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Jones ducked under the power claw that the Too-Nia warrior threw at him, the sharp-edged weapon just missing taking the marine’s head off. Pulling his plasma pistol, Jones burned the crab-like bug down. Getting to his feet once more, he jumped into a crater as another Too-Nia warrior threw a...

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The Star Marshal ordered the pirates to surrender, but the filthy raiders just continued to fire their blaster guns as they stood firm in the middle of the passageway. “Well, sir,” offered his trusted pilot and second in command, “it's not like you didn’t give them a chance.” ... “Bring up the...

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Our Price: $2.49

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Smith listened to the screams of his squad mates as the Hive swarm overran their position. “Damn stinking critters ain’t going to get me, he swore, standing up out of his foxhole and unloading his laser rifle into the oncoming horde of nightmarish creatures. Just then, Smith watched as something...

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The Tax Man Cometh!,

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