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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

RotRL Obituaries

Rise of the Runelords

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Scarab Sages

Name of PC: Sherry Floyd
Class/Level: Chelaxian male Urban Ranger 7
Adventure: Hook Montain Massacre
Catalyst: Muck Graul

Name of PC: Wade Valdemar
Class/Level: Chelaxian male Duskblade 7
Adventure: Hook Montain Massacre
Catalyst: Muck Graul

Sherry and Wade were raised and they have another deadly adventures. In the Graul Farm, the group find Muck and battle with him. During the battle, Sherry, Wade and the thief were grappled and swallowed by the tendriculos. When the cleric and the bard finally ended the combat, only the thief was live. Sherry and Wade were died because the paralyzing digestive juiced of the Graul...


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Animal Companion Wartooth
12 HD Dire Wolf Companion of Goblin (now Xeph) Druid Toki

Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast

Where: The Haunted House on the way to Xin-Shalast

Catalyst: Failed will save, 1d8+22 DMG on bite, and auto-CdG.

Waltzing through the place, a few of us failed saves here and there and ate dirt (the Goblin first, which noone though weird).

In the later areas, the poor wolf rolled a 3 on his will save not to try to kill himself, and bit his own head off, somehow.

The cleric immediately revivified him, and with some cure spells he was back up and running.


Name of PC: Kimiko
Class/Level: (OA greensnake naga) Sohei // Rogue/Swordsage gestalt
Adventure: The Spires of Xin-Shalast
Catalyst: The Hidden Beast

Kimiko has a history of dieing gruesome deaths to boss NPCs. She got dropped to over -100 by a Power Attack scythe crit from the Scarecrow, was nearly eviscerated by Wet Papa Grazuul's vicious military fork, failed her save against Mokmurian's disintegrate, and so on. She's a total paper tiger.

So, she should have totally expected that, when she loaded her holy water sprinkler with ink and sprayed it around the room to locate the magically invisible Hidden Beast, it would have been right next to her. And, of course, its initiative immediately followed hers. Ten tentacle attacks later (one of which was a crit, naturally), Kimiko died yet another gruesome death - this time in a manner, um, "worthy" of her 'little Asian girl' human appearance.

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TPK! Redone and recycled as a important storytelling/roleplaying event, I’ll tell the detailed tale on a thread.


Korthag: Male Dwarf Cleric (4th) of Irori.

Keela: Female Shoanti (axe-clan with tattoo) Barbarian 4th.

Gwenda: Female Half-Orc (Parents from the Cinderlands) Barbarian 1st-Fighter3rd.

Laura: Female Varisan Bard 4th.

Adventure: Burnt Offerings

Catalyst: Malfeshnekor + Overstretched Limits


At that point in the adventure, the party had only a few spells left and about 1/3 hp all around. The group found the key and entrance to Malfeshnekor’s lair but they were mostly under the impression that Nualia was trying to summon Malfeshnekor (except for Gwenda who had a “bad felling about this”) so they opened the door. The fight was brutal and since they didn’t realize that the monster was bound to the room they gave it their all to stop it from escaping, it was a brave heros’ stand against an overwhelming evil but in the end they were out-matched.

Dark Archive

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Name of PC: Marshak

Class/Level: Pathfinder Sorcerer (Earth Element)

Adventure: "Burnt Offerings"

The party found themselves in the room with the upright sarcophagus. The monk, Ton'ess, started to take a full two minutes searching the statue in the middle of the room while the party stood near the door, half a minute later into his search, the three shadows came out and began to attack. The party tried to back away of the area and fight, but the shadow sapped the strength from the sorcerer completely and he rose as another shadow. The party did manage to defeat all the shadows.

Silver Crusade

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Name of PC: Dorien Colbertson

Clsss/level: Rogue 4, halfling

Adventure: Skinsaw Murders

This wasn't truly a death but it should have been. Dorien, always one to throw a monkeywrench into the gears, took the advice of his friend, A slightly insane fighter and dived into the Corn feild on the way to Hambley Farm. He jumped right into a hiding ghoul who paralysed him without him even having a chance to scream. While the party waited for him to come out, the ghoul made his way towards the farmhouse, hanging the halfling to ripen. The party knowing it was taking too long went to look for the 3 foot halfling in the tall maize. Then encounted several ghouls, as well as some scary scarecrows just aching to be let down to eat. As they got closer to the farmhouse, they saw a struggling scarecrow, and proceeded to pummel it with missle weapons, before it could break free.
Everyone looks the same size when hanging from a pole. Only a quick escape artist roll before the pcs second volley saved him.

Scarab Sages

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Name of PC: Cathran
Class/Level: Rogue 1/Ranger 1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings - Side Trek augmented Into the Haunted Forest - Foxglove Hunt
Catalyst: Snare Trap

Cathran successfully spotted the bait (DC12 dead rabbit) but missed the snare trap (DC15). She was then left hanging upside down as the wolf pack, 6 wolves, attacked the party.

As per adventure the bulk of the wolves went after the person caught in trap. Party rolled terrible initiative and wolves attack Cathran. Cathran decided to free herself which resulted in attacks of opportunity from wolves which rended her apart.

Character Name: Urkenheimer, Gnome Sorcerer (10), Air Bloodline
Module: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Location of Death: Wilderness between Storval Stairs and Fort Rannik
Cause of Death: Advanced, Huge Snowflake Ooze {MM3}

Urkenheimer was one of the few PCs who had survived all the horrors of my RotR campaign only to die horribly to a random encounter. The party, lacking means of teleportation or wind-walking, decided to hoof it to the Storval Stairs. {This actually made me happier because it allowed me to show the displacement of the area's natural predators due to the movements of the giants.}. Trekking through the snow covered woods, the PCs were unable to notice the lurking horror until it was too late. Within 12 seconds, the gnome was frozen and absorbed into the snowy mass. The remainder of the heroes fought a retreating assault, finally managing to melt away the 325 hp monstrosity.


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two deaths to report this time:

Name: Wartooth
14 HD Advanced Direwolf Animal Companion
Where: Spires of Xin-Shalast, just after Karzoug's image.
Catalyst: Full Attack from the Champion of Greed

While dealing with the image casting spells and harassing us, the dwarven cleric/ardent flies over and opens the far door in the room. Still damaged from the Cone of Cold and something else, we were not really prepared for another big ol fight.

Seeing the Large female human with her golden armor,shield, and sword, we all said "crap".

I put the wolf right up front, hoping to soak up some attacks otherwise intended to shred the cleric into pieces. Whattya know, he survives the full attack, only to be turned into quartz from the greed-blades-critical.

Boom, dead wolf. again.

Name: Kerrigan
Lvl 16 Whispergnome Rogue
Where: Same fight as above
Catalyst: Angry fighter chick wants to take at least one of us out.

Left with about 10 hp from the druids full attacks and everything else we hit her with, the fighter chick moves over to the Greater Invisible rogue and whacks her for her full hp + 21 or so.

Wolf was later put back together and laid to rest (replaced with grizzly bear), while Kerrigan was revenanced/revivified back to life. again.


Dark Archive

Name of PC: Karzoug the Claimer, Runelord of Greed

Class/Level: Transmuter/Archmage: 16/4

Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast

Catalyst:Four meddlesome Adventures and their pet weasel.

Story: All Karzoug was doing was preparing his epic return to Golarion when these upstart teenagers tear a entry way to his runewell resting place. The nerve! He hit them with everything he had from meteor swarm and time stop, but they came with a purpose of trying to take his stuff. I guess with a title of the Runelord of Greed people think you have stuff.

Thus the Domain of Greed was destroyed.

Well this ends my RotRL game. My players had a great time from start to end. Thank you Paizo and all the writers who contributed to this great AP.

The Exchange

A 4E Conversion

Name of PC: Peter Chen
Class/Level: Dashiva, Dwarven Ranger 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Sinspawn and Erylium combined led to his death. a Crit at 2 hp is enough...
Story: With the party out of healing Dashiva placed himself in an aggressive position of attack trying to slay the last Sinspawn. Sadly, the bloodied creature turned upon him and tore out his throat. Sandpoint buried him in state, and Belor Hemlock gave the eulogy.

The Exchange

A 4E Conversion

Name of PC: James Burkett
Class/Level: Flavius of Cheliax, Tiefling Paladin of Cayden Cailean 4
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: The Wraiths in the Crypt (the spirits of the architects of the statue)
Story: Flavius stepped forward to bear the brunt of the undead assault, so his compatriot, Gaius the Warlord, could withdraw. His friends watched in horror as the wraiths swarmed him and struck him down each time he tried to rise. Slain, his spirit rose and attacked his one-time colleagues. When learning of his death, his parmour and close friend Ameiko, paid half the cost of the ritual that brought him back to the land of the living. Collections taken from the regulars at The Rusty Dragon, Cracktooth's, The Hagfish, Risa's and The White Deer generated another 43 gp in mixed coin.

Upon his return Flavius reinvested the 43 gold at the establishments identified above, claiming that the spirit of Cayden brought such generosity his way. The least he could do was offer the coin back to his friends in Sandpoint as a drunken tithe to the drunken hero.

Soon after he rejoined his comrades as they descended back into the depths of Thistletop in search of an ancient evil...


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Name: Dahlia Zivick
Class: Bard/Sublime Chord
Level: 16
Adventure: The end of Spires of Xin-Shalast
Catalyst: High DC Wail of the Banshee, and no Death Ward, followed by a Sphere of Ultimate Destruction

Name: Dee Dee Zivick
Class: Bard / Blood Magus / i forget
Level: 14 (cohort)
Adventure: The end of Spires of Xin-Shalast
Catalyst: Wail of the Banshee

The party has managed to fight their way all the way through the city to the tower like 3 times now. We are making for the endgame when we make it to the throne/statue/portal room leading to Karzoug's runwell area.

After much inter-party debate over whether we join big K, a few crossbow bolts through the portal, and about an hour of real-time, we finally go through the portal, all but the rogue.

Big K finally gets pissed off enough to initiate combat, and we get ready for the whooping. After his wall of force blocking the rogue out is disintegrated, he time-stops and puts up some buffs as well as a prismatic wall across the portal.

His very next action is to cast Wail of the Banshee, targeting the two bards, the cleric, cohort wizard (who nat-20's), and death-ward-protected melee druid. Poor bards go down, only to be raised with revivify.

Dahlia gets about 1/2 second of respite as the Sphere of Ultimate Destruction is right there, and she promptly fails her fort save, dropping her to -53 hp and a pile of dust.

Dee-Dee the cohort gets Revenanced next round, healed a bunch, SAVES against the Sphere (yay, rolling 19's), and sticks around to help us out finishing off the big baddy Karzoug.

oh wait, we win? was that really supposed to happen? oh well, i guess we released the really big baddy, and we can move on to the Curse of the Crimson Throne.

The surviving party members (plus Dahlia after getting True Resurrection) stick together and likely leave the plane for somewhere less demon-inhabited, except the cleric, who Plane Shifted on his own with Karzoug's Glaive and Greater Quicken Metamagic Rod.


Name of PC: Lucid Malevous Tempu
Class/Level: Halfling rogue 3/ sorcerer 3
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Lucrecia and a plan gone wrong
Story: Lucid was given the job of sneaking up to the secret door into the fort from the tunnels below, so the rest of the group could smoke the shocker lizards into the fort. He opened the door and walked right into Lucrecia.
They began to fight and she dropped her wand of scorching ray. As the lizards came running, rather than just run away, he stopped to grab the wand, which allowed Lucrecia to hurt him badly. Then, instead of running out of the fort as was the plan, he ran further into it, which allowed Lucrecia to cast deep slumber on him. She stabbed him as she got her wand back, and then the shocker lizards attacked. Already in the negatives, he was killed by the damage caused by the lizards. She then retreated, and the rest of the party has no idea she even exists.

Liberty's Edge

Name of PC: Borremus Daghanor Flamehammer (aka Gruk)
Class/Level: Dwarf Fighter 8
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Karly-Lop Kreeg (Ogre Barb 4 / War Hulk 2)
Story: After cunningly infiltrating Fort Rannick at night, through the waterfall entrance, the party was able to dispatch Lucrecia (and the 3 runehounds I gave her) after a rough fight. They holed up there for the night,and went upstairs the following morning. They got Silas quickly enough, but were then found by wandering ogres. In the fracas that followed, Gruk went straight into the fray to get to the ogre caster (Dorella), but ended up face to face with Big Karly-Lop. One Ogre Hook Crit later, Gruk was history, having died gloriously like he had been striving to ever since his family got wiped in a giant attack.

Name of PC: Kaydroc
Class/Level: Shoanti Fighter 6
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Minktuck Kreeg and his hook
Story: So, the party unleashed the shocker lizards on Fort Rannick, which did a bit of damage. Then the party came in and engaged the ogres. Kaydroc struck the killing blow on four ogres before finally being engaged by Minktuck. Blows were exchanged and then Minktuck hit Kaydroc with a critical that did over 70 points of damage. The damage wasn't enough to quite kill Kaydroc, but he failed his massive damage save and that was that.
Afterward, the half-orc druid the party had picked up was able to reincarnate a half-orc. Being Shoanti, Kaydroc had a very dim view of half-orcs as a general rule. He now thinks the druid did it on purpose somehow.

Scarab Sages

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Just finished ROTRL Adventure Path. Out of 9 players, all but 1 had character death at one time or another including 3 in the final encouter against Karzoug.

Name of PC: Thodin
Class/Level: Ulfen Paladin (Beta Plus) 1/Fighter 1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Korvus and a bad round of combat
Story: This is the first death in our new ROTR campaign. After having just ended a STAP campaign with players feeling very gunshy, my group has been displaying unsusally cautious tactics. The party consists of:

Rio's Gift - Half-elf working girl from Pixie's Kittens - Half-elf Sorcerer (Dragon Bloodline) 2

Jack of the Rowen, slayer of all things big - Gnome Ranger 2

Munjee - Vudrani Priest or Irori and champion of non-violence - Human Cleric 1/Diviner 1

Boa Mu Bia - Tian monk and follower of Irori - Human Monk 2

Thodin - Ulfen Paladin of Erastil - Human Paladin (Beta Plus) 1 / Fighter 1

The group was very carefully checking out the "zombie holes" when Korvus rushed the party from the side tunnels, screaming in goblin, "Korvus will kill you all". After two rounds of one-on-one combat with Thodin, Korvus was partially correct. The remainder of the PC's manuevered into combat, but on the third round, Korvus had an amazing round of nearly maximum damage from all three attacks, leaving Thodin on his way to the Happy Hunting Ground.

More to follow...?

Liberty's Edge

Name: Lenna Sunrider
Race/Class/Level: Female Human Cleric[Sarenrae] 4
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: A ghoulish nobleman with an obsession.

Exploring the haunted Foxglove Manor, the PCs finally made it to the underground layer of Aldern Foxglove. When the Skinsaw Man made his appearance, the Lenna watched in horror as the undead noble's features slithered to become her own. Springing forward, the murderer cut deep into her stomach, dropping her to the ground. The rest of the party watched in horror as Aldern tumbled away from the swing of Valeros and gleefully slit Lenna's throat.

She's buried in the Sandpoint Boneyard. Her tombstone reads:

Lenna Sunrider

Servant of Sarenrae, Hero of Sanpoint

4684 - 4707

"She gave her today that others might have a tomorrow"

Name: Kadroc
Race/Class/Level: Human (Shoanti, now Half-Orc) Fighter 5
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Being ganged up on by giants.

Kadroc, who's died once to an ogre's hook and was reincarnated as a half-orc, was battling a stone giant at the Storval Stairs. Both were giving as good as they got. Then a second giant made his way over to the fight and in one round, the two beat poor Kadroc to death. Fortunately, the cleric was able to get to him and use a Breath of Life to return him to life. Barely.

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wspatterson wrote:

Name: Kadroc

Race/Class/Level: Human (Shoanti, now Half-Orc) Fighter 5
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Being ganged up on by giants.

Kadroc, who's died once to an ogre's hook and was reincarnated as a half-orc, was battling a stone giant at the Storval Stairs. Both were giving as good as they got. Then a second giant made his way over to the fight and in one round, the two beat poor Kadroc to death. Fortunately, the cleric was able to get to him and use a Breath of Life to return him to life. Barely.

Is he a follower? he is really low level compared to the designed level

Joey Virtue wrote:
wspatterson wrote:

Name: Kadroc

Race/Class/Level: Human (Shoanti, now Half-Orc) Fighter 5
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Being ganged up on by giants.

Kadroc, who's died once to an ogre's hook and was reincarnated as a half-orc, was battling a stone giant at the Storval Stairs. Both were giving as good as they got. Then a second giant made his way over to the fight and in one round, the two beat poor Kadroc to death. Fortunately, the cleric was able to get to him and use a Breath of Life to return him to life. Barely.

Is he a follower? he is really low level compared to the designed level

Shoot, sorry. I meant 9th level. I believe he was 5th the first time he died.

Scarab Sages

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We need a new death tally!

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Mactaka wrote:
We need a new death tally!

Start Counting

Name of PC: Assan
Class/Level: Male Human Cleric of Sarenrae/ level 9
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Large-sized heavy pick and a critical.
Story: The party used the tunnels from the gorge to get into the tunnels under Jorgenfist, but failed to surprise the kobold waiting at the other end. A fight broke out that almost killed the wizard, but ended up catching the attention of the ogres in the tanning room. One of them went and notified the giants in the immediate vicinity about intruders, while the other eight ogres attacked and were brutally mowed down.
The party got into it with a total of six stone giants, but after several rounds, the stone giant general arrived with his heavy pick. The fighter moved to engage him and BAM! Crit, 98 point of damage. The fighter was knocked to -15 hp, but had an 18 con, so wasn't quite dead. Assan moved to heal Kadroc and managed to heal him up to 6 hp before the general stepped forward and BAM! Crit, 104 points of damage. Assan was instantly killed. The party managed to defeat the giants, using enervation on the general to take him out, and freed the prisoners in the smithy. They gathered up Assan's remains and have retreated into the tunnels with the prisoners, intent on bringing them back to the Varisian lowlands before heading back into the fortress. They haven't had the chance yet to have the druid reincarnate Assa, but we rolled for it anyway and he will be coming back as a female elf. His attitude was, "Well, the best thing about coming back as a hot elf chick is the fact that we still have the hot fantasy chick breastplate for Assan to use." They still have the breastplate from the villain in the first adventure.

Joey Virtue wrote:
Mactaka wrote:
We need a new death tally!
Start Counting

308, give our take a few. I counted all deaths(even if the pc was later brought back to life).

Name of PC: Galanodel
Class/Level: Rogue 3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Disrespectful of the dead and an abundance of greed.
Story: The group had just finished off killing Nualia after dealing with the nasty trap in the hallway that gave the barbarian a fair beating, as well as an explosive runes in Lyrie's ex-Pathfinder book. The group continued into the lower depths of the level despite the cleric being out of all spells and positive energy channels.

Galanodel decided to head into the room with all of the crypts while most of the party was looking at the column of gold coins which she discovered to be an illusion. Before anyone could react she had pried one of the sarcophagi open, causing a loud booming noise. She began searching through the remains of the dead looking for goodies. The cleric of desna comes to the entrance of the room saying, "Galanodel, what are you doing? Do not descrate the dead like this!" The barbarian seeing what's going on decides to join in on the fun and rips open one of the other sarcophagi, then Galanodels moves to the next one and continues to open it with a crowbar.

All the while, the cleric of Desna is berrating the two of them for doing this. About this time, the barbarian says, "Relax, these guys have been dead for centuries, and I doubt there are any ghosts here anyways." Just as he says this, a shadowy hand comes through the unopened sarcophagi he's standing before just about to open it, hitting him for 6 strength damage.

Initiative begins with Galanodel going first, she moves forward and attacks at the shadow with her longsword missing since it was not magical. The cleric screams "RUN!" The rest of the party runs out of the room, leaving poor Galanodel all alone when three shadows emerge and strike at her, hitting each time for 6 strength damage. One round later she rises as a shadow out of her body to add more fun to the undead mayhem when the party returns a few days later.

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Name of PC: Zugzugg the Moldsniff brole
Class/Level: Ranger 1 (+3 LA)
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: disintegrate from Mokmurian
Story: It was Zugzugg's first appearance as a PC, and he had enough equipment that he could hang back and snipe during the combat. Unfortunately, he decided instead to try to bluff Mokmurian into believing he was on his side. Mokmurian had no time for that.

Sovereign Court

Name of PC: Mal
Class/Level: Ranger lvl 4
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: The fight with chief Rippnugget and Belor's foolish refusal to get healing.
Story: The party consisted of 2 PCs so for the raid on sandpoint they had enlisted the help of Shelelu and Belor. Previous dealings with Belor had shown him to be the stalwart type to ignore the need of magical healing till absolutely necessary (10hp or below). The party had raised the alarm getting to the island so all the goblins left after the PCs got past the door guard waited for them together in the throne room with Rippnugget, when combat started Belor rushed in and due to a series of lucky rolls the commandos took him down in two rounds because he went into the fight down to 17hp. This was a problem because it left the party without it's main melee brute, Mal being fairly competent with a greataxe steps up to try and clear some of the goblins preventing the healer from getting to Belor, and does a decent job before being taken down by the goblins surrounding him and flanking him. Luckily the fight looked to be going well for the goblins so the ones that had taken him down started looting him leaving barely enough clear space for the healer to get to Belor and bring him back into the fight, unfortunately, one round before the healer could get to Mal he rolled a one on his stabilization check and bled to death.

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Name of PC: Dartaniel
Class/Level: Human Wizard 14
Adventure: Spires of Xin Shalast
Catalyst: Getting too close to the Hidden Beast


The party had See Invisible going as they walked intot he lair of the Hidden Beast, so he wasn't very hidden. After a few rounds of exchanging spells with him and slaughtering his minions, the Wizard did something very foolish. He Dimension Doored right up next to the creature. He then used a couple charges from his Belt of Battle (Magic Item Compendium) to try to cast a Maximized Greater Fireburst, thinking he would blow the creature to bits. Unfortunately, he was a little too close. The AoO smacked him hard. He failed the conentration check to keep the spell. Then it was the Beast's turn. 10 tentacle attacks and two negative levels later, the Wizard was reduced to a paste-like consistency. It was only a temporary death, though. The Cleric was standing by with Revivify, and brought him back.

Lessons Learned: Always, always, cast defensively and never get that close to something with tentacles.

The Exchange

Jayne Casey
CN Human Male Ftr 5
Skinsaw Murders

This fearsome warrior who was never truly threatened by any foe, I mean the guy killed anything that got in his path, was slain last night in the haunted mansion by.... himself. Having failed his Will save against the haunting he drove a jagged peice of wood thru his own heart before his shocked companions could stop him. His final words before entering the room in question will haunt his friends forever.

"This place is begining to damage my calm."

Jayne the women at the Pixie's Kitten will miss you.

Liberty's Edge

Pinche Cabron
Warlock 18

Druid 18

Death by Karzoug using pathfinderized wail of the banshee

Name of PC: Naltak
Class/Level: Favored Soul/
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: domination
Story: In the Iron Cages of Lust the party's damage dealer a ranger/rogue/fighter became dominated and full attacked on the parties healer critical hitting more than once bringing the poor guy to negative 50 or so in one round. I had to swap out a piece of loot for a raise dead scroll or the player would have been playing summoned creatures for a session more.

Liberty's Edge

To make sure he does not feel left out.

Here floats Laidreth Goleneyes, false cleric of Shelyn true follower of Calistria. He flew too high and ended in Freezemaw's maw. Spit out he fell so far and now lies cold and dead in the lake. His party greatly missed him as did Karzoug. His legendary greed fueled much.

The Exchange

Alak Everdusk.

CG M Drow Cleric 6

Skinsaw Murders, Clock Tower.

After 2 rounds of unleashing spells and arrows at Xanesha's Illusion, The party's druid sees through the illusion and locates the lamia. After a 2 rounds of combat the party has her surrounded and she unleashes a full attack in a sweeping arc at the 3 party members. Including a crit against the injured cleric that drops him to -21 HP.

Ouch. At least she died the next round when she tried to Dimension Door away.

Name of PC: Jal Paraiso
Class/Level: Rogue 2/Wizard 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Malfeshnekor
Story: The group was badly wounded with only a few spells and HP's left whilst exploring the last level of Thistletop. They were under the impression that Naulia was trying to summon Malfeshnekor and didn't expect him to be around. Jal and two other characters, Ward Booth and Keira 'Raven' Defour, decided to explore the room whilst the rest of the party waited outside. An invisible Malfeshnekor struck Jal from behind almost killing him out right. After a moments hesitation Ward and Keira decided retreat was the better part of valour and left their comrade to die. At this time they haven't gone back for his body or the a large portion of the group kitty in gems he was carrying. I suspect they will.

My group is now between adventures so I thought I would update the totals.

Several post-it notes later this is what I made it:

(I have assmued the animal companions and NPCs are additional and didn't count back to check)

1st adventure (Burnt Offerings): 130 (+7 animal companion/NPC)

2nd adventure (Skinsaw Murders): 61 (+1 animal companion/NPC)

3rd adventure (Hook Mt): 37 (+1 animal companion/NPC)

4th adventure(FotSG): 32 (+1 animal companion/NPC)

5th adventure (Sins): 9 (+1 animal companion/NPC)

6th adventure (SoX-S): 8 (+2 animal companion/NPC)

Side Quests: 5

Totals: 281 (+13 animal companion/NPC)

The Exchange

My DM should really be posting this, so he can gloat, but as party leader I guess the duty falls to me:

Name of PC: Dage
Class/Level: Fighter 4
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Took a swing at an angry revenant
Story: Pretty much as described above. We were exploring Foxglove Manor, with much of the party having their wits slowly unravel while interacting with the various haunts. Dage was getting bored because he hadn't swung his greatsword once in the last hour. When the revenant got up, screaming for Aldern's blood, he decided it was time to start swinging again. Three rounds later she crushed his windpipe.

Name of PC: Zael
Class/Level: Ranger 4
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Failed a Will save against a haunting effect
Story: We were up in the manor's attic. He was affected by the haunt of a person that caught fire and jumped out a window. He failed the Will save, thought he was on fire, and did the same. He crashed through the window, fell down to the rooftop below, narrowly missing being impaled on a weather vane. Then the murder of undead crows descended on him. While they were tearing him to bits, he went over the side and took a three hundred foot plunge to the ocean below.

Name of PC: Conradethesmes Tang
Class/Level: Half-Orc Monk/5
Skinsaw Murders, Clock Tower
Catalyst: Xanesha and a failure to realize that withdrawing is ok sometimes.

Pathfinder BETA rules:

7 PCs, all level 5 took on Xanesha. By the time they defeated the Golem, the Bell and the Stalkers a) they were all healed completely, b) Bard and Wizard only down a couple of spells, and c) they had a new shiny Wand of Dispel Magic (2 charges) that the Bard had and the Wizard had 1 memorized.

They got to the top, hit the silence and Xanesha was invisible. They charge over to her nest, and she hit the Monk hard with an AOO as he approached, not knowing she was there. Wizard and Bard *both* did NOT cast a Dispel Magic, and both the Dwarf fighter, Monk, Rogue, Cleric and Ranger (archer) missed. Since she hit the Monk, she continued attacking him, and he should have retreated after the first full round since she hit him twice again, but he stayed and died on the next round. The Bard & Wizard finally brought down all her spells and the Cleric Bestowed Curse which dropped her Dex by six, so the others finished her off. They called in every favor they had in Magnimar to get the Monk raised.

-- david

Not a PC, but our Druids Animal Companion bought it in the first encounter :)

Name of PC: Coke
Class/Level: Animal Companion (Dog) to Ammeretti the Druid
Burnt Offerings, Goblin Pyros
Catalyst: A goblin, terrified of dogs

The group were the only people to stay in the town square when the goblin raid started, as everyone else fled. This left three goblins to deal with, one of which attacked Coke out of fear, but never landed a hit. This goblin, while distracted, was dispatched by the dwarf barbarians greatsword.

When a wagon full of liquor exploded, the group moved south to engage more goblins. Coke leapt forward as before, barking all the way. The groups sorceror moved in and attempted to knockout two goblins with Colour Spray. However, Coke was caught in this and went over with one of the goblins. The other goblin made his save, and went next.

He found himself in an unthreated position, next to and unconscious dog, so he slit the dogs throat. The blow put Coke to -1, but he failed his DC17 Fort save and instantly expired. The goblin was immediately afterwards skewered by the aforementioned greatsword.

Can't remember full details, but this past sunday our group had a second 6 man TPK at Mokmurian.

My first PC death happened last night.

Name of PC: Vaxielle
Class/Level: Fighter 4
The Skinsaw Murders, The Misgivings.

The party had investigated the servants quarters and the ranger had spotted the opening down in the well. The same ranger also decided to take a shot at the carrion crows, which triggered the carrion swarms. The party decides to flee down the well and into the opening, managing to get a rope tied and dropped down before the crows swarm.

Vaxielle is the first down the well, and after some difficulty ends up in the cave and ends up fighting the dire ghoul bat. He's battered down to single digit hit points in short order, so flees back to the well with the ghoul bat in pursuit. This leads to a tight quarters fight in the well between the bat and everyone else in the party. The cleric pulses off some channeling, keeping Vaxielle barely alive in the water...

... but it was all over when Vaxielle made an attempt to grapple the bat, got bit on the way in and end up paralyzed. He started sinking to the bottom of the well. The party did manage to destroy the dire ghoul bat (the cleric resorted to using the big Cure spells to destroy it) and the monk did his best to try and rescue Vaxielle but blew his own swim rolls and was barely able to escape drowning himself.

And so ended the career of Vaxielle, veteran of the assaults on the Catacombs of Wrath and Thistletop.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
William Pall wrote:
Can't remember full details, but this past sunday our group had a second 6 man TPK at Mokmurian.

Now that there has been some time for the mental scarring to heal, what details can you recall?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Name of PC: Dox the Moldsniff brole
Class/Level: Sorcerer 8 (+3 LA)
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Stone giant brute squad guarding the Storval Stairs
Story: When he saw three stone giants lined up in perfect "lightning bolt formation" Dox ran out in front of his armoured companions and cast his spell, doing a fair bit of damage. This, of course, made him the prime target for the stone giants.

What's a brole?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
hogarth wrote:
What's a brole?

Whoops! I should have edited that. A brole is what the troll-kin goblins in my campaign call themselves. Sorry for the lack of clarity.

Four deaths, two I forgot to post, two last night..

Module: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Character: Lucas, Human Paladin of Cayden Cailen (12)
Location: Mokmurian's Throne Room
Cause of Death: Mokmurian
Mokmurian put up a terrific ten round fight before being forced to retreat up into the fortress, gather reinforcements, and return to wreak vengeance. The heroes maintained great wound from the two Troll Fighters while the remaining Stone Giants watched the battle unfold. With the Trolls dropped, Mokmurian did the classic bad-guy quote: "Leave them...they're mine!" and waded back in. A couple full attacks later and Lucas, having already expended all of his healing, was laid to rest. Raised from the dead after the surviving memebers defeated Mokmurian with Conna's help.

Module: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Character: Seltiel (NPC from back of module, ran by a player playing one night)
Location: Mokmurian's Throne Room
Cause of Death: Mokmurian's Disintergrate Spell
'Nuf Said.

Module: Sins of The Saviours
Character: Lem, Bard from Back of Modules (Ran as NPC)
Location: Shimmering Veils of Pride
Cause of Death: Death by Massive damage from an Empowered Fireball, launched by Vraxeris's Simalucrams
Pretty self-explanatory again

Module: Sins of The Saviours
Character: RedCloak, Human Rogue (13)
Location: Halls of Gluttony
Cause of Death: Drained to a Husk by Two Dread Wraiths
The party was quite sure they didn't need to go into the gluttonous halls, yet after their encounter with Delhavine in the Iron cages of lust, they were soon "convinced" otherwise. (I figured since Kavazen is the only one Delhavine can't charm, she would have them take him out, giving her near complete control of the runeforge). Being surprised by the Dread Wraiths, the heroes fought bravely, even taking down one rather quickly. However, the second one got lucky on a number of attacks while the party's luck on saves against its Constitution Drain failed. The result was well over a net total of 30 Constitution points drained by the wraith, turning an easy fight into a long, drawn out battle of attrition. The wraith continually assailed whoever was weakest on Constitution, which turned out to be RedCloak. He was the only member of the party who had lived since the very first module, since Sandpoint. The party mourned the loss of one of its morally ambiguous heroes (no way of bringing someone back when they've been drained to 0 Con).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

First time aware of this post, so I have a little catching up to do...

Name of PC: Dhuum k'Zadren
Class/Level: dwarf Artificer1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Junker's Edge - Sandpoint

Story: Dhuum was an artificer who had an eye for creating his own mechanical contrivances, particularly mechanical minions or even a clockwork golem. I assured him he had plenty of time to gather the mats for such things when he'd gained some time, money n' even the feats necessary to create such gizmos, but he was determined to search the junkyard beach below Sandpoint for parts NOW!! What's worse, he told no one in the party what he was doing or where he was going, and so he went alone to the junkyard at night... needless to say, a band of 4 goblins from the Seven Tooth tribe was also rummaging for parts n' pieces that night, and poor Dhuum was no match for a 4-against-1 fight at 1st level.

Name of PC: Toren
Class/Level: human Ranger3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Tentamort - below Thistletop

Story: Not much to say here... Toren was a two-fisted Ranger, maxed his Str n' Dex at the expense of only having a 13 Con or so... He was stung in battle with the Tentamort twice and failed both saves, resulting in a total Con loss of about 18. You don't get much deader than that.

Name of PC: Anthius
Class/Level: human Paladin3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Malfeshnekor - below Thistletop

Story: This one was rather epic. The party had found the key to Malfeshnekor's Prison and so of course when they found a door it seemed to fit, of course they were going to open it! Since the barghest heard them outside the door, he'd cast his bull's strength, blink, and invisibility sphere spells in advance, so when the party opened the door they saw just an empty room with a firepit, golden candles and a carved symbol on the wall. After they'd entered to investigate, the fiend attacked with total surprise, laying out Tarsus the warlock nearly instantly and incapacitating the fighter Pomari with Crushing Despair the following round. The party quickly rallied and fought valiantly but were clearly outmatched. The wounded were pulled back out into the corridor and they were going to seal the room again, trapping the fiend again for all time (they believed that once the doors were opened it could roam freely). Determined not to let this great evil loose upon the land, Anthius bravely blocked the entrance, shouting "You shall not pass!" Anthius did battle with the fiend for about 3 rounds before it dropped him, while his two remaining companions watched from the doorway helplessly. And the party cleric, Pondius (Anthius's brother) was forced to seal the room with Anthius's body inside, trapping his brother in with the beast.

The Exchange

Once again... (Longtooth! You're slacking!)

I'll list the PCs, then tell one complete story, since they all died in the same encounter.

Name: Anyana
Class/Lvl: Varisian Fighter 6
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Moved into a flanked position between a pair of lamia matriarchs. Dropped next round. Killed by fellow PC (Maser).

Name: Vors Malcroft (my character)
Class/Lvl: Taldan Paladin of Erastil 6
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Moved in to save Anyana.

Name: Bruski
Class/Lvl: Ulfen Cleric of Cayden Cailean 6
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Moved in to save Anyana and Vors.

Name: Maser
Class/Lvl: Gnome Bard 6
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Killed Anyana.

Story: We'd come up with a pretty good strategy for entering the fort unseen and neutralizing the threat of the troops. Drove the shocker lizards upstairs, had the druid do a call lightning, and had the stealth members of the party start a fire under the wooden barracks after bracing the door shut. We figured we'd make our way upstairs during the confusion, take out the ogre leaders we assumed were up in the tower somewhere, and toss their heads down on the ogres below while peppering them with missile fire (and lightning). Then we opened a secret door and found the matriarchs (Xanesha had escaped us in the first encounter.)

Anyana moved into the room to allow the rest of the party access, since they were strung out in the narrow passage outside and most of the spellcasters didn't have line of sight. Both opponents focused their attacks on her. She dropped. Vors was the next in line, so he began taking 5 foot steps and full attack actions, trying to take out Xanesha and reach Anyana in time to lay on hands, and hopefully give them something else to do besides a coup de grace. The latter part worked like a charm, and on the round he was adjacent to Anyana, Xanesha scored a critical hit and skewered him. -13 hit points.

Xanesha dropped soon after, allowing more room for the rest of the PCs to move in. Maser got in, moved around near Anyana...and cut her throat. Part of his backstory involved amnesia, which he'd been relieved of shortly before this. What the rest of us (excepting his cousin, the rogue) didn't know was that he'd been captured and extensively tortured by a covey of hags. The restoration of his memories apparently drove him nuts. Let this be a lesson to you: don't keep other characters in the dark; it never turns out okay in the end. Our DM was saying things afterward like: "He was acting pretty strangely." To which we replied: "Yes, but he was a gnome," and "Strange, yes; potentially homicidal, no."

Maser was killed shortly thereafter by Anyana's twin sister, Adreas the sorcerer. He'd dropped, his cousin Miss W had picked him up and tried to flee with him, and Adreas riddled him with magic missiles.

All in all, morale was pretty low at the end of that one.

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