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RPG Superstar 2015

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Six different games PLUS Rules to Link the Games PLUS East Front Campaign Game. ... Each game is an Operational Level simulation of the campaigns of World War One. The game is played by two players; one controls the Central Powers forces (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and their allies), the other...

Our Price: $23.00



This game opens up the skies of WWI for a new flying adventure. Fans of the WWII Down in Flames games will quickly learn the new rules and enjoy the new decisions and options offered by the new game. New fans will be up and flying within 15 minutes of reading the rules. ... Players customize...

List Price: $120.00

Our Price: $108.00


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Hurtgen: Hell's Forest (WAR system). A prequel and addition to the Wacht am Rhein game that can be played alone or as part of expanded Wacht am Rhein scenarios. Includes scenarios for September, October, and November plus a campaign game. Two maps, seven counter sheets. ... Battle for H rtgen...

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Lightning North Africa covers the great battles of Erwin Rommel from 1941 to 1943, as he fought his way back and forth across the deserts of North Africa. LNA uses cards to represent the military units, supply convoys and objectives of the historic campaign. To win, you must consider your units'...

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Our Price: $26.96

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Patton's First Victory recreates the 1943 Tunisian Campaign, and can be played in 1-2 hours. Featuring a full order of battle of all the historic divisions, Patton's First Victory also includes support assets that can be assigned to divisions to increase their strength. Should the Axis player...

Our Price: $50.00



In the far future, Earth is a distant myth. When mankind gained the means to transit the vastness of space safely and quickly, a great human wave extended across the galaxy, and humans soon inhabited thousands of worlds. ... Communities of worlds formed alliances; alliances became federations,...

List Price: $60.00

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List Price: $160.00

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Wacht am Rhein is a grand-tactical simulation of that enormous battle. The more than 2,200 counters in the game represent every formation, at company and battalion levels, which fought in the Ardennes, including US, German, British, French, Canadian and Belgian units. Infantry, armor, anti-tank,...

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