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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


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Welcome to PS238, the world's first school for metaprodigies children with superpowers! They have to learn how to be superheroes along with their math, history, and social studies, and PS238 is where they do that... and occasionally get into an adventure or two. The PS238 Roleplaying Game brings you the fun and touching world of PS238 from Aaron Williams's acclaimed comic book. Using the award-winning HERO System rules, it lets you create and play your own metaprodigy character. It's fun for children of all ages!

    The PS238 Roleplaying Game includes:
  • a complete history and description of the school, and the world it's a part of
  • character sheets for the major faculty members, include Cristina Kyle, Herschel Clay, Vashti Imperia, and Principal Cranston
  • character sheets for your fellow students, including Captain Clarinet, the Flea, the Emerald Gauntlet, Suzi Fusion, Tyler Marlocke, and Zodon
  • a chapter on gamemastering PS238 games, with advice on adventure creation, GM-only secret information about the school and the world, and character sheets for villains and NPCs like Charles Brigman, the Praetorian Academy Centurions, and the Revenant
  • a complete basic version of the HERO System rules specifically tailored for use in PS238 Roleplaying Game campaigns

So get your homework ready and make sure you put your costume in your backpack—it's time for superpowered schoolyard adventures with the PS238 Roleplaying Game!

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