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Vanderboren Family Crest

Savage Tide Adventure Path

The Exchange

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I'm in the process of paiting a new fig for Lavinia that reflects her taking on a few class levels. The fig I have is a rapier wielding beauty with a pistol, wearing a blank tabard.

Here it is

So I'm thinking the family crest should definitely be painted on the tabard. Does anyone have any good ideas of what that should look like?

The Exchange

That would make a pretty good Lavinia fig. The good news I have for you is that somebody on here actually made up a really nice Vanderboren Family Crest, I'm betting if you did a search and worded it just right, you'd find a link to it or some such. Essentially it was crossed swords in the shape of a "V", along with the "Seekers" symbol (see the family vault in TINH if you don't know what that is about), and a snake in the middle iirc.

I have it saved on my computer at home, but alas I am currently at work, where I don't have access to it.

Here's the crest:

The Exchange

Awesome, I knew somebody would have it.

By the way, not that it's really directly related, but I thought I'd show everyone the fig I'm using for Lavinia.

But that musketeer chick is great too. This one is also from Reaper.

Oooh, that crest is complicated. I thought is was a little simpler than that.

I'm using a druid as a stand in for Lavinia-with-class-levels. She's got a long cloak, a standard (sort of...)and a scumitar. Melisande the Pirate is one of the PC's and I'm not a big fan of the musketeer line.

What are others using as a stand in for Vanthus?

I really like that crest. I will be showing it to my players when they do the Vanderboren siege thing.

The Exchange

Yeah, the crest is well done. And I can't believe I was thinking it was a snake in the middle instead of a griffon. *sigh* oh well it all worked out in the end.

As to the question of a fig for Vanthus, we haven't had to use one, yet. I hadn't really given it much thought. By the time we see him again, he'll have wings so a standard human fig just won't cut it.

Here's my Lavinia, with levels:

Here's my Vanthus, after BWG:

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That fig for Vanthus is great. I was puzzling over what to use. Is the Mephisto fig's scale right? I've only seen the online pic, and I was worried he'd be oversized.

The Melisande fig is great for Lavinia, but I had a terrible time getting it locally. The Musketeer really works for my NPC concept as I'm playing her as a noble and will definitely be giving her a firearm.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My current plan for Vanthus is this.

No wings, but the attitude is there.

The Exchange

Yeah, I noticed that right as this AP was coming out, they seemed to put out a large number of pirate and nautical themed figs. I'm certain that was not coincidental.

You and I use the same Lavinia Patrick. She is a great fig. The feathered cap just screams "noble trying to pose as pirate".

I'm glad I'm not the only one who envisions Lavinia as trying to look the part a little too much.

Luke, Mephisto is a little larger scale. If one assumes that standard 25mm figs represent a 6' person, then Mephisto would look about 8'. To me, though, it captures all the right changes present in the artwork. I figure it's easy to explain away the size difference through the Lemorian transformation. And honestly, I think the more impressive Vanthus appears when he returns, the more my players will want to take him out. We just started SWW, and they ask me after _every_ session, "So, no more signs of Vanthus? Nothing?" ...and then they give a little disappointed sigh.

The Exchange

Yeah, the poor girl has been through a LOT these past few weeks. She is still just a young girl really, who just lost her parents through betrayal by her brother. She's been thrust into this adulthood thing under horrible circumstances, before she was ready. So naturally she's going to be trying hard to "act the part" while she finds herself. Her mother was a great adventurer and explorer, so she wants to honor her memory by following that path. She's torn between wanting to be the proper, courtly, matronly noblewoman she was trained to be, and the rough and ready adventurer she aspires to be. Her outfit should show that dual nature as well, and as I said, that figure does that.

Nice crest, thanks for posting the link. Hmmm... what is the griffin holding in its claws? It looks like it is crushing a crown?

(Is this based on a description from the AP? I only have read a couple ahead in the AP, maybe I have not gotten to the description of it...)

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Does anyone still have that crest? The link up there is dead.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Zaister wrote:
Does anyone still have that crest? The link up there is dead.

I'd like to see the Vanderboren family crest myself...

I don't know if it is the same crest as linked above (but I'll expect it is), but I have one in a word doc on my computer.

I did a google images search just now (vanderboren crest) & I found a picture of the crest in the list --> one of the campaings on Obsidian Portal.

I'll enter the link of the Obsidian Portal below, however the crest may not be visible (red cross on my computer) (I don't know why it can be seen in google though)

crest or cross - do you feel lucky?

If that doesn't work, PM me (edit: or you can try contacting Anthony Law - he still posts).


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