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Third Dawn Adventure Path—From the Deep #2: Ruling Three (PFRPG) PDF

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The From the Deep Adventure Path resumes after the PCs have returned to the city of Arbil for some much-deserved rest. But instead of finding a peaceful city, increasingly frequent and vicious raids by the tribal orcs found along the unclaimed coastlines spoil the plans of the party.

The PCs are tasked with tracking down the reason why the orcs are attacking Arbil in increasing numbers. In their journeys, the PCs will travel along the wild coastlines of Tion, encountering the untamed inhabitants that have yet to be pacified by the Protectorate, and even out across the ocean ruled by the Maquoran Fleet.

But is the true danger from across the ocean or from below it?

Also included in "Ruling Three" is detailed information on the lizardfolk race, several new psionic monsters, and information on the coastlines of the Protectorate.

Author: Michael McCarthy

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Product Discussion (11)
Dreamscarred Press

Woohoo, the second part of the From the Deep Adventure Path is finally available!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Cool, I totally missed this being released! :D

Dreamscarred Press

Just discovered that a level of map is missing from the adventure.

We'll be updating as quickly as possible once we track down the missing map.

Dreamscarred Press

This adventure has been updated to include the missing map level. :)

Dreamscarred Press

We will be releasing a second revision soon. There were a few inconsistencies that were unfortunately overlooked prior to release.

Dreamscarred Press

And this has been updated. We'd like to apologize for the updates - adventures are a new product type for us and it's definitely been a trial by fire. :)

And reviewed the updated pdf here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Cheers!

Thanks for the review, End! I'm sure we'll see if there's an easy way to spice up that final dungeon a little to make it as good as the rest of the adventure.

If you add environmental complications (Aboleth muck-pools, stalagmites, rising tides etc. - something like this...) I'd happily upgrade my review to 5 stars - generally very well-written! :D

Dreamscarred Press

Just sent the proposed changes to layout.

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