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Nexus of Evil and darkvision

Shackled City Adventure Path

What is the best way to handle darkvision with the nexus of evil? This combat is especially important to me for 2 reasons. 1) One of my PCs has a lich nemesis in his backstory, so, of course, this will be him! And 2) they just rested, so I need to wear them down a bit so Kaurophon can actually make them sweat.

If the half-orc or psionic munchkin characters see the lich in the Nexus right away, it'll be over pretty quickly. If not, the lich has a tactical problem.

My current idea is to have the lich scatter summoned animals around randomly at first, then toward sounds of combat. When he finally casts True Seeing, then he'll be able to see out of the Nexus.

First of all, Darkvision has no effect on that type of concealment whatsoever.

Second of all, concealment doesn't obscure creature totally, it just makes him harder to spot, thus granting 20% miss chance and that's pretty much it.

So, everyone will be able to see him straight away.

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