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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Maps of Mastery—Terrain Card Set #4: Alien Starship Tiles

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A menace from beyond the stars...

With the Alien Starship Tiles, you can instantly assemble a fleet of organic vehicles or locations for nearly any purpose, setting up limitless possibilities for exploration and adventure!

  • Endlessly reusable in any combination
  • Custom-build unique biological ships & landscapes
  • Create countless vessels of an alien invasion fleet
Set includes:
  • Twelve 5x8-inch double-sided cards
  • Two bonus tiles inside the cover
  • Free, colored terrain lines for miniatures gameplay!

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Product Availability

Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days.

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Product Discussion (6)

These are listed in the "virtual tabletop" subcategory, but they are physical cards, right?


They are physical cards.

Thanks, Liz. I figured they were but accidentally bought some PDF ones by mistake once so I'm a little paranoid now.


If it's a digital version, it should say "PDF" or "Download" or "ePub" at the end of the product title, but I do sometimes miss it. The product availability tag at the bottom of the page is the final answer though—digital versions are always available immediately after purchase.

Yeah - it was entirely user error. I didn't even twig when I wasn't charged any shipping.

I'm sure you guys labelled it correctly - I just got overly jumpy at the virtual table top reference. Thinking about it now, I needn't have bugged you about it anyway. I could have just look at the estimated shipping time and charges. Thanks for clarifying for me, though.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for being on top of this, Liz! :)

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