his saving throw, and thus remained standing, and the Boss Nat 20'd the Will Save DC of 15 from the Sorcerer. This of course caused the group to Japanese Gamer Girl clap for the Boss Kobold's roll.
(We were playing in the Yellow Submarine in Akihabara, Tokyo, and there was a group of all females playing some game that caused the most noise you'll ever hear from Japanese people. They had earlier did this almost golf clap, where you keep your hands next to your body, in the position of prayer, and clap like that, as the cleric had done a dice roll, and succeeded with a roll of 14 on the die.)

Rainbow Splooge now fired off a Magic Missile, as Meat Shield charged and missed, at the remaining Kobold, who was standing on the throne. This brought the Boss down to 2HP, and the next round was cut down by the fighter, after a few others tried to hit him, but missed. They then tied up the four unconscious Kobolds, and the cleric stabilized the Leader, so that they might interrogate him. The Halfling searched behind the throne, and was awarded with a bag of gnomish tools, and a few coins. Meanwhile the Cleric and Sorcerer tried to fathom what kind of religion would have a sanctuary down here, where you had to crawl in order to get to it, but failed to understand the fullness of the evil whose lair they were trespassing.

The party, minus the three magic casters, then searched the doorway with the stairs, and though the rogue couldn't find the trap, this time he successfully tripped it, with a handful of gravel/rubble, and heard the distinct 'pang' of a crossbow fire down the stairs. They continued on and found a series of three doors, the first one fell off one of it's hinges, the second banged against the wall, and fell off completely, and the third banged on the wall, and then lost one of it's hinges. They determined, after reaching the far wall, and seeing the long hallway there, that the Kobolds hadn't gone this far, indeed nobody had for centuries, if not millennium, and so turned back to see what the Sorcerer, Cleric and Illusionist has found in information from the Kobolds.

After waking the Boss Kobold, they caused made him lead them through the other rooms in the second hallway, where they found in room 13, a statue of a four armed demon(I know, it's supposed to be somewhere else), which the Illusionist decided that it was actually a gargoyle, most likely, and had fell to some flesh to stone spell, or something. The halfling then spotted the crawlway to the three levered room, but instead of the three levers, he found a bottomless pit, which he tested by throwing a rock down, and didn't hear or see the bottom, decided it wasn't worth it. They then moved onto room 10b, and found three chests, but these were all dry-rot, and empty. They decided at this point, to take the keg of powder to the Caravan Captain, and collect their reward, and come back after resting up.

And this is where we ended the session. The next session will be on the 10th of March. I'll be tossing in a couple of low level undead at them next session. And there is the Vestige of Acererak to contend with.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nice. I'm tickled that you're using the "suggested" names for your hapless players' characters. I especially like the friendly fire from Rainbow Splooge.

May they all suffer horribly ... er, enjoy the next session in early March. :)

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, I can't actually pronounce/spell their real names, Wil Wolfthistle, Tyriel Tunderthimble, riesan, Vendrick, somethign starting with a T. so your names are easier. Hopefully I am writing this in an easy, enjoable to read style, that show's the growing confusion/Paranoia of the Party. I was glancing at D1: Crown of the Kobold King, and noticed a fun little magic item that hopefully will be picked up and worn by one of the PC's. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Adeptus Technicanus wrote:
Well, I can't actually pronounce/spell their real names, Wil Wolfthistle, Tyriel Tunderthimble, riesan, Vendrick, somethign starting with a T. so your names are easier. Hopefully I am writing this in an easy, enjoable to read style, that show's the growing confusion/Paranoia of the Party. I was glancing at D1: Crown of the Kobold King, and noticed a fun little magic item that hopefully will be picked up and worn by one of the PC's. :D

The duo / trio of Kobold King modules have some nasty little tifbits buried in their pages. Very nasty. :)

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, obviously, I'm planning on not using D0, and I think I may hold D1.5 for a separate campaign.
More importantly, is the finding of the next session's time date and location. Looks like we may be stuck with a 3 hour session in March, and then back to Yellow Submarine in April. So sad.

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Just got home from today's Session. After I have relieved myself of these boots and put some food in the Nuker, I'll start the Chronicling.

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Victims involved:
Fotar Fratboy Jr.
Sir Shineybritches
Meat Shield
Rainbow Splooge
DM's NPC: Amorius, the Rogue who is part of the town's guard, and as such wears scale-mail, much to the detriment of his abilities.

And Teresa Tightbutt was out of country, so she did not show.
And sooo, the moment you have all been waiting for, for 2 weeks now.

Session 2: Dark Discoveries, Part 1.
Our players, having been paid for their services with the Gnome Blackpowder, have decided to delve deeper, believing that, although all proof points out that the Kobolds never went deeper than the chapel, and probably because of it, the adventurers prepped by buying some healing scrolls and potions, and some holy water, in case of undead, and leaving the monk to practice kata's at the Inn, they sallied forth, delving deeper into the Tomb of Horrors.

They proceeded past the Chapel, and through the triple doors, to decide on rather than heading north towards the door that leads to their doom, they went south. Now, I didn't change anything about the secret door #17 on the stairs. Fumblefingers was just on fire tonight with his trap and door finding. Which, in my book, when you're doing one, and it's the other you should be looking for, and you Nat 20, (I looked at his dice, and watched him roll. He must of Nat 20'd 30+ times tonight on rogue stuff.) you get the positive result of the other.

So rather than heading into the soot that is the dried out mist of 18, they sauntered deeper, and into the laboratory. This they managed to not only survive, but they completely bypassed the ooze with a simple Mage hand, thinking that the murky water held some sort of piranha. and thinking that there was probably something in the middle Vat as well, they did the same with that one.

Then they found their way to the pit of spikes. Now they could easily see that the put, and that there were spikes in it, but they thought that the spikes had already been tripped, and so they had the tall human fighter, Meat Shield, drop the 10 ft. to the ground. Of course, only some of the spikes had jumped up, as their retainers rusted and rotted away.

So when Meat Shield fell to the floor, he launched several more spikes out of the ground, allowing two of them to strike him. (Because 8 or whatever is normal would have slain him outright, and I have already explained that I'm trying to bring about insanity, not death to my PC's.) this cut him up pretty bad, taking about 4 of his 12 HP away. (I rolled a 3 and a 1) And then the he helped the little people down, and the rogue got back to business of making sure there wasn't any more traps to trip in the pit. They were then up and over the otherside, and with much looking, they found the next secret door.

It was at this point that our Most Illustrious Rainbow Splooge, decided to apply his Mage armor, which would last one hour. And then they entered the next area, #21.

Now let me remind you, about two things.
1) This is a 1st level party. If I were to put them through a fully functioning ToH, They wouldn't have come back.
2) Sometime during the God's War, about 1500 years ago, ToH's demon caretakers, stopped taking care of our favored dungeon. This, along with the God's War, bled the dungeon of magic, like bleach does to colors. So traps that require magic to work, don't. Traps that require magic to reset them, don't reset.

And so, as the party tears apart the scene of #21, they come across several viper corpses, about 630GP, and many sapphires. But that's okay, they haven't faced Acererak yet, and even after that, they will have to pay for the looting they did. Specific plans haven't come across yet, but they will.

The party then found the trap door, and the fake door, and tried the fake door first. Now this, being the first of the false doors they have found intact, they only just now realized(INT roll+DM's Hints about where they were helped) that there were a few others that they had passed. This caused them to believe that these were portals used by the lich, or others. For some reason, they actually still believe that the Lich used this lair as a home, not just as a trap to capture and consume souls!

And sleep is overtaking me, as I've been awake since about 5:30am, and it is now 10 past 11pm. I'll finish in the morning!

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Already. Post #2 for Session #2.

Like I was saying, as they opened the fake door, they realized that they had past the remains of others that were like this one, but they didn't notice due to the door itself was missing. It was at this moment they decided that the reason for these doors, was a portal system to bypass the traps.

Then they headed down the trap door, and, after the rogue had managed to find every non-existent trap in the tunnel, and the stairs in the tunnel, and the hallway up to, but not including the intersection, he proudly walked across the 100 foot drop of a trap on the floor there in the middle of the intersection. But he made his reflex save, and then the wizard cast light onto a piece of rubbish from #21, and dropped it down there, and decided that it was about 100ft down.

So the fighter and sorcerer pooled their rope together, and also Amorius', they managed to get the rogue down there to grab up anything useful. So I threw them a bone, and gave them about 7 randomly gen'd masterwork items(considering previous adventurers would have had them magical...)

So they received a small heavy repeating crossbow, spear, shuriken(5Pk) and starknife, and medium sized Heavy Pick and maybe there was only 5 weapons. I can't remember what the rest were.

And now, satesfied that they have some treasure, the rogue merrily bounces towards #22, and then stops, and searches for traps, with a fine toothed comb. he finds it, and disables it, and then opens the door, and they're through to #22. Now I replaced the Crypt Chanter in here with a pair of CR2 demons. A Dretch, his wrists shackled to the floor, and a Quasit to guard the Dretch prisoner. So the party initially spies only the glowing embers that are the Dretch's eyes, and move to kill it, not knowing the Quasit is in the room.
The Sorcerer goes first, with dancing lights behind the dretch, which turns him around, so he can stare at the shiny's, all the while cursing at the Quasit. The the rogue hits him in the back with a bolt, but fails to pierce his DR 5/ Good or cold iron.
Then the fighter moves in, with shield in one hand, and a lamp in the other.
As the party attempts to attack the Dretch, the Quasit, now easily seen by the lamp, casts invisibility, and the party starts throwing sand around, trying to find the tiny winged demon. The Quasit showed up on the otherside of the cavern, that is, the NE portion, and cast cause fear, but the sorcerer was the only one in range, and he partially saved, making him stunned. The party now attacked the Quasit, and would spend the next 10 turns taking out the little guy.

During this time, Rainbow Splooge interrogated the Dretch, to find out the demonic caretakers of the Tomb left the Dretch chained here as punishment for some forgotten deed, and he was 1500 years into his 10,000 year sentence, the quasit being left to taunt him.

With this quickly forgotten knowledge reinforcing the idea that no one had been down here in over a millenium, the party slew the dretch, and headed to the intersection.

This time they went south, and found the door to be another one of their portal doors. They then headed north, and found the secret door, and then the next secret door, which confused the Sheizer out of them, and the searched the staircase in the north end of the hallway for traps and secret doors. finding nothing, they went through the series of double doors, to find a large statue of an elephant on a pair of logs, and combed over it and pulled out it's ruby eyes(I probably have given them too much treasure for this, but oh well.) and went back and did a very thorough search of the entire area, believing that there must be something more here, still believing that this was a place to be lived in.

They eventually found, with much determination and patience, the secret trap door, and headed down, and into the the throne room.

At this point the Cleric cast detect magic, and found many faint aura's on the pillars and the demon faces, and the crown and scepter. The party then persuaded Amorius to touch the golden crown to the silver image, and found the secret doorway to the grand foyer.

Our hapless heroes, amazed by the sheer beauty and grandeur watched as the rogue fiddled with the bronze key, no longer magical, and put it into the door, but then realized that it was the scepter that actually worked as the real key. Now in the false crypt of Acererak, the rogue (the DC's were somehow blown through, and they only needed to pull the acid splash cantrip out for two of the locks). they were disappointed by the quartz flint in both chests, and left it for easier treasure. Again, they didn't mess with the urn, or the Efreeti inside, though they did knock on it once for good measure. And not wanting to chance the waking of the Lich, they left his sarcophagus alone, as well. They did take a moment to look at the statues, think maybe the weapons would be nice, but realized that they were only decoration grade iron.

They found the secret door, and headed out to the two parallel doors, and opened them, and got to the point in each way, to where there was the actual portal doors, but with magic bled out, they knew they would have to re-enchant the dungeon in order to power these up. They then did a thorough search and found the secret door to the actual crypt, though they believe it is probably just a closet.

And that is where we left our bedazzled, confused, and intrigued heroes. Tune in on the 24th, when we discover what happened to Acererak!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nice work. Now, you'll have to work the dretch/quasit in later as minions of a mid-level conjurer later on ... just to mess with the players some more.

Looking forward to the next AAR!

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Yeah, I was thinking about that earlier, as I was posting.

Turin the Mad wrote:
Teresa Tightbutt, Fotar Fatboy Jr, Fumblefingers and Sir Shineybritches are joined by Meat Shield and Pointsnack, gotcha! Looking forward to tales of total carnage! ^__^

Love the names Turin. Tightbutt lives on again. Fumblefingers and Shineybritches are priceless. Meat Shield is a time honored classic... right up there with Lenny and Meat Snack

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Killer_GM wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
Teresa Tightbutt, Fotar Fatboy Jr, Fumblefingers and Sir Shineybritches are joined by Meat Shield and Pointsnack, gotcha! Looking forward to tales of total carnage! ^__^
Love the names Turin. Tightbutt lives on again. Fumblefingers and Shineybritches are priceless. Meat Shield is a time honored classic... right up there with Lenny and Meat Snack

Hopefully my group will earn themselves a new set of nicknames this coming Sunday! ^__^

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It appears we shall be postponing our regular game for a playtest of 13th Age. Don't know anything about it, but one of my Players has got himself a copy of the betatest, so we'll be trying it out.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Adeptus Technicanus wrote:


It appears we shall be postponing our regular game for a playtest of 13th Age. Don't know anything about it, but one of my Players has got himself a copy of the betatest, so we'll be trying it out.

Bastiches, trying to weasel their way out of much-deserved madness and nervous breakdowns with a beta test! :P

Pathfinder Cards, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

We shall see. Apparently( I'm just now starting to read the betatest rules) it's a form of D20. We'll see how it plays.

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