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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Evilborough has never been a place like any others. It seemed as though the sun never shone here, eternal obscure and darkness covered the village. Twisted arms of dark trees stretched towards the misty sky. ... One day a small group of people settled down by the village. It was an occultist...

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This set includes 79 terrain tiles in 2 PDF files! ... This is the updated version of Ground Set #10, the older set included only 38 tiles, but now this set including 37 road tiles and 42 ruin tiles. ... Each tile is 6x6 inch based, with and without grid. ... Image format: US Letter, 200 dpi, PDF...

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Do You like our 3D based maps and the Battlemap-Chambers #2, but want to make own tiles? ... This set includes the classic ground set tiles, but you can customize all tiles now! ... All tiles include 3-8 switchable objects. ... Includes: 16 customizable tiles (+ classic empty tiles) + giant...

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This pdf is a winter set from the 'Ground sets' series, with trees, tree trunks, stones and bushes. This is a multi-layered pdf file. When you switch a layer on the content of the layer going to switch all pages on, too. Few click only and you get a forest! ... You can fit any map together...

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Would you like to have your game be fought in real trenches on your table? These trench tiles will have you feeling like you're actually sneaking and fighting down in the trenches. With bullets whizzing right over your head and the shouts of the wounded in the air, you'll know that this is time... Gift Certificates
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