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Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–01: Rise of the Goblin Guild (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 22 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

When a monster is discovered on the grounds of the Pathfinder Lodge at Heidmarch Manor in Magnimar, an investigation into its appearance leads the PCs deep under the City of Monuments—and face to face with a burgeoning thieves’ guild.

Written by Matthew Goodall.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Product Reviews (22)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 22 ratings)

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Really enjoyed this Scenario

****( )

Just gm'd this scenario for my first star and I love it. Granted the faction missions have been removed but half my table was new to PFS. Even with taking some generous amounts of time go over some basics and help along the new players, the scenario ran smoothly and everyone had a good time. Its just me but I really get into scenarios with goblins and Ekkie is my girl :)

If you have the right skills, you can have a pet goblin for the scenario!

****( )

Thanks to the fact that I had a good intimidation and was able to speak Goblin, my Fighter had managed to have the goblin as a minion until the final bout.

Fun mix of chase, roleplaying, and combat

****( )

I ran this last night with three PCs and me playing a premade, but aside from a smaller table size than we would have liked we all had fun with this one!

I've heard a lot of naysaying about chases, but we really enjoyed the one in this scenario. Instead of just laying out the diagram and playing Pathfinder: the Board Game, using descriptions and story-telling as the PCs encountered and overcame each objective worked really well.

I also didn't mind (most of) the faction missions happening right at the start. They felt sort of tossed-in, but on the other hand it was nice to have them out of the way and the PCs focused on the task at hand instead of spending most of the scenario trying to figure out what they should be looking for.

The only down side to the scenario was what felt like a lengthy, combat-heavy dungeon crawl at the end. Even without having time for the optional encounter, the last section felt somewhat sluggish with different combat encounters all in a row with largely the same enemy... nothing interesting to split them up.

Not bad, not great

***( )( )

Theres not much I can say here that hasnt already been said in all the other reviews given by so many! However theres a couple things I do want to say and to explain these ill use a few spoilers:

Id like to add something about the problems with NPCs that are basically PCS, in this case the Goblin Ekkie. The problem with PC/NPCS is that they are so difficult to balance! Sometimes such an Npc is very strong, skilled and useful in which case why do they need you? The pcs rapidly come to the conclusion that they are being carried by the npc and that they just need to keep her alive and she will handle all the problems for them. Or the Npc is weak, unskilled and useless in which case why do you need them? Why not just kick them out of the party? Its a difficult thing to find the right balance for, giving the npc just enough skill and power to be useful without overshadowing the pcs and giving them an easy win! Needless to say I felt that Ekkie was not a well balanced npc, she is too useful and too skilled! It didnt take us long to realize we didnt need to do anything and she would bring down the baddies for us.(Matt Goodall has revealed that Ekkie is meant to be quite cowardly, which would mitigate her usefulness. This was never played in the game I was in. Rather Ekkie seemed rather brave.)

The second problem regards the Faction missions in this Mod. I think that the Silver Crusade mission was poorly written and poorly thought out. The dependence on one way to achieve this goal is self sabotaging to the point of ridiculousness. When I read this mission I thought the goal was to perform acts of charity through out the city, that perhaps it would lead to something that way, some citizen that needed help or something. In a way it did but not directly, apparently the truth behind this mission is that I had to be kind and charitable to Ekkie the Goblin, which is silly because during the chase scene she is the enemy and could easily die, resulting in a failed mission! And what if I had taken a dislike to her attempts at thievery and it resulted in my turning her over to the authorities? Which is not unreasonable for a lawful good character to do...
Then there was the lantern lodge mission... I watched as one of my fellow players failed his Faction mission, which involved talking to someone at the Kaijitsu estate or something. He failed because he couldnt find out where the estate was...He simply failed the roll to find that information. He tried, hell i tried to help him when he came to me but i failed the roll too! The problem with this? where was the contingency plan designed to give him another way to succeed in his mission if he failed the roll, which he inevitably would because that's how dice work! What should have happened is that he should have been allowed to simply bribe a guard or one of the many thieves in the city should have offered to take him to the estate for a price... maybe that price could have been a favour instead of money so that a poor pc could have still succeeded!

The traps were horrible. Or I should say the way the were used was. In the module on of the goblins had a readied action saved to trigger a pit trap the moment you are in position to be dropped into it. I loathe this and heres why: Readied actions shoudlnt be used like that. Do you stand around all day ready to push a button? dont you get tired doing that? lose concentration and forget, get distracted and then fail to react in time? Shouldnt there be a roll involved such as initiative check or perception check? thats not the way it was played... the goblin guard reacts perfectly, pulling the lever automatically despite the rat tossing game going on right there and then... In the real world security guards get bored, thats why we use cameras and such!to put it another way, can my character walk around with a readied action to attack anyone that draws a weapon? or to cast a spell immediately when the situation suits it? I dont think so... I think GMs would rapidly tire of such BS shenanigans... yet its ok when its used against players...This is rather hypocritical and a clear abuse of the rules, just because the rules dont say you cant doesnt mean you should!!!(Matt Goodall has revealed that he did not write up this encounter with the readied action trick in it. Which is a relief to hear. He also said that the trap has a 2 minute reset time, which is funny cos my gm had it reset in like 1 round and then used the pit trap again...)

In conclusion this module is fun and all but in the end its kinda average! I dislike chase scenes, or at least the way Paizo has done them so far but I enjoyed the role playing parts.

-----------------Emergency alteration!-----------------------------
Hey all! An interesting piece of news, the author of this Mod (Mr Matt Goodall) contacted me and revealed a few tid bits of information regarding changes made to the Mod, which has caused me to rethink my review a little bit.
It seems my GM may have changed a few things regarding the traps and the way Npcs are meant to be played.
Im impressed by the fact that Matt cares enough about his mod to point this out and also that he cares enough about my opinion to inform me and re-educate me! Awesome.

Im adding a star to the value of this review (bumping it from 2, which i regard as poor to very average, to 3, which i regard as a bit above average) to reflect how impressed I am and reward a guy who sought to make an effort! Also the extra star reflects that the mod is not as badly thought out or as cheesy as I thought it was.

As an additional note to all the GMs reading this note: Always remember that it may not seem like your players notice what you do but in fact they do notice, they do care and the way you run your games does reflect on you as a GM, the writer of the Mod and Paizo as the publisher! Its not just your reputation on the line ladies...

Only a 2 star because of chase usage

**( )( )( )

Although an extremely coolchase scene with very interesting mechanic swas included, my great GM had to fill in roleplay gaps to make it actually a scenario. this is yet another season 4 that feels slapped together like a college freshman's 5 paragraph essay:
This is my introductory parapgraph
This is my first fight out of nowhere
Here is another for no reason or build up
How about a third, no skill checks or anything to avoid.
And in conclusion, your faction missions were slapped on completely unrelated to the mission or any apparent Faction seasonal goals. "Go kill a Dragon. Also, my dry cleaning at Mort's needs to be picked up".

1 to 5 of 22 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | next > last >>

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