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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Legacy of Fire Adventure Path Part 2: "House of the Beast" PDF

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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This pack contains over one hundred miniatures from the adventures in Pathfinder Adventure Path #20: "House of the Beast". In this set you will find a mad doctor, a Gargantuan centipede, one very large gnoll king, and more! Designed for use with the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, these minis are perfect for any game.

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Air elemental (Large)
  • Amwyr Yuseifah, old human expert
  • Andgronakraks, earth mephit (Small)
  • Andgronakraks, earth mephit (Medium)
  • Belker (Large)
  • Blobog, goblin rogue/cleric of Lamashtu (Small)
  • Carrion guard (4)
  • Carrion guard with injection spear
  • Carrion guard, mounted (3)
  • Carrion initiates (6)
  • Centipede swarm (Large)
  • Deathstalker scorpion (Huge)
  • Edimmu (4)
  • Fire snake (3)
  • Flamebrother salamander (5)
  • Gargoyle (4)
  • The Gargler, gibbering mouther
  • Ghartok the Carrion King, unchosen unholy warrior (Large)
  • Giant trapdoor spider (Huge)
  • Gnoll (6)
  • Gnoll wife (5)
  • Grundmoch, troglodyte cleric
  • Hyaenodons (Large) (3)
  • Human slave (6)
  • Lazrul, ogrekin fighter
  • Lesaar, flamebrother salamander cleric
  • Madfang the Holy Ascensioner, human ranger/ex-cleric
  • Monitor lizard (Medium) (8)
  • Rast (4)
  • Rock python (Large)
  • Rokova, gnoll assassin
  • Scorpion (Tiny) (4)
  • Thkot Tal, advanced stegocentipede (Gargantuan)
  • Thratnias, salamander (Large)
  • Troglodyte (12)
  • Troglodyte shaman (3)
  • Unchosen (Large) (5)
  • The Waiting Beast, elite variant sand kraken (Large)
  • Zayifid, human expert
  • Zayifid, janni rogue

Make sure you grab the Pathfinder Paper Minis Instructions here!

Artwork by Ashton Sperry

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Our Price: $5.99

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Great product! I can't say enough about how nice it is to have the right mini for the monster or npc!

amazing set


These are really great looking. The giant centipede should be a blast and the carrion king is get all the unique monsters and npc which is awesome. I really loved the unchosen and the giant centipede. This set is freaking awesome.

Good but a pain to print

***( )( )

I like the idea of these minis, but when I went to Kinko's to print it, they at first refused because of the copyright stuff on the bottom. I then dug out the question in the faq that says you are allowed to print ONE copy of a Paizo pdf. So at this point, I have to either buy a printer or go to a variety of Kinko's to get multiple copies made. Or maybe Paizo really does only want me to print one sheet of the minis. It seems like it would be easy to put "permission granted to copy for personal use" on the bottom of the sheets along with the copyright information. Either way, I like the idea, but won't be buying any more because of that issue. Gift Certificates
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