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Kerrdremak (and other kobolds) with thick Russian accents

Pathfinder Modules

I had printed it out the new stat block format sample page and was looking it over when my 15 month old came over and pointed at the picture of the kobold. I put on a thick russian accent (but with a high squeaky voice too) and said "I am being Kerrdremak" as I cocked my head to the side in a parrot like style. "Kerrdremak always likey pink-skins"

My son squealed in delight and thus I think I have found the voice style for the kobolds.


I like that, I do different voices for specific nationalities or creatures, so far I have:
Kobolds: A cross between a Michael Jackson impression and the Crack Fox from the Mighty Boosh if you've seen it
Brevoy: Thick russian accents
Katapesh, Qadira, Qadira, Thuvia: Stereotypical "Arab Scumbaf Merchant" voice as I call it
Varisians: Filthy gypsies
Ustalav: Euro-trash for the nobles and german for the peasants
The criminal classes: Cockney
Halflings: West Country/Bristolian
Cheliax: Italian
Dwarves: Scottish (of course)

Liberty's Edge

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