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Good 6th level adventure to turn into a d20 modern game?

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

Liberty's Edge

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Hey, one of the members of our group is up in a d20 modern DM-rotation game we're doing (each of us takes a chunk of levels to DM for) and he's pretty new. He's self-admittedly terrible at coming up with his own stuff for it and wanted to know if there are any good dungeon adventures he could convert.

Before I pull the box out from the pile of crap it's under, was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations?

Coridan wrote:
d20 modern ... adventures he could convert.

Other than "6th Level" can you give any more details? Are we talking pulp heroes or ghost stories or cyber-punk or conspiracy-theory or secret agent or what other sort of genre/theme/tone? I got 59 hits, but need some more info to thin them out.

Most will obviously take conversion. Definitely he should check out all of Christopher West's "Global Positioning" series of "Maps of Mystery", mostly from the Dungeon/Polyhedron combo era.

Let me know,


Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It's Urban Arcana, has a strong Buffy feel to it (but more fantasy based and less horror based). I've been thinking of suggesting to him the one from Age of Worms (Hall of Harsh Reflections or something like that) and switching out the "Free City" for "New York City".

Coridan wrote:
It's Urban Arcana, has a strong Buffy feel to it ... and switching out the "Free City" for "New York City".

The following are 3.x D&D adventures of 5th-7th level that might adapt well. Not all are urban, but I think have the feel you seek or might offer inspiration. Also, I've included appropriate d20 materials and "Global Positioning" maps that might be useful.


086 - Anvil of Time - Trapped in a temporal portal known as the Time Bridge, recover three power gems from different periods of Krynn’s history within the “Anvil of Time” in order to escape. Meet famous characters from the history of Krynn while doing so.

086 - Mysterious Ways - A Holy Relic, the True Cross, has been stolen. Recover the artifact before it is destroyed by demonic forces in order to open an Abyssal Gate.

087 - Cradle of Madness, The - A merchant’s daughter has been kidnapped by a dark cult ... or so her father believes. Rescue the girl and learn the secret of the coming Dark Emissary of the god of Madness.

090 - Prey for Tyrinth - “The Kingdom’s Greatest Treasure” is said to lie at the bottom of a well, but none have returned from investigating the caves therein. Too bad they didn’t know they were entering the lair of a naga, and a few other things.

090 - Tears for Twilight Hollow - The remote, mountain town Twilight Hollow mourns the death of a local paladin and heroine whose soul is trapped by an evil creature. The high-priestess (and paladin’s childhood friend) has prophesied the appearance of strangers who wish harm on the town. Solve the mystery of the paladin’s death, reports of a bandit gang nearby, and discover why so many of the temple’s priests seem particularly ill-tempered.

091 - Sloth - Debris and horrid sounds emanate from the cottage of a slovenly mage. Investigate the scene to find out what fate has befallen the conjurer, and what strange and angry elemental has been left behind in the wake of her miscast summoning.

091 - Shadow Chasers - Shadow prevents most people from seeing the monsters that lurk in the darkness. Heroes can see through the Shadow, hunting monsters and keeping the world safe.

097 - Blind Man’s Bluff - Grimlock masquerade as leprous dwarves, hoping adventurers will rescue a noble trapped in the lair of an Ettin Wight.

098 - Global Positioning: Municipal Police Station - Modest police station doubles as a large office for the local Guard or Town Watch, with some rework. Also civic offices, Government House or Court.

099 - Fish Story - Locathah have invaded the docks and mill of a small lakeside town, but have attacked no further. Good diplomacy might learn why they have abandoned their home in a long-flooded human village, leading onto the trail of an obsessed ghost, a dead wizard and a bound lonely elemental.

099 - Global Positioning: Downtown Night Club - Downtown nightclub, doubles as a tavern / theater. features a stage, dance floor, large private room.

099 - Global Positioning: Large Metopolitan Bank - Not really a “big” bank. Adaptable to a Manor or Civic Offices, Temple or other use.

100 - Global Positioning: Fast Food Restaruant - McDonald’s knock-off

105 - Racing the Snake - Impersonate a merchant heiress and act as decoys to draw off an assassin until she can reach safety and marriage in a neighboring city. A series of encounters in a chasm “short-cut”.

106 - Tammeraut’s Fate - The guardian priest of an island watchpost called up a storm to destroy an oncoming ship full of attackers. Turned undead, the drowned sailors overwhelmed the small garrison and returned to the sea. Years later, the abandoned post was turned into a hermitage, but now that a priest of the same god has joined the hermits the undead rise once more. Survive a night on the island, then journey to the ocean floor to put their ghostly master to rest and seal a vault of slumbering evil.

107 - Mellorn Hospitality - Every seven years the Mellorn Elves open their woodland borders to host Festival of Life, which is also a great trading opportunity. However, the festival merely cloaks the cyclic hunting of a night hag. Acting as caravan escorts, guard a merchant and put an end to the night hag and her minions, and possibly close the portal through which she appears for good.

114 - Torrents of Dread - Fortunate to find safe harbor in a storm that won’t end, the adventurers must put ashore to make repairs, but find the local villagers afraid of the cursed storm and the ill-fortune it brings. Their matriarch has been slain by her son, the Zombie Master is missing and one of the clans has been destroyed by mudslides. Locate secret tunnels beneath the village while searching for the Zombie Master and put an end to his alliance with evil kopru who use the storm as a monstrous portal.

115 - Steel Shadows - Warforged are being murdered and their bodies carved apart (with pieces removed). Local Warforged suspect humans, while humans speak of ghosts. Investigate the mystery and reveal the twisted sanity of a seemingly mild-mannered warforged trying to construct a perfect and pure member of its race (not crafted by human hands) and the powerful nobleman seemingly behind the experiment.

122 - Fiendish Footprints - A cursed amulet tied to a cult of Orcus transforms owners into vampires. Penetrate a ruined necromancer’s tower and find the “fiendish foot” without succumbing to its curse.

128 - Free City, The: Midnight’s Muddle (Backdrop) - Gazetteer of Midnight’s Muddle, a neighborhood within a city, or core of a town or village. Includes several shops, characters, intrigues, etc.

129 - Murder in Oakbridge - A distraught woman who lost her husband and child years before when an animal act went out of control at the circus has spent years hunting and murdering members of the disbanded troupe. Now she has only one neighborhood left in which to finish her task.

133 - Chimes at Midnight - A master detective in Sharn believes he has been overlooked for credit, and engineers the escape of several dangerous criminals in a plot for revenge.

143 - Riding the Rail - The party is riding a “lightning rail” train which is also carrying a Xen’drik artifact which a gang of thieves plans to snatch. Foil their unexpected and in-progress robbery before becoming incidental victims.

147 - Aundarian Job - The party must infiltrate a bank vault and recover an artifact in the safe deposit of a murdered wizard before a vile cult uses it to release the imprisoned Rajahs of the rakshasa. It is supposed to be an inside job, aided by a blackmailed clerk, but after the party is admitted he begins having second thoughts.

149 - War of the Wielded - Generations ago two competing thieves’ guilds in Sasserine created intelligent weapons to help gain recruits and fight their conflict. Now the long-lost weapons have arisen once more to continue a long-forgotten war.



Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Tales Subscriber

"Chimes at Midnight" by Nic Logue is probably exactly what you're looking for.

-W. E. Ray

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