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Name Your Starship! ... Random 1d100 starship name generator, capable of over 10,000 unique names for your ship in mere seconds! ... Also! Bonus ray gun effect generator for color and type, using 3d6. ... Page count: 2

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Eat Your Enemies! ... It’s Christmastime in Tokyo, and sirens are blaring. Men, women, and children put aside work, school, shopping, and the many distractions that life in modern Japan offers. They move quickly, but calmly to the nearest emergency shelters, for they know only too well what these...

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Dungeon delving is serious business ... ... ... and li'l adventurers need to learn the ins and outs before they're ready for the big time. Dungeoneering 101 is an activity book that will help get your budding adventuring party up to speed. Inside are dungeon-themed activities including a word...