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Unexpected things your characters have done.

Savage Tide Adventure Path

I'm curious what unusual and unexpected things groups characters have done. In the game I'm running, the party's cleric decided to announce their arrival at the Blue Nixie. "Prepare to be boarded" or some such thing. Of course the same cleric wins initiative when the first of the thugs tries to fire on the party and casts "concealling mist". By the time the spell ended, they were facing all of the thugs. They survived, but decided the horse size bug was going to be to much after the bard stuck his head down in the hold and saw it. Of course, Lavinia can't find the number for the local Orkin man so she is going to send them in for pest control, but they don't know that yet.

Liberty's Edge

"Prepare to be boarded."
So close to the line that divides bravery and idiocy,...flip a coin, sezz oye.

Last session, we faced off against the BBEG in the Hextor wing of the TFoE cult comp-lex in AoW. We were down to the one big cleric, with 2 of our own not just down, but very very very dead (-29hp kind of does that). Our Paladin had less than 6hp (I think it was 2), and he used both healing potions on a fallen comrade. Our fighter was plugging away at the cleric, hiding on a balcony, with his bow, but getting just about no where. Our sorcerer was out of spells, as was I, the Archivist.

What do I do? Charge off into the unexplored bowels of the cult hideout trying to find a way to the door behind the cleri BBEG. I interrupted the DM's very nice description of the first room to inform him I only wanted to know if there were things in it I needed to worry about attacking me.

Finally get around to the other side, pull out a Wand of Shatter and shatter the cleric's holy symbol, a big greatsword.

Pissed off clerics of Hextor are not a good thing to have turn on a puny Archivist.

Remind me to get another wand of shatter.


Ummm... I think that should have gone in the AoW threads.

Half of my party didn't want to leave well enough alone when hearing about Keltar Islaran's murder in TINH, and decided to go all 'CSI' on me and sneak into Keltar's bedroom in the middle of the night to do some snooping...

To their credit (and my amazement) they pulled it off. Now they have some more clues that will point to the Lotus Dragons when the final confrontation goes down.

There are times when I think about walling off Left Field, but then I realize that I'd miss out on so much good stuff! :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dalesman
"Bringing Big D**n Justice to the Bad Guys Since 1369 DR"

During the fight on the Blue Nixie, the party's fighter walks into the hold to find the giant spider munching on the thug and...turns around and runs like a little girl for the life boats. I laughed my ass off because everything else they had run into so far he had faced with overwhelming bravado.

The same character took the prop letter from Lavinia I had given the party, and read it out loud to the rest of the party in Pirate speak, "so they could understand it". We were all laughing.

Liberty's Edge

Grimtk1 wrote:

During the fight on the Blue Nixie, the party's fighter walks into the hold to find the giant spider munching on the thug and...turns around and runs like a little girl for the life boats. I laughed my ass off because everything else they had run into so far he had faced with overwhelming bravado.

The same character took the prop letter from Lavinia I had given the party, and read it out loud to the rest of the party in Pirate speak, "so they could understand it". We were all laughing.

Sounds like a raucus crew. Good times, man.

Liberty's Edge

Two of my players (the human mage & human dragon shaman), just before Lavinia's dinner, decided to go at the bookstore at the corner of Lavinia's house. There :

1- they bought a book as a gift for Lavinia (a book about the old customs of reverence in oeridian courts),

2- they asked information about Lavinia's family, thus about circumstances of her parents'death (I decided the seller knew about this), about her brother, her parents'business (I also decided the seller knew a little about a colony settled very far on the "isle of dread"),...

Two other players decided to go at a game club (in the merchant district, thus, rich & educated people there). One player, a human fighter, is a gambler (and cheats here & then), the other one (halfling rogue), acting as his servant, put a card in a player's sleeve. Then, when the 1st player was beginning to lose, he began to shout about a cheater (guy with card in its sleeve), and the "cheater" was very sorry, reimbursing other players...

A fun RP session.

Two of my players, a swashbuckler and spellthief, both from the 'wrong side of the canal' as it were, have struck up a rivalry vying for Lavinia's affections. This has led to a series of practical jokes and snide comments which have proven most hilarious for the entire group of players.

The spellthief escalated the situation by prestidigitating the swashbuckler's wine goblet to spill on him during dinner, as he was bragging about his recent exploits defending a ship from boarding by pirates.

The swashbuckler later responded by succeeding on a Bluff check to offer the spellthief a handy remedy for sea urchin poisoning involving bodily functions.

They both then proceeded to head off to one of the brothels in the merchant district while the rest of the party were preparing to interrogate two captured Lotus Dragon rogues in the Vanderborn manor. Lavinia came in and overheard some of the party members openly discussing torturing the rogues for information (a bluff but she didn't know that), and the two off whoring were the only ones spared a scathing lecture about the proprieties involved when working for a noblewoman.

One of my players 1/2 orc fighter bluffed his way onto the Blue Nixie while the rest of the party hid on shore with long bows. They were able to take the ship with out any rucus at all.

My players, when first searching for Vanthus(sp?) decided to take a trip down to the plantation where he was sent by his parents. As an off hand comment I had said he was sent to work on the Cauldren Vanderborn's plantation, as to distance him from Sasserine aand the embarrassment he caused. So I had to pull a trip down to Caludren and the plantation out of nowhere. It was cool though, my group doesn't do as much role playing as I would like, and this was an almost all roleplaying session.

Lantern Lodge

While looking for Vanthus - they decided out of the blue that Parrot Island would be a great place to look - fortunately Vanthus was tailing them to size them up at the time he over heard their plans to go hunting for the pirate hideaway on the island and hatched a quick plan. Needless to say he had his crony pose as a guide to the island and he lead them to the "ideal spot to look."

It all went off as planned but the fact that they pull that location out of the map and said - here - threw me for a loop! I love it when they do that!

I already posted this in the "glories" post, but it was so funny I think it needs to be posted twice.

During the final fight with Rowyn and Guttugger, the halfling rogue who can't seem to get a flank in edgewise decides not to tumble past Guttugger, not to tumble through his square, but to jump on his back, spur him on, and call out "Time me! Eight seconds!"

Through some great rolls she hung on for a record time for any halfling cowgirl!

To get onto the Blue Nixie my players (2 women-one of which is my wife-, 1 male Halfling, 1 male Gnome, and 1 male Dwarf) acted like hookers, pimp, minstrel, and body guard sent by the “boss”. The ladies both flashed their brest at me. How could they fail their diplomacy and bluff roles after THAT?

The banter between my wife’s character and her Halfling barbarian side kick has been amusing to say the least…wife says to Halfling, ”you drank the last bottle of rum, ya’ little bastard”. Halfling’s player stands up, grabs crotch, and replies “I got yar bot’le o’ rum right here”. Wife counters, looks more like a thimble to me”. This stopped the game for about 5 minutes.

Capt. Arr has done it again. The party was closing in on Rowyn and came to the room with the Rhagadossa chained to the wall. The Dwarf fighter was in the lead and got grappled as soon as he entered the room. Being that he had already established that he was petrified of the things, he decided the best course of action was to break the elemental gem (which the party did not end up using in the Parrot Island tunnels) and summoned up the Earth Elemental to "destroy the spider without harming him". The elemental sized up the monster and gave it a good swat. It took the risk it only needed a 1 to miss the spider completely. The two arms that had grappled the dwarf were still imbeded in his body and everything else was flattened. No one in the party can believe he wasted such a powerful magic item, but it was all in character.

The PCs came to the training room in the Lotus Dragon hideout. I barely got out the description of the training dummies when our barbarian shouted "I attack the dummies!!!!" We were all a bit surprised by this outburst, but she is chaotic and she just likes attacking things so it kinda makes sense. I decided that such a sudden outburst constituted "surprising" the disguised rogues. On the surprise round the barbarian felled the first rogue with one hit, and the party was a little stunned to see it was actually a person dressed as a dummy. Now all we have to do is yell "I attack the dummies!!!" and laughter ensues.

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